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This Electivire is an electric-type Pokémon owned by Paul.


As Elekid

During one of the training sessions, Paul had Elekid battle Chimchar, which the latter managed to defeat. Paul wasn't impressed, however, as Chimchar's Blaze ability was not triggered.[1] Paul and Elekid watched from a distance how Ash caught a Starly. Paul, however, was not impressed.[2]

When Paul confronted Ash in battle, he used Elekid against his Pikachu. The latter used Thunderbolt, which Elekid resisted, and was hit by its Thunder attack. Pikachu retaliated with Volt Tackle, but was countered by Elekid's Protect, and the two sides clashed with Iron Tail and Brick Break attacks. Elekid went to use Thunder Punch on Pikachu, who dodged and used Iron Tail to slam Elekid. As Elekid used Brick Break, Pikachu fainted, but Elekid fell to the ground, too. Ash claimed he lost because Pikachu fell first, but Paul was prone to believing the outcome was a draw.[3] Pikachu would remember this battle after it devastatingly lost a battle to Sho's Raichu, questioning itself whether it should evolve.[4]

During the Gym Battle in Oreburgh City, Elekid helped Paul defeat Roark by knocking out his Geodude with a single Brick Break. Roark sent Onix, who countered Elekid's with Slam, but was stopped by its Protect move. However, Onix dealt a lot of damage with Double-Edge, without sustating recoil damage, due to Rock Head ability. Next, Onix deployed Stealth Rock, before using Slam to wound Elekid. Onix became paralyzed, due to Elekid's Static ability, and the two sides clashed with Brick Break and Double-Edge attacks. Paul then recalled Elekid, and later sent it into battle against Roark's Cranidos, who defeated his Chimchar. Due to Stealth Rock, Elekid, sustained even more damage.

Elekid went to use Brick Break, but missed, whereas Cranidos dealt a blow to it. However, unlike Onix, Cranidos' Mold Breaker prevented it from becoming paralyzed by Static ability. Cranidos hurt its leg during the battle, and was not able to avoid Elekid's Brick Break, though it retaliated with Flamethrower. Elekid endured the Flamethrower attack, and pushed Cranidos away with Brick Break, defeating it. Roark was impressed by Elekid's battling skills, noting that it was a resilient Pokémon.[5] When Ash and Roark encountered each other, they remembered Paul and his Pokémon (including Elekid) in the Gym Battle against Roark's Pokémon. Roark reminded Ash that he should be training to win the Gym Battle, instead of letting Paul get to him.[6]

While on their way to Hearthome City, Ash recalled the events with Paul and his Elekid.[7] Paul and Elekid enlisted in Hearthome City's Tag Battle tournament. Ash and Pikachu greeted them, but Elekid simply pushed Pikachu away.[8] Ash encountering Paul and Elekid at the Hearthome City's Tag Battle tournament was remembered by Ash, Dawn and Brock, as they were going to Snowpoint City.[9] Before the next round, Paul sent all of his Pokémon to attack Chimchar to train it, with Elekid using Thunder. When Chimchar fell down from exhaustion, Elekid went to use Thunder to "wake it up". However, Pikachu stopped it, while Ash and others decided to take Chimchar to the Pokémon Center.[10] Ash later reminded Paul about this event when the latter started to criticize Ash's training, for Ash even had teamed up with Paul's brother, Reggie.[11]

Ash Ketchum and Paul sent Chimchar and Elekid against Conway's Heracross and Dawn's Buizel. Ash's Chimchar used Flamethrower on Heracross, while Paul's Elekid used Thunder on Buizel. However, Buizel's Aqua Jet negated Chimchar's attack, whereas Heracross stood in Elekid's way to endure its Thunder attack. This allowed Heracross to use Revenge and inflict massive damage on Elekid. As Chimchar used Dig, Elekid used Protect to defend itself from Aqua Jet, but Heracross' Feint bypassed the defenses and hurt Elekid. Buizel went to use Water Gun, but was hit by Chimchar's Dig, so Buizel used Aqua Jet for a quick retaliation. As Elekid failed to use Thunder Punch to prevent damage from Heracross' Megahorn, it evolved into an Electabuzz.[12]

As Electabuzz

Heracross went to use Megahorn to prevent its Thunder attack. Since Chimchar evaded Buizel's Water Gun, it used Flamethrower on Heracross, badly burning it, while Electabuzz used Thunder on Buizel. The force of these two attacks defeated Buizel and Heracross.[12] When Paul found a Gliscor he wanted to catch, his Weavile used Ice Beam but missed. As Weavile was swept away by a Sandstorm, Paul sent Electabuzz to support it. The latter used Thunder, along with Weavile's Ice Beam, to attack, but missed. Electabuzz used Thunder Punch, but Gliscor's X-Scissor pushed it and Weavile onto Paul. However, Paul had Electabuzz use Thunder and Weavile to use Ice Beam, which quickly defeated Gliscor, enough for Paul to catch it. When a Gligar went to attack Paul, the latter's Electabuzz used Thunder Punch to stop it.[13] When the heroes arrived to Veilstone City, they were attacked by an Electabuzz, who used Thunderbolt. Pikachu and Piplup recognized Electabuzz, to which the heroes believed it to be Paul's. Paul's brother, Reggie, arrived and confirmed that.[14]

Electabuzz casually ate an Oran Berry as it observed Ash's training with Staravia. However, Ash wanted Staravia to strike him so it could learn Aerial Ace, which bewildered Electabuzz for that style of training.[15] As Paul came to Pastoria City, he contacted Reggie to give him an Electabuzz for the Gym Battle. As Reggie went to do so, the communication link was abruptly severed. Just when Team Galactic's Golbat went to attack Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Piplup, Reggie came with Electabuzz. The three used Thunderbolt, Bubble Beam and Thunder, respectively, to attack Golbat. However, Saturn's Toxicroak fired Sludge Bomb, attacking Electabuzz, who used Thunder Punch to defend itself from a Shadow Ball. As Pikachu used Volt Tackle, Electabuzz powered it with Thunder to attack Team Galactic, causing some of the meteorites they had collected to drop on the ground.[16] Electabuzz later returned to Paul's team and was seen when Paul attempted to capture a Drapion. However, Ash's Gligar fell on a rock, distracting Paul and making Drapion flee into the wild.[17]

Electabuzz was also used to battle Brandon's Regirock. Electabuzz started with Brick Break to attack. In retaliation, Regirock used Stone Edge, yet Electabuzz used Protect to defend itself. However, Electabuzz was nevertheless damaged, and was easily beaten by Regirock's Hyper Beam.[18] Electabuzz was used during Paul's six-on-six battle with Ash on the shores of Lake Acuity. Before the battle, it used Thunder Punch on the ground to show how well Paul had raised it. During the battle, it used Light Screen to defend itself from Ash's Grotle's Energy Ball, then was recalled to have Paul send a Honchkrow.[19] Paul later sent Electabuzz to battle against Ash's Chimchar. However, it used Protect to defend itself from Flamethrower, then was again called back when it placed Light Screen defense.

After Ash's Monferno evolved, Paul sent Electabuzz, who got pushed onto a rock by Monferno's Mach Punch. Electabuzz retaliated with a Thunder, paralyzing Monferno, and using Protect to deflect its Flame Wheel attack. As Electabuzz jumped to use Thunder Punch, Monferno evaded and used Dig, striking Electabuzz. Electabuzz fired another Thunder against Monferno's Flame Wheel, who also used Flamethrower. Electabuzz got struck by Flame Wheel, so it used another Protect to defend itself from Mach Punch, and retaliated with Thunder. Monferno attempted to retaliate with Flamethrower, but was paralyzed and unable to execute the move. At this moment, Monferno's Blaze ability was activated, as it went to use Mach Punch against Electabuzz's Thunder Punch. After the collision, Monferno fell defeated.[20]

Ash later reminisced about this battle, thinking Paul's new strategy had worked in his favor.[21] When Barry spoke how his father treated his Pokémon with respect, Ash remembered his battle with Paul and Electabuzz. It made him wonder what kind of strength Paul had that earned him the victory.[22] It made Ash eventually realize that Paul was adapting his strategies on the experience he had acquired during his journey, like it was the case with Electabuzz.[23] Paul and Electabuzz also showed up to save Ash's Pikachu, Dawn's Piplup, and Barry's Empoleon from Team Rocket. It used Protect to defend others from being crushed by the robot. Although it was captured itself and was rescued by Ash's newly evolved Infernape. After Infernape's evolution and it saving them, Electabuzz was happy for Infernape.[24]

As Electivire

Diamond and Pearl series

During the Sinnoh League battle against Barry, Paul swapped his Ursaring with Electivire, to face Barry's Empoleon. Empoleon used Hyper Beam, colliding with Electivire's Thunder. Electivire used Thunder Punch, but missed, though it managed to corner Empoleon. Thus, using Giga Impact, Electivire inflicted heavy damage on Empoleon. In that moment, Empoleon's Torrent ability was activated, and fired its Hydro Cannon. However, Electivire stopped the attacked with Protect and knocked out Empoleon with a powerful Thunder.[25] Ash later encountered Paul and Electivire, who were preparing themselves to battle Ash in the next round of the Sinnoh League.[26]

After Drapion was defeated by Ash's Gliscor in the Sinnoh League, Electivire was sent out, and while Ash wanted to send Gliscor back to its Poké Ball, he stayed out due to the type advantage. Electivire used Thunder with its two tails underground, which caused a storm of rocks to hit Gliscor, and he finished it with Brick Break. Pikachu was able to dodge the underground Thunder technique with Quick Attack, and hit Electivire head on. Their Brick Break and Quick Attack collided, creating a massive explosion. Pikachu used a Volt Tackle, which activated Electivire's Motor Drive.

Ash anticipated this and countered Thunder Punch with Iron Tail, but in the collision, Electivire was able to use his left hand for Brick Break, and knocked Pikachu out. Ash's Infernape was sent out to face Electivire: they used Mach Punch and ThunderPunch, which cancelled each other out. The two used Flamethrower and Protect, which had a similar result. Infernape hit Electivire dead on with Dig, but suffered from Drapion's poison that was inflicted via Toxic Spikes. They used Mach Punch and ThunderPunch multiple times, cancelling each other out, but after Flamethrower is blocked by Protect, Electivire grabbed it with its tails.

Electivire zapped it with a powerful Thunder, which knocked it down, but this activated Infernape's Blaze. Infernape and Electivire used Flamethrower and Thunder, and while Thunder was normally stronger than Flamethrower, the power from Blaze allows Flamethrower to score a direct hit, followed by Mach Punch. Electivire tried a ThunderPunch to use against Infernape's Flare Blitz, but between Blaze, and the fact that Flare Blitz was almost twice as strong on its own, Electivire suffered a devastating blow. Electivire smiled to Infernape, before falling down in defeat.[27]

Journeys series

Paul and his Electivire appearing in a flashback when Ash reminisced about his Sinnoh League battle against him and his Electivire.[28]

Known moves

Move notes

  1. ^ Electivire knew this move as an Elekid, but executed it in DP184: Casting a Paul on Barry!
  2. ^ Electabuzz knew this move as an Elekid, but executed it in DP052: Smells Like Team Spirit!

Improvised moves


  • Although Electivire is not Paul's starter Pokémon, it could be considered his signature Pokémon as it has appeared more often than any of Paul's other Pokémon.
  • Electivire is the only one of Paul's Pokémon to have evolved on screen, evolving from Elekid into Electabuzz in "Smells Like Team Spirit!"
  • Electivire appears to be Paul's second strongest Pokémon, after Torterra.



  1. ^ Battling a Thaw in Relations!, Ash's Pikachu attacked Electivire with Volt Tackle, which triggered Electivire's Ability.
  2. ^ a b Wild in the Streets!, Roark's Onix attacked Elekid with Slam, which triggered Elekid's Ability to activate, causing Onix to become paralyzed.