For the variant appearing in the games, see Barry (game).

Pearl is a character in Adventures who is also one of the Pokédex Holders of Sinnoh.


His appearance is based from Barry the rival from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, but with slightly more tangled up hair than the game counterpart.


Pearl is quite similar to his anime counterpart Barry. He seems to be bossy at times and can act dominating towards his friends. Pearl is hasty and easily angered and, according to Diamond, always goes out of his way to complete things he has started, which reflects the virtue that he is aligned with: willpower, which also makes him associated with Azelf. For his association with Azelf, he is given the title of Determiner.


Diamond & Pearl arc

First introduced at Jubilife City, he, and his partner Diamond wins the Judges' Special Merit Prize. When leaving the Grand Prix, Prof. Rowan's envelope gets mixed up with the two boy's grand prize, accidentally making them unknowingly accept the mission to guard Platinum on her journey to Mt. Coronet. Pearl and Dia believe they are on a reality show, while Platinum, known as "Missy" at the time, think of them as her bodyguards.

Both Diamond and him had fought and almost broke their friendship because, from what Dia said, he is always treated unfairly.

Platinum arc

As of this chapter, it is stated that both him and Diamond are trying to find the legendary Pokémon at Charon's notebook that he left during the ending of the Diamond and Pearl Chapter.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

Pearl and Diamond appeared briefly in Chapter 16. Palmer told the duo they were going to stay indoors for two days.


On hand



Luxray manga

Pearl Zeller

Pearl Diglett

Pearl Tauler



Azelf Adventures
Azelf *


  • He with Diamond are both comedy duos in the story.
  • Pearl is the 3rd boy in the Adventure series to have a girl's name. (Along with Ruby and Emerald.)
  • He knows what a Pokemon's move is by its stance.


Diamond & Pearl arc

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