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For the variant appearing in the games, see Dawn.

I can accept nothing but victory, because I have already pledged the honor of my family name in front of an audience!

–Platinum, Pokémon Adventures: Volume 31

Platinum, full name Platinum Berlitz, also known as Lady (Missy in the Chuang Yi translation), is a character in Adventures, who is also one of the Pokédex Holders of Sinnoh.

At the beginning, Diamond and Pearl thought she was their tour guide, with Diamond taking an early interest in her and Pearl getting a little annoyed and perplexed regarding her attitude.


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Platinum is a short young girl with navy blue hair, fair skin and dark blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing a white beanie cap with a pink Poké Ball design on it. She has a pink Pokétch on her left arm. She also wears two rings, with a diamond and a pearl encrusted on each of them.

Diamond & Pearl arc

Platinum wears a V neck black mini dress with a white blouse underneath, a red scarf, gold hair clips, a very short pink skirt, black knee high socks, pink boots, and a yellow bag.

Platinum arc

Platinum wears an outfit slightly more suitable for the colder weather in Sinnoh: she wears a long sleeved red sweater dress with multiple pink buttons on it, a white scarf, and a white bag. She also wears white knee length socks instead of black ones, pink hair clips instead of gold ones, and lighter colored pink boots with white buttons.


Platinum is a well mannered and elegant member of the Berlitz family. She is often described as a princess and because of her heritage she starts off as rather aloof and refuses to tell her name to "commoners". However, she has made an effort to be less so, even biting back on impulse and telling Buck her name.

Owing to being sheltered for a long time in life, she shows signs of enthusiasm at trying anything new. For instance, her excitement at going down in a coal mine on a tour resulted in her getting attacked by Kricketot. She sometimes has a naivety about the Pokémon world and its customs. In example, she had never heard of Gym Battles or Pokémon Contests until her journey.

She is very knowledgeable since the beginning of her journey, but she's decided that it's better to experience things rather that just reading about them, making her the chosen one of Uxie. Due to her connection with Uxie, she is given the title of "Understander".


Diamond & Pearl arc

Prior to starting her Pokémon journey, Platinum was born into the Berlitz family, well known for their wealth and generations of scholars. Due to this fame, she became well acquainted with Professor Rowan. This led to her possession of the Pokédex and the three Sinnoh starters, which she was meant to provide her bodyguards. The original purpose of her Pokémon journey was to continue the Berlitz family tradition, by traveling to Mt. Coronet and obtaining a specific material used in creating the Berlitz crest.

She didn't know that Diamond and Pearl were her bodyguards and she thought about it when she learned the truth but she still kept the two of them because of their friendship. She is being taught by Diamond and Pearl how to battle.

Whenever she is battling a Gym Leader, Diamond and Pearl give her some tips. She met Cynthia while training for her battle with Gardenia. In later chapters, she swears to defeat Team Galactic's plans and forgives Diamond and Pearl for lying.

Platinum arc

Platinum makes another appearance in the Platinum arc. She bought a Villa after Steven Stone sold it before leaving back to Hoenn. Platinum planned to turn it into her Battle Zone base.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

Platinum was mentioned in ORAS chapter 15 when Ruby questioned who the Berlitz family was.


On hand

Lopunny was caught on her way to Lake Acuity. It is not used often in battles, but was powerful enough to defeat Candice's Abomasnow in a gym battle.

Platinun first battled Froslass in her Gym battle against Candice. Candice gave it later to her along when Gardenia gave her Cherrim and Maylene her Pachirisu.

Given away

Moo was originally caught by Platinum because he reminded her of Diamond and at the suggestion of Candice. She gave it to him and he named it Moo.


Platinum lent Chimler, when it was still a Monferno, from Pearl to use it in her battle against Maylene. Maylene saw Platinun using Monferno and Chatot, not knowing they weren't from her, and asked her to use those two Pokémon in Platinum's battle against her.

Platinum lent Chatler from Pearl to use it in her battle against Maylene. Maylene saw Platinun using Monferno and Chatot, not knowing they weren't from her, and asked her to use those two Pokémon in Platinum's battle against her.

Platinum lent Tru, when it evolved into a Torterra, from Diamond to use it in her battle against Crasher Wake.

Platinum lent Lax from Diamond to use it in her gym battle against Fantina.




Sinnoh League




  • She is both a Trainer and a Coordinator.
    • The reason she got into battles is because of her Piplup.
  • Her surname is Berlitz. Hence she is known as Lady Platinum Berlitz.
    • She is also one of the four Dexholders to have a known surname, the other three being Blue, Sapphire and Y.
  • Platinum didn't know how to ride a bike until Diamond and Pearl taught her how.
  • Platinum does seem to giggle at Diamond and Pearl's skits, but every time Pearl points out that she giggled, Platinum denies it, but eventually admits to it in the end.
  • All of her Pokémon are female except Rapidash.
  • It is shown that all of her Pokémon have Pokérus.
  • She is the first female protagonist in Pokémon Adventures to not nickname her own Pokémon.
  • The rings on her left and right hand's middle fingers represent the ultimate hardness and roundness of diamond and pearl respectively.


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