This Gliscor is a Ground/Flying-type Pokémon that Paul caught in Sinnoh.


Due to a strong wind, the Gliscor, along with the Gligar, were swept into Veilstone City. Due to the strong wind, they couldn't return to the forest and started causing trouble.

Gliscor was leading a group of Gligar and causing havoc throughout Veilstone City, so Paul decided to catch it using his Electabuzz and Weavile. However, Gliscor evaded their attacks and flew away, along with the rest of the Gligar. The heroes attempted to bait the Pokémon with some fruit, but the latter were captured by Team Rocket, and were carried in their balloon. Gliscor attempted to use X-Scissor, but the cage was too sturdy to do any damage. However, a lone Gligar managed to cut the rope and release the Gliscor, releasing those Pokémon to do more harm. Paul, however, made his second attempt as Weavile used Ice Beam to attack them, but the latter was hit by Gliscor's Sandstorm. Paul sent Electabuzz to join Weavile, but it, too, was pushed away by Gliscor. In that moment, Electabuzz used Thunder and Weavile used Ice Beam, which struck Gliscor down, enough for Paul to catch it. After checking Gliscor's stats, he kept it.[1]

Paul used Gliscor in a battle against Ash and his Gligar. Gliscor countered with Knock Off when Gligar approached with X-Scissor. Gligar then used Sand Attack but Gliscor wasn't affected by that and Paul ordered Gliscor to use Guillotine. Gligar tried to counter with Steel Wing but Gliscor successfully defeated Gligar with Guillotine.[2] Paul later had his Gliscor rest, and be taken cared of by three workers (who were Team Rocket in disguise). Later, Torterra went to train Ash's Grotle: it simply let Paul's Gliscor attack it, who used Steel Wing and X-Scissor, to display its endurance. It managed to pin Gliscor down before using Frenzy Plant, to show it could overturn the battle quite easily. After this lesson ended, Ash went to thank Torterra, who walked away. It returned to Paul, who didn't utter a word about this.[3]

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