This Pelipper, nicknamed Peeko, is a water/flying-type Pokémon owned by Mr. Briney.


As Wingull

Peeko was with Mr. Briney, who caught Ruby with a net, as he was drifting on the sea.[1] Once Ruby woke up, he was greeted by Mr. Briney, who explained Peeko found him.[2] As a Crawdaunt emerged from the sea, Peeko used Quick Attack, but Crawdaunt's Shell Armor negated the damage. Crawdaunt, however, slammed Peeko to the ground. After Ruby and his Skitty, Kiki, subdued Crawdaunt, Ruby bandaged Peeko's injuries and even gave the Wingull some makeup.[3] After arriving to Dewford Town, Ruby and Sapphire faced each other. This made Mr. Briney and Peeko worried how much they can insult each other.[4]

Peeko was with Mr. Briney, who became a captain of a ship.[5]

As Pelipper

Eventually, Peeko evolved into a Pelipper before Mr. Briney's ship stopped at Faraway Island.[6] The two arrived to the Battle Frontier, where Mr. Briney had his men carry out five stone statues.[7]

Mr. Briney and Peeko, as well as Mr. Stone and Drake, stood at the ship, where Mr. Stone got a picture from Steven, which showed murals from Granite Cave.[8] After reuniting with Sapphire, Emerald, Steven and Ultima, the group sailed towards Sea Mauville.[9][10] Due to Zinnia's assault, Mr. Briney had Peeko attack Team Aqua and Magma grunts.[11] Peeko used Soak on Zinnia's Goodra to help Ruby battle her.[12]

Due to Primal Kyogre's power, the ship and everyone on it, including Peeko, were drowned in a whirlpool.[13]

Known moves

  • Using Soak


  • In one of the chapters, Peeko's name was misprinted as Pepper.



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