Pocket Monster TV is a segment used in the original Japanese version from "The Wayward Wobbuffet" to "Hoenn Alone!", replacing Dare da?. The following is a list of these segments. The Pokédex number (and in the updated 16:9 version, a silhouette) of a Pokémon are displayed on-screen and the viewer is to guess the answer before the commercial break is over and the Pokémon is revealed. Unlike the Dare da? segments, the kids' voices are changed to a computerized voice and this is the only time within the original Japanese version that the eyecatch is actually explicitly referred to as "Who's That Pokémon?" in English, as it is referred to in the spoken audio.


On TX Network channels and Kids Station, these episodes were broadcast with the segments in 4:3 resolution using the original version with the grid background. When the series was released on VHS and Amazon Prime Video, these episodes retroactively received the updated versions of the segment as well.

Pokémon Episode Image (4:3) Image (16:9)
Jessie's Wobbuffet GS076: The Wayward Wobbuffet GS076 PMTV 4;3 after GS076 PMTV 16;9 after
Pineco GS077: Sick Daze GS077 PMTV 4;3 after GS077 PMTV 16;9 after
Feraligatr GS078: Ring Masters GS078 PMTV 4;3 after GS078 PMTV 16;9 after
Magneton GS079: The Poké Spokesman GS079 PMTV 4;3 after GS079 PMTV 16;9 after
Golbat GS080: Control Freak! GS080 PMTV 4;3 after GS080 PMTV 16;9 after
Smeargle GS081: The Art of Pokémon GS081 PMTV 4;3 after GS081 PMTV 16;9 after
Nidorino GS082: The Heartbreak of Brock GS082 PMTV 4;3 after GS082 PMTV 16;9 after
Chikorita GS083: Current Events GS083 PMTV 4;3 after GS083 PMTV 16;9 after
Bayleef GS084: Turning Over A New Bayleef GS084 PMTV 4;3 after GS084 PMTV 16;9 after
Natu GS085: Doin' What Comes Natu-rally GS085 PMTV 4;3 after GS085 PMTV 16;9 after
Fearow GS086: The Big Balloon Blow-Up GS086 PMTV 4;3 after GS086 PMTV 16;9 after
Smoochum GS087: The Screen Actor's Guilt GS087 PMTV 4;3 after GS087 PMTV 16;9 after
Rhydon GS088: Right On, Rhydon! GS088 PMTV 4;3 after GS088 PMTV 16;9 after
Pineco GS089: The Kecleon Caper GS089 PMTV 4;3 after GS089 PMTV 16;9 after
Tentacruel GS090: The Joy Of Water Pokémon GS090 PMTV 4;3 after GS090 PMTV 16;9 after
Miltank GS091: Got Miltank? GS091 PMTV 4;3 after GS091 PMTV 16;9 after
Onix GS092: Fight For The Light! GS092 PMTV 4;3 after GS092 PMTV 16;9 after
Machoke GS093: Machoke, Machoke Man! GS093 PMTV 4;3 after GS093 PMTV 16;9 after
Skarmory GS094: Around the Whirlpool GS094 PMTV 4;3 after GS094 PMTV 16;9 after


These episodes featured an updated version of the segment in which the segment is displayed a widescreen/16:9 resolution and the background is revamped to show several Poké Balls, yellow-colored text, and a rainbow-colored design around the Poké Ball seen at the bottom left. This version is used on these episodes even on televised broadcasts.

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Pokémon Episode Image
Orville GS095: Fly Me to the Moon No Image
Chinchou GS096: Takin' It On the Chinchou No Image
Corsola GS097: A Corsola Caper! No Image
Mantine GS098: Mantine Overboard! No Image
Octillery GS099: Octillery The Outcast No Image
Kingdra GS100: Dueling Heroes No Image
Kingler GS101: The Perfect Match! No Image
Diglett GS102: Plant It Now... Diglett Later No Image
Sandslash GS103: Hi Ho Silver… Away! No Image
Pupitar GS104: The Mystery is History No Image
Lanturn GS105: A Parent Trapped! No Image
Lugia and Silver GS106: A Promise is a Promise No Image
Wings' Noctowl GS107: Throwing in the Noctowl No Image
Steelix GS108: Nerves of Steelix! No Image
Bulbasaur GS109: Bulbasaur... the Ambassador! No Image
Espeon GS110: Espeon, Not Included No Image
Tangela GS111: For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll! No Image
Bayleef GS112: Extreme Pokémon! No Image
Jumpluff GS113: An EGG-sighting Adventure! No Image
Phanpy GS114: Hatching A Plan No Image
Delibird GS115: Dues and Don'ts No Image
Ninetales GS116: Just Waiting On a Friend No Image
Kiyo's Tyrogue GS117: A Tyrogue Full of Trouble No Image
Xatu GS118: Xatu the Future No Image
Red Gyarados GS119: Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution No Image
Dragonite GS120: Rage of Innocence No Image
Dewgong GS121: As Cold as Pryce No Image
Piloswine GS122: Nice Pryce, Baby! No Image
Bellossom GS123: Whichever Way the Wind Blows No Image
Magcargo GS124: Some Like it Hot No Image
Murkrow GS125: Hocus Pokémon No Image
Zapdos GS126: As Clear as Crystal No Image
Igglybuff GS127: Same Old Song and Dance No Image
Slowpoke GS128: Enlighten Up! No Image
Farfetch'd GS129: Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up? No Image
Cleffa GS130: Wish Upon a Star Shape No Image
Poliwhirl GS131: Outrageous Fortunes No Image
Venusaur GS132: One Trick Phony! No Image
Politoed GS133: I Politoed Ya So! No Image
Jynx GS134: The Ice Cave! GS134 PMTV after
Dratini GS135: Beauty is Skin Deep No Image
Dragonair GS136: Fangs for Nothin' No Image
Dragonite GS137: Great Bowls of Fire! No Image
Charizard GS138: Better Eight Than Never No Image
Wynaut GS139: Why? Wynaut! No Image
Goldeen GS140: Just Add Water No Image
Lapras GS141: Lapras of Luxury No Image
Larvitar GS142: Hatch Me If You Can No Image
Entei GS143: Entei at Your Own Risk No Image
Slowpoke GS144: A Crowning Achievement No Image
Elekid GS145: Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid No Image
Magby GS146: You're a Star, Larvitar! No Image
Unown GS147: Address Unown! No Image
Tyranitar GS148: Mother of All Battles No Image
Sneasel GS149: Pop Goes the Sneasel No Image
Furret GS150: A Claim to Flame! No Image
Quilava GS151: Love, Pokémon Style No Image
Meganium GS152: Tie One On! No Image
Tauros GS153: The Ties That Bind No Image
Blastoise GS154: Can't Beat the Heat! No Image
Snorlax GS155: Playing with Fire! No Image
Misdreavus GS156: Johto Photo Finish No Image
Togepi GS157: Gotta Catch Ya Later! GS157 PMTV after
Pikachu GS158: Hoenn Alone! No Image
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