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The home screen for the PSS

The Player Search System (プレイヤーサーチシステム, Pureiyaa Saachi Shisutemu), or PSS, is a feature appearing in Generation VI. It is the generation's version of the C-Gear, but with newer functions.

Battle Spot

Battle Spot allows players to participate in randomly selected battles, not unlike Global Battle Union's Random Matchup. The battles can be done in Free or Rating mode.

Wonder Trade

Wonder Trade lets players trade Pokémon with each other but the player doesn't know what the other player is going to give them in return. Therefore, it can be considered to be a 'blind swap' in that the players do not know what they are getting back.


These are messages which are sent to all friends, acquaintances and passers-by who are playing the game at the time.

Holo Caster

An extension of the Xtransceiver in that it can be used to contact non-playable characters and broadcast news in the form of holograms.

Global Trade Station

The Global Trade Station is a feature that replaces the method of going to Pokémon Centers, like in Generation V and Generation IV, whereby now, you can access it by on the go. What is new to the GTS is that players can now ask for Pokémon which have not been registered in their own Pokédex.


O-Powers can give power-ups, increase/decrease chances of things happening, and can be shared with other players. They are similar to Entralink Pass Powers but O-Powers can also be shared by a nearby player as well as the original user.

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