These Koffing are a group of poison-type Pokémon owned by Petrel.


Petrel used his group of Koffing to find a plate at the cave in the Whirl Island. However, Silver was able to defeat the group of Koffing with his group of Pokémon. One of the Koffing attempted to retreat, but Silver's Sneasel used Thief to take the plate it was holding.[1]

Later on at the Safari Zone, while Petrel was spying on Silver and Eusine, his Koffing were surrounding him. A little while later, Eusine's eyes and nose started to run and couldn't stop coughing. Silver looked it up in his Pokédex and noticed that it was Koffing's gas. The Koffing's gas started to come in thick and fast as Petrel revealed himself to them. After the introduction from Petrel, Silver sent out his Weavile and ordere it to use Icy Wind, which froze the holes on the Koffing, preventing anymore gas coming out of them. Petrel stated that it was too late as the gas had already surrounded them and used the gas to his advantage. As Petrel gave Silver a choice, his Koffing were behind him.[2]

Koffing were used to bind Arceus at the Sinjoh Ruins.[3] As Petrel wanted to stop Silver from sending himself towards the Creation Trio, Petrel sent out his Koffing, along with his Raticate to preventing from doing so.[4]

Known moves

None of Koffing's moves are known.


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