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The Phobos Battalion is the primary antagonistic group in Pokémon Trozei!. They seek to kidnap Pokémon from Trainers in order to use them to power up the Phobosphere, a superweapon. Lucy Fleetfoot, a SOL agent, infiltrates their facilities to return the kidnapped Pokémon to their Trainers.


The Phobos Battalion has no known grunts or similar members, however, their appearance is implied by several of the Generals in their dialogue (in fact, them being called Generals implies they have some sort of authority over some other, lower-ranking Phobos Battalion members). The only known members are the Phobos Battalion's five Generals and their leader, Baron Phobos. Although it's unknown whether the Phobos Battalion's major members have any Pokémon of their own, the fact that their stages mostly contain Pokémon of certain types (save Ditto, which appears in every stage of the game) implies that they may specialize in specific types. The Generals pilot the Phobos Mobiles, vehicles designed to transport large quantities of stolen Poké Balls in special spherical containers, while Baron Phobos pilots the Phobosphere, a Lunatone-shaped flying superweapon.


  • Buzz (bottom in page image), a man in an insectoid-looking costume with a scarf that appears to be made out of some sort of energy, pilots the Phobos Train, a caterpillar/centipede-like vehicle that can traverse various types of terrain due to it having legs rather than wheels. He appears to specialize in Bug and Grass-type Pokémon and has a habit of saying "bzzt" at the start of sentences.
  • Avery (Not to be confused with the Psychic-type specialist from Galar; top-left in page image), a blond man in a costume incorporating a cape and rocket boots, pilots the Phobos Jet, a tandem-wing airplane that has "no match in the sky," according to the stage's description. He appears to specialize in Flying and Dragon-type Pokémon, has a pompous personality, and may actually want to kill, rather than simply defeat, Lucy Fleetfoot, as he threatens to "feed [her] to the Fearow" if he (and/or presumably any other staff on the vehicle) catches her.
  • Grock (bottom-right in page image), a muscular, darker-skinned man with a red-and-orange mohawk, cybernetic-looking gauntlets, and green straps covering his chest, pilots the Phobos Drill, a segmented, tank-like vehicle with a large drill at the front. He appears to specialize in, as his name suggests, Ground and Rock-type Pokémon (though his stage also includes Zubat, presumably to fit with the "cave" theme), and has a tendency to punctuate his sentences with kiai (shouts intended to psych up a martial artist when attacking).
  • Aquarella (bottom-left in page image), the Phobos Battalion's sole female General, a purple-haired woman whose outfit incorporates a glass helmet and a jetpack, pilots the Phobos Sub, an oddly-shaped submarine that moves through two spinning "tentacles" (comparable to a Buizel or Floatzel's twin tails or the flagella found on many real-world cells) rather than more conventional methods of propulsion. She appears to specialize in Water-types (although her stage also includes Dratini), has a sarcastic, condescending personality, and considers Lucy Fleetfoot cute despite being opposed to SOL.
  • Boolum (also called Bang Boolum; top-right in page image), a portly man with a spiky purple outfit, pilots the Phobos Walker, a giant robot that sucks up Poké Balls through vacuums in its feet. He appears to specialize in Normaland Fighting-type Pokémon (though Snubbull, which would later become Fairy-type, but at the time was Normal-type, and Rhyhorn appear in his stage), and speaks in broken sentences, implying either low intelligence, unfamiliarity with the language spoken by the other characters, or both.


  • Baron Phobos (center in page image), a man with red, spiky hair and jagged teeth, pilots the Phobosphere, a Lunatone-shaped space station with a laser cannon called the Phobo-Ray attached to the tips of the crescent and the "nose." He appears to specialize in Fire, Poison, and Psychic-type Pokémon and while his motives are unknown, they're presumably world domination.


  • The Phobos Battalion's logo is a Lunatone, as Phobos is a moon of the planet Mars, and to contrast with SOL's Solrock logo. Phobos is Greek for "fear," befitting a villainous organization.
  • The Phobos Battalion's theme was sampled for a minor piece of background music in the 2016 Disney movie Zootopia, the piece in question being background music for an in-universe cellphone app.
  • The Phobos Battalion has no members who specialize in the Ghost, Ice, Dark, Steel, Electric, or Fairy types, though the last one is because Pokémon Trozei! was released before the introduction of the Fairy type in 2013.