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This Honchkrow is a dark/flying-type Pokémon owned by Paul. He was caught by Paul in Johto, before traveling in Sinnoh.


As Murkrow

Murkrow was used when Paul battled Cynthia, the Pokémon Champion. Murkrow used Haze, to which Garchomp dashed away. Murkrow then went to use a Sky Attack, but Garchomp intercepted its attack with Giga Impact, defeating it in an instant.[1] Before the next round of Hearthome City's Tag Battle tournament, Paul sent all of his Pokémon to attack Chimchar to train it, with Murkrow using Shadow Ball. It later went to use Sky Attack; Paul ordered Chimchar to retaliate with Flamethrower, but it failed and got hit by Murkrow.[2] Ash later reminded Paul about this event when the latter started to criticize Ash's training, for Ash even had teamed up with Paul's brother, Reggie.[3]

As Paul went to catch a Gliscor, he sent Murkrow to use Haze. However, Gliscor flew away with most of its Gligar.[4]

As Honchkrow

During a flashback of Paul's battle with Maylene it was revealed that Murkrow had evolved into a Honchkrow and had defeated Maylene's Meditite and fought her Machoke to a draw.[5] Later, Honchkrow was used in a battle with Ash's Turtwig. Honhckrow went to use Sky Attack, to which Turtwig used Energy Ball to strike it, but the move did little damage. Turtwig began to spin around, attempting to dodge Honchkrow's Sky Attack, but failed. Honchkrow then went to use Aerial Ace, stopping Turtwig's Bite and hitting it even further. After Turtwig got wounded by another Aerial Ace, it evolved into a Grotle. Despite this, Honchkrow went to use another Aerial Ace, striking Grotle. As Grotle's speed got reduced, it got knocked out by Sky Attack and Dark Pulse attacks.[3] This battle was remembered by Ash, as he encountered Barry, who wanted to pursue strength, just like Paul was doing.[6]

Paul and Honchkrow participated in a PokéRinger contest. It faced Provo and his Dragonite in a round. As Honchkrow grabbed the ring, Dragonite attempted to use Dragon Pulse and Fire Punch on Honchkrow, but missed. However, as Honchkrow got struck by Dragonite's Dragon Rush, it dropped the ring. As it recovered the ring, it used Sky Attack against Dragonite's Dragon Rush. With the wind blowing, Honchkrow used the opportunity to evade Dragonite's attack and defeat it with Sky Attack (its Super Luck ability was enabled to score a critical hit). Not soon after, Honchkrow placed the ring on the target to earn Paul a victory for the round.

In the next round, Paul and Honchkrow faced Ash and Staravia. Staravia obtained the ring, to which Honchkrow used Sky Attack. Staravia used Brave Bird, but failed and got struck by Honchkrow's attack. As Honchkrow went to use Night Slash, Staravia used Quick Attack to dodge. As Staravia went to place the ring on the target, it got struck by Honchkrow's Dark Pulse, then got struck by Aerial Ace. As Honchkrow obtained the ring, Staravia used Aerial Ace: while Honchkrow attempted to dodge the attack, it lost the ring to Staravia, who used Quick Attack to snatch it. Honchkrow fired a Sky Attack to wound Staravia, and went to use Night Slash. In return, Staravia used Quick Attack to retaliate, but was pushed to the ground with Night Slash.

Honchkrow went to use Sky Attack, at a point Stavia used the wind to dodge the attack and even evolve into a Staraptor. Despite this, Honchkrow pressed on its attacks with Night Slash, causing Staraptor to drop the ring. Staraptor went to strike Honchkrow, hitting it, but suffered its Night Slash attack. Instead, Staraptor used Close Combat to attack Honchkrow before the two Pokémon went after the ring. Staraptor obtained it, before colliding with Honckrow's Sky Attack with Brave Bird. As Staraptor released its ring, the two Pokémon flew to obtain it. Just as Honchkrow went to grab the ring, Staraptor used its wing to push the ring onto the target, attaching the ring to it and winning the round.[7]

During Paul's six-on-six battle with Ash, Honchkrow battled Grotle for the second time. Honchkrow evaded its Razor Leaf, and retaliated with Night Slash. Grotle was hit, and fired Energy Ball, but Honchkrow was still protected from Light Screen tha tElectabuzz left before being switched. As Honchkrow used haze, Grotle fired a Razor Leaf, but once more, Honchkrow evaded and struck Grotle with Night Slash. Grtole used Synthesis to recover, and went to execute Rock Climb against Honchkrow's Sky Attack. After the collision, however, Grotle fell in defeat, while Paul called Honchkrow back to use it later.[8]

Ash later reminisced about this battle, thinking Paul's new strategy had worked in his favor.[9] When Barry spoke how his father treated his Pokémon with respect, Ash remembered his battle with Paul and Honchkrow. It made him wonder what kind of strength Paul had that earned him the victory.[10]

Honchkrow was reseen at the end of Ash and Paul's battle in the Sinnoh League with Torterra, Ursaring, Weavile, Reggie's Staraptor, and Reggie's Swalot. Reggie informed them of Paul's loss, but they were happy to hear that Paul would spend more time training them through battles.[11]

Known moves

Move notes

  1. ^ Honchkrow knew this move as a Murkrow, but executed it in DP131: Pedal to the Mettle!
  2. ^ Honchkrow knew this move as a Murkrow, but executed it in DP100: Aiding the Enemy!


  • Two of Ash's Pokémon have evolved whilst battling Honchkrow; Turtwig and Staravia.
  • Honchkrow, as a Murkrow, appeared in the opening theme of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl long before its actual debut in an episode.


  1. ^ Pursuing a Lofty Goal!, Honchkrow hit Dragonite with Sky Attack, while its Ability was activated.