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This Torterra is a grass/ground-type Pokémon owned by Paul.


As Turtwig

Paul obtained Turtwig as his Starter Pokémon. Instead of going on a journey, he visited his brother, Reggie, in Kanto, witnessing his defeat at the hands of Brandon at the Battle Pyramid. As Brandon questioned Reggie to show did his unique strength, Paul and Turtwig became hardened to find this strength.[1] Turtwig was Paul's first Pokémon before he obtained others.[2]

As Torterra

Paul's Torterra was used against Cynthia's Garchomp. It was able to bring Garchomp to her knees with Giga Drain, as Garchomp was recovering from using Giga Impact. When Torterra attempted to use Frenzy Plant, Garchomp defended herself with her fins and smashed a Brick Break onto Torterra's head, knocking it out with one blow.[2] Before the next round of Hearthome City's Tag Battle tournament, Paul sent all of his Pokémon to attack Chimchar to train it, with Torterra using Hyper Beam. It later went used Leaf Storm, which Chimchar failed to evade and got hurt.[3] Ash later reminded Paul about this event when the latter started to criticize Ash's training, for Ash even had teamed up with Paul's brother, Reggie.[4]

Torterra also battled Brock's Croagunk and Holly's Farfetch'd in the Tag Battle Tournament alongside Ash's Staravia. It blasted Farfetch'd with Hyper Beam, hitting Staravia in the process (who attempted to use Aerial Ace against Croagunk's Poison Jab). As Stravia went to use another Aerial Ace, Croagunk went underneath Torterra and hurt it with Poison Jab. As Croagunk went to repeat its attack, Torterra fired Leaf Storm to defeat it, winning against both Pokémon single handed.[5]

Paul later had his Torterra rest, and be taken cared of by three workers (who were Team Rocket in disguise). Later, Torterra battled Paul's Weavile as part of Paul's training. Weavile evaded Torterra's Frenzy Plant and fired Ice Shard to strike Torterra. Paul scolded Torterra for its slow reaction, to which Torterra used Frenzy Plant to hit Weavile. Torterra then focused its attention on Grotle, and at evening, approached Grotle. While other Pokémon believed Torterra would start attacking, it simply let Ash's Gliscor attack it, who used Steel Wing and X-Scissor, to display its endurance. It managed to pin Gliscor down before using Frenzy Plant, to show it could overturn the battle quite easily. After this lesson ended, Ash went to thank Torterra, who walked away. It returned to Paul, who didn't utter a word about this.[4] Ash later used Paul's Torterra's tactic to wait for Candice's Sneasel in the Gym Battle to drop its guard, then retaliate and defeat it.[6]

Torterra's was used against Ash during his and Paul's six-on-six battle on the shores of Lake Acuity. Ash sent Buizel, but changed his mind and swapped it with Gliscor. Gliscor fired Sand Attack, decreasing Torterra's accuracy as it missed using Giga Drain. Gliscor landed another hit with X-Scissor while evading Torterra's Frenzy Plant. Torterra endured Gliscor's X-Scissor and Fire Fang attacks, and as Gliscor went to use Steel Wing, Torterra used Crunch, stopping Gliscor by biting its tail. As Gliscor could not escape, it suffered from Torterra's Giga Drain. Gliscor used Fire Fang to release itself, to which Ash called it back. Ash sent Staraptor next, who used Brave Bird, to which Staraptor stopped it with Stone Edge. In that moment, Paul called Torterra back.[7]

Later, Torterra was sent to battle Ash's Chimchar. It used Stone Edge to strike Chimchar, negating its Flame Wheel. Chimchar then fired Flamethrower, but the damage was reduced by Light Screen that Electabuzz placed earlier. Ash then swapped Chimchar with his Gliscor. Gliscor went to use X-Scissor, but Torterra defeated it with Frenzy Plant. As Ash sent Pikachu next, Paul swapped Torterra with his Ursaring.[8] Ash later reminiscenced about this battle, thinking Paul's new strategy had worked in his favor.[9] When Barry spoke how his father treated his Pokémon with respect, Ash remembered his battle with Paul and Torterra. It made him wonder what kind of strength Paul had that earned him the victory.[10]

Torterra was seen at the end of Ash and Paul's battle in the Sinnoh League with Weavile, Ursaring, Honchkrow, Reggie's Staraptor, and Reggie's Swalot. Reggie informed them of Paul's loss, but they were happy to hear that Paul would spend more time training them through battles.[11]

Known moves