For other variants of Raticate belonging to Petrel, see Petrel's Raticate.

This Raticate is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Petrel.


Petrel sent out his Raticate unbeknownst to Silver in the gas caused by his Koffing. As Silver inspected his Weavile's wound, Raticate jump out from behind Silver, with him just grazing past its tail. As it went back into the fog, Silver noticed an odd sound. Before he could react to the noise, the bridge, he and Eusine were on, collapsed. Holding onto a piece of rope from the bridge and Eusine, Petrel threatened to have Raticate cut the rope if he didn't give him the plate in his possession. When Silver let go, to the shock of Petrel, a massive amount of water came up from the river and drenched Petrel and his Raticate.[1]

Later on at the Sinjoh Ruins, Petrel sent out his Koffing and his Raticate to make sure he doesn't go near the Creation Trio.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Hyper Fang

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