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This Drapion is a poison/dark-type Pokémon owned by Paul.


Paul used Drapion to battle Ash's Buizel in the Sinnoh League semi-finals. Drapion fired Pin Missile in a strange pattern, to which Buizel used Water Gun to deflect the missiles and strike Drapion. Drapion then went to use Cross Poison but was deflected by Buizel's Sonic Boom. In that moment, Drapion quickly grabbed Buizel with its tail. and started to pummel it.[1] Drapion blocked Sonic Boom by grabbing Buizel's tail with a free hand, but Buizel escaped by inflating his floatation sac and then blasting Drapion with Water Gun whilst propelling himself into the air at the same time. However while it was in the air, Drapion used Toxic Spikes and as soon as Buizel landed it was poisoned and Drapion finished it with Pin Missile.

Ash's Staraptor was sent out. Drapion used Pin Missile, but missed, to which Staraptor used Aerial Ace. At the last second, Drapion dodged it and grabbed Staraptor with its tail. It then used Cross Poison and slammed it into the Toxic Spikes, fainting it. Ash's Torterra was sent out, who immediately got poisoned by Toxic Spikes move. Torterra blocked Cross Poison with Energy Ball and hit Drapion with Leaf Storm. However, Pin Missile was able to nullify a second Leaf Storm, which marked the turning point of the battle. Drapion grabbed Torterra while it was attempting to use Rock Climb and used Poison Fang. Torterra fully healed itself with Synthesis, but Drapion knocked it out with one super-effective Pin Missile before being recalled.

When Ash sent Gliscor out, Paul swapped his Drapion for Ninjask. It was used moments later to fight Ash's Gliscor after Paul's Froslass got defeated. Gliscor evaded Drapion's Pin Missile, but Drapion deflected Stone Edge with Cross Poison. Gliscor hit Drapion with Giga Impact, and flew into the sky to recharge safely. Drapion fired Pin Missile, but Gliscor went for an X-Scissor.[2] Drapion blocked Gliscor's X-Scissor at the last moment, and planted a devastating hit with Pin Missile. Gliscor went in for a Fire Fang attack, and while Cross Poison narrowly hit it, Fire Fang landed a hit on Gliscor. While Drapion was able to quickly slam it into the ground, Fire Fang burnt Drapion with which angered Paul: the burn damage overwhelms Drapion, who was finally defeated.[3]

Known moves