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Reason: Needs Gen. VIII.
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Play Rough
じゃれつく Frolic
Play Rough PE.png
Introduced: Generation VI
Battle Data
Type: Type Fairy.gif
Category: Type Physical.gif
Power: 90
Accuracy: 90%
PP: 10, max: 16
Priority: 0
Contact: Yes
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
Magic Bounce: No
Bright Powder: Yes
Detect/Protect: Yes
Snatch: No
Mirror Move: Yes
King's Rock: Yes
Contest Data
Contest Spectaculars (ORAS)
Condition: Cute
Appeal: 3 ♥♥♥
Jam: 0
Brings down the energy of any Pokémon that have already used a move this turn.

Play Rough (じゃれつく, Frolic) is a Fairy-type move introduced in Generation VI. In Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, it is available as TM44.


Play Rough deals damage and has a 10% chance to lower the target's Attack by 1 stage.

In a Double Battle, Play Rough can target any Pokémon around the user; in a Triple Battle, Play Rough can only target a Pokémon that's adjacent to the user.


Games Description
The user plays rough with the target and attacks it. This may also lower the target's Attack stat.


By leveling up

Pokémon Type Egg groups Level
039.png Jigglypuff normal/fairy Fairy 40
040.png Wigglytuff normal/fairy Fairy 1 1SMUSUM 1
052.png Meowth normal Field 35PE 44
052A.png Meowth dark Field 35PE 44
053.png Persian normal Field 1 1SMUSUM
053A.png Persian dark Field 1SMUSUM
058.png Growlithe fire Field 35PE 48
059.png Arcanine fire Field 1
183.png Marill water/fairy Water 1/Fairy 45XY
23 21
184.png Azumarill water/fairy Water 1/Fairy 50XY
25 25
209.png Snubbull fairy Field/Fairy 37 37
210.png Granbull fairy Field/Fairy 43 43
241.png Miltank normal Field 45
261.png Poochyena dark Field 46
262.png Mightyena dark Field 56
264.png Linoone normal Field 1 1
287.png Slakoth normal Field 38ORAS 38
300.png Skitty normal Field/Fairy 49XY
303.png Mawile steel/fairy Field/Fairy 1, 60XY
1, 49ORAS
1, 49 48
313.png Volbeat bug Bug/Human-Like 43ORAS 43
314.png Illumise bug Bug/Human-Like 43ORAS 43
431.png Glameow normal Field 50 50
506.png Lillipup normal Field 45 45 20
507.png Herdier normal Field 52 52 24
508.png Stoutland normal Field 63 63 24
509.png Purrloin dark Field 49 49 40
510.png Liepard dark Field 58 58 52
684.png Swirlix fairy Fairy 49 49 33
685.png Slurpuff fairy Fairy 49 49 33
702.png Dedenne electric/fairy Field/Fairy 42 42 45
707.png Klefki steel/fairy Mineral 43 43 40
764.png Comfey fairy Grass 49 39
778.png Mimikyu ghost/fairy Amorphous 46 54
835.png Yamper electric Field 45
836.png Boltund electric Field 55
859.png Impidimp dark/fairy Fairy/Human-Like 40
860.png Morgrem dark/fairy Fairy/Human-Like 46
861.png Grimmsnarl dark/fairy Fairy/Human-Like 48
878.png Cufant steel Field/Mineral 45
879.png Copperajah steel Field/Mineral 51
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


Pokémon Type Egg groups Machine
025.png Pikachu electric Field/Fairy TR90
026.png Raichu electric Field/Fairy TR90
026A.png Raichu electric/psychic Field/Fairy TR90
035.png Clefairy fairy Fairy TM44PE TR90
036.png Clefable fairy Fairy TM44PE TR90
039.png Jigglypuff normal/fairy Fairy TM44PE TR90
040.png Wigglytuff normal/fairy Fairy TM44PE TR90
052.png Meowth normal Field TM44PE TR90
052A.png Meowth dark Field TM44PE TR90
052B.png Meowth steel Field TR90
053.png Persian normal Field TM44PE TR90
053A.png Persian dark Field TM44PE TR90
058.png Growlithe fire Field TM44PE TR90
059.png Arcanine fire Field TM44PE TR90
077.png Ponyta fire Field TR90
077A.png Ponyta psychic Field TR90
078.png Rapidash fire Field TR90
078A.png Rapidash psychic/fairy Field TR90
110A.png Weezing poison/fairy Amorphous TR90
151.png Mew psychic Undiscovered TM44PE TR90
172.png Pichu electric Undiscovered TR90
173.png Cleffa fairy Undiscovered TR90
174.png Igglybuff normal/fairy Undiscovered TR90
175.png Togepi fairy Undiscovered TR90
176.png Togetic fairy/flying Flying/Fairy TR90
182.png Bellossom grass Grass TR90
183.png Marill water/fairy Water 1/Fairy TR90
184.png Azumarill water/fairy Water 1/Fairy TR90
241.png Miltank normal Field TR90
264.png Linoone normal Field TR90
303.png Mawile steel/fairy Field/Fairy TR90
333.png Swablu normal/flying Flying/Dragon TR90
334.png Altaria dragon/flying Flying/Dragon TR90
359.png Absol dark Field TR90
385.png Jirachi steel/psychic Undiscovered TR90
403.png Shinx electric Field TR90
404.png Luxio electric Field TR90
405.png Luxray electric Field TR90
421.png Cherrim grass Fairy/Grass TR90
427.png Buneary normal Field/Human-Like TR90
428.png Lopunny normal Field/Human-Like TR90
434.png Stunky poison/dark Field TR90
435.png Skuntank poison/dark Field TR90
468.png Togekiss fairy/flying Flying/Fairy TR90
480.png Uxie psychic Undiscovered TR90
481.png Mesprit psychic Undiscovered TR90
482.png Azelf psychic Undiscovered TR90
506.png Lillipup normal Field TR90
507.png Herdier normal Field TR90
508.png Stoutland normal Field TR90
509.png Purrloin dark Field TR90
510.png Liepard dark Field TR90
547.png Whimsicott grass/fairy Grass/Fairy TR90
572.png Minccino normal Field TR90
573.png Cinccino normal Field TR90
613.png Cubchoo ice Field TR90
614.png Beartic ice Field TR90
677.png Espurr psychic Field TR90
678.png Meowstic psychic Field TR90
678A.png Meowstic psychic Field TR90
684.png Swirlix fairy Fairy TR90
685.png Slurpuff fairy Fairy TR90
690.png Skrelp poison/water Water 1/Dragon TR90
691.png Draglage poison/dragon Water 1/Dragon TR90
696.png Tyrunt rock/dragon Monster/Dragon TR90
697.png Tyrantrum rock/dragon Monster/Dragon TR90
700.png Sylveon fairy Field TR90
702.png Dedenne electric/fairy Field/Fairy TR90
707.png Klefki steel/fairy Mineral TR90
716.png Xerneas fairy Undiscovered TR90
719.png Diancie rock/fairy Undiscovered TR90
728.png Popplio water Water 1/Field TR90
729.png Brionne water Water 1/Field TR90
730.png Primarina water/fairy Water 1/Field TR90
742.png Cutiefly bug/fairy Bug/Fairy TR90
743.png Ribombee bug/fairy Bug/Fairy TR90
744.png Rockruff rock Field TR90
745.png Lycanroc rock Field TR90
745Mn.png Lycanroc rock Field TR90
745Du.png Lycanroc rock Field TR90
761.png Bounsweet grass Grass TR90
762.png Steenee grass Grass TR90
763.png Tsareena grass Grass TR90
764.png Comfey fairy Grass TR90
778.png Mimikyu ghost/fairy Amorphous TR90
780.png Drampa normal/dragon Monster/Dragon TR90
786.png Tapu Lele psychic/fairy Undiscovered TR90
788.png Tapu Fini water/fairy Undiscovered TR90
807.png Zeraora electric Undiscovered TR90
827.png Nickit dark Field TR90
828.png Thievul dark Field TR90
835.png Yamper electric Field TR90
836.png Boltund electric Field TR90
856.png Hatenna psychic Fairy TR90
857.png Hattrem psychic Fairy TR90
858.png Hatterene psychic/fairy Fairy TR90
859.png Impidimp dark/fairy Fairy/Human-Like TR90
860.png Morgrem dark/fairy Fairy/Human-Like TR90
861.png Grimmsnarl dark/fairy Fairy/Human-Like TR90
863.png Perrserker steel Field TR90
869.png Alcremie fairy Fairy/Amorphous TR90
873.png Frosmoth ice/bug Bug TR90
876.png Indeedee psychic/normal Fairy TR90
876A.png Indeedee psychic/normal Fairy TR90
878.png Cufant steel Field/Mineral TR90
879.png Copperajah steel Field/Mineral TR90
888A.png Zacian fairy Undiscovered TR90
889A.png Zamazenta fighting Undiscovered TR90
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.

By breeding

Pokémon Type Egg Groups Father
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
* indicates a Pokémon that can only learn this move through chain breeding.


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