This Torterra is a grass/ground-type Pokémon owned by Paul.


Paul's Torterra first appears in Top-Down Training where it battled against Cynthia's Garchomp. It was able to bring Garchomp to her knees with Giga Drain but when it attempted to use Frenzy Plant, Garchomp defended herself with her fins and smashed a Brick Break onto Torterra's head, knocking it out with one blow.

Torterra later appeared when Paul was having his Pokémon attack Chimchar in the hopes of forcing Chimchar to use the awesome power Paul had previously seen. Torterra also battled Brock's Croagunk and Holly's Farfetch'd in the Tag Battle Tournament alongside Ash's Staravia. It blasted Farfetch'd with Hyper Beam, hitting Staravia in the process, and knocked out Croagunk with Leaf Storm, winning against both Pokémon single handed.

Torterra was seen in Aiding the Enemy, where it revealed a softer side of its personality by helping Ash's Grotle deal with its loss of speed by showing it how to focus on its defensive strength instead.

Torterra's final battling appearance was when it was used against Ash during his and Paul's six on six battle on the shores of Lake Acuity. Torterra proved capable of holding its own against Staraptor, Chimchar and Gliscor, despite having type disadvantage against all three of them, and eventually knocked out Gliscor with Frenzy Plant while it was launching X-Scissor.

Known moves

  • Using Giga Drain
  • Using Frenzy Plant
  • Using Hyper Beam
  • Using Leaf Storm
  • Using Stone Edge
  • Using Crunch

Voice actors

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