The Plasma Frigate (Japanese: プラズマフリゲート Plasma Frigate) is Team Plasma's headquarters and main means of transport in Pokémon Black and White Versions 2 that is found in various areas of Unova for the duration of the game, but permanently docks beside the P2 Laboratory after Ghetsis' defeat. The ship is powered by both Kyurem and solar panels.


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The Plasma Frigate is first briefly spotted in Castelia City by Hugh, who notices it in the sky but is unaware of its purpose.

It appears for the second time in Driftveil City, where the player boards it but triggers an ambush by Team Plasma and meets Zinzolin. The player, Hugh and Cheren must battle multiple Team Plasma Grunts to escape.

The player encounters it for the third time in Opelucid City, where Zinzolin is using its weapon to freeze the city in pursuit of the DNA Splicers.

Marlon finds the ship near Seaside Cave in its fourth appearance. Colress gives the player the Colress Machine on Route 22 to move a Crustle out of the way in Seaside Cave to get to the frigate. You will have access to B1F, where one the Grunts will register Reshiram or Zekrom into your Pokédex, depending on your game version. However, the player's presence is discovered and the Shadow Triad escorts the player off the ship.

It then travels to Giant Chasm, where the player has access to B2F. B2F is reliant on the game version on the method of releasing the lasers: Pokémon Black Version uses passwords, but Pokémon White Version 2 uses warp panels and switches. B2F is also where the player battles Colress, where he mentions he was asked by Ghetsis to help with research on Pokémon. Later, the player will meet Ghetsis in his office, watching everything on his cameras. Ghetsis mentions his plan of freezing Unova. He flees with Kyurem to Deep Cave of Giant Chasm, leaving the player to fight the Shadow Triad on the ship in order to pursue Ghetsis.

After the player completes the game, the Plasma Frigate is accessible at P2 Laboratory, where Colress can be rebattled any time, wanting to atone for his actions. After rebattling him for the first time, he will give you a second Master Ball. Also aboard are many Team Plasma Grunts, who also want to atone for their actions.

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  • The Frigate is powered by solar panels and Kyurem, if Team Plasma were to succeed in their plan to freeze Unova, there would be no other source of energy.
  • Colress can be rebattled on the deck after the final battle with him.
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