This Golbat is a poison/flying-type Pokémon owned by Petrel.


Golbat was used as aerial flight when Petrel flew off from his confrontation against Silver. He had it use Air Cutter against Silver and his Honchkrow midflight, as Silver chased after him in the sky, which made Silver and Honchkrow fall onto Silver's Gyarados.[1]

With the other Executives, he used Golbat to fly to the portal leading to Sinjoh Ruins, where he noticed in midflight that Silver, Crystal and his Honchkrow were following them as planned. As they got to the Sinjoh Ruins, Archer had Golbat, his own Crobat and the Executives other Pokémon bring Arceus over to the Mystri Stage.[2] Once Gold, Silver and Crystal arrived, they had a battle with Petrel, Proton and Ariana, but Archer used the Splash Plate, which abruptly ended the battle due to a big wave of water caused by Arceus, as the executives managed to fly above the wave.[3]

Later on at the Sinjoh Ruins, as he was talking to Silver about being the only Executive to know that Silver is the son of Giovanni, he had it use Lick on him, which made him unable to see.[4]

Known moves

  • Using Air Cutter
  • Using Lick


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