There you are Pershie! Mommy didn't know you went for a walk.

–Rich lady

This Alolan Persian, nicknamed Pershie, is a Dark-type Pokémon belonging to a rich lady.


Pershie appeared when Litten was running with a big piece of Ash's sandwich. It forcefully took the food away and made Litten accidentally burn it by throwing it when Litten used Ember. After scaring Litten away, it scared a flock of Spearow and went back to its trainer who stroked it under its chin. Later, Pershie bullied Litten and tried to loot his berry, only to be interrupted by Ash, who ordered his Pikachu to battle against it, causing it to flee after being electrocuted. However, it was persistent and managed to trace and discover the old home of Litten and Stoutland. It followed them to the house and battled against Pikachu and Litten, and was defeated by the latter.

It noticed Ash and Lillie hanging on a Comfey and went after them for revenge. It found Ash, Lillie and Sophocles near the market and chased the trio into an alley until they were cornered. It tried to attack them, but was interrupted by the appearance of Mallow and her Tsareena, who defeated Pershie and made it flee.

Known moves

  • Using Fury Swipes
  • Using Power Gem

Voice actresses

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