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–Paul's catchphrase

Paul is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series. He is the younger brother of Reggie and the main rival of Ash Ketchum from Sinnoh who received his Starter (Turtwig) in Sandgem Town from Professor Rowan and he has traveled through Kanto, Johto and Hoenn.

Unlike Ash, Paul is initially not a caring Trainer as he wants pure power from his Pokémon and the Trainers he faces to be strong. Paul is also known to release his Pokémon if he deems them weak or useless, which seems somewhat appropriate because of his ambition and seeing his Pokémon as tools for his own glory.


Paul has mid-length purple hair that has one big strand hanging over the middle of his face, small dark eyes and he almost never smiles, except for the occasional smirk and a small chuckle whenever he deals with Ash Ketchum.

He wears a purple jacket with navy blue sleeves, a blue undershirt, dark purple pants and purple and navy sneakers with white soles.


Paul is perceived as a heartless, merciless and rather arrogant Trainer, who has no interest in being friends with anybody (especially not his Pokémon) and simply sees his Pokémon as tools to win battles and often not caring if they are hurt.

He is often annoyed and exasperated by Ash Ketchum's actions, advice to treat his Pokémon nicely and tendency to act like a child to the point that Paul seems to barely see their rivalry. He dislikes Ash's philosophies such as friendship and trust because he believes that they are a sign of weakness, and he also dislikes training Pokémon hard to get stronger, preferring to only train ones that are naturally strong. Paul rarely shows any emotions, especially not positive ones, and this affects his dealings with his Pokémon, which can be very harsh. However, some occasions, he has been shown to lose his temper. One example was when he let his anger get out of control during his battle with Brandon when he wasn't able to beat Brandon's Pokémon.

Although Paul maintained a bitter rivalry with Ash for the duration of the Sinnoh series, his hatred of Ash as a person (rather than as a Trainer) peaked at the end of the first season of the Diamond and Pearl series, where the two were forced to team up in the Hearthome City Tag Battle tournament. He treated Ash as a detriment rather than an ally, constantly telling him to stay out of his way and even having his Chimchar attack Ash's Turtwig at one point out of spite. When Paul released Chimchar and Ash subsequently caught it, he rudely told them that they deserved no better than each other: both were pathetic scum. After they won the tournament, Paul had no desire to keep the Soothe Bell prize due to his refusal to treat his Pokémon with basic decency. He gave it to Ash, but he violently threw it at Ash in a fit of anger rather than simply handing the bell over.

Despite his intense hatred of Ash, he does not necessarily wish harm on him, and helped him against Team Rocket multiple times even while he and Ash were enemies.

Paul knowingly abused his Pokémon both physically and emotionally, the prime example being Chimchar. He at one point had all of his Pokémon attack it at once in hopes of activating Blaze. He would constantly tell it that it was "worthless" and "pathetic", which left a strong negative impression on Chimchar.

While Gary Oak (Ash's previous major rival) and Trip (his next one) would directly insult Ash and call him immature names like "loser" or (in Trip's case) say he was “from the boonies”, Paul would simply rudely say how poor of a Trainer Ash was. Instead of being a bully, he is only rude to Ash due to viewing him as an inferior Trainer, rather than as an inferior person like Gary and Trip. Despite this, his rivalry with Ash was overall much more bitter than Gary's and Trip's--whereas Gary and Trip simply didn't like Ash and enjoyed dissing him, Paul absolutely loathed Ash and, unlike with Trip, the feeling was mutual on Ash's part as Paul reminded Ash of Damian, the original trainer of his Charizard, a view that peaked after Paul ditched Chimchar.

Despite his seemingly cruel nature, Paul understands that he cannot treat everyone as horribly as he treats Ash, and can be polite whenever he wants to - especially towards authority figures like Cynthia, Nurse Joy and Professor Rowan. He also can acknowledge his opponent if he considers them to be a worthy opponent as an example of this is Roark, who he was very impressed by and he also seems to think a lot of Reggie (Paul's older brother), despite once saying he had 'a big mouth'.

Paul's dislike of Ash stems-at least partially-from his disappointment in Reggie. Ash is known for treating his Pokémon as friends and equals, rather than as tools, much like Reggie does. Paul blames Reggie's philosophy as the reason he lost to Brandon, and thus he sees the same parallels in Ash. While he does not hold a grudge against Reggie for this because he is family, he does hold one against Ash. He also seems to enjoy seeing Ash getting angry, one example of which is when he chuckled and said to Ash "Man, you get worked up". Paul's "catchphrase" of sorts is 'Pathetic' who tends to direct it at Ash when Ash does or says something that Paul finds irritating or childish, and does not apologize for his actions, either.

Towards the end of the saga and especially after losing the battle to Ash in the Sinnoh League, Paul seems to reform somewhat and he is shown thanking his Electivire for a good battle- something that he had never done prior to the three-part final battle. Paul was also impressed by how Chimchar (Paul's former Pokémon) had become an Infernape and developed nicely after being in Ash's care and how well Ash had trained it and admitted as such after their final Sinnoh battle. Paul then decided to return to Snowpoint City to challenge Brandon again and he bids farewell to Ash, although on more friendly terms and he also seems sad when he sees Ash lose to Tobias.


Paul's hometown was Veilstone City.[1] Paul and his Turtwig went to Kanto to watch his older brother, Reggie, battle against the Pyramid King Brandon. Unfortunately, Reggie couldn't knock out any of Brandon's Pokémon and he was easily defeated. Paul was shocked at his brother's defeat. Brandon yelled at Reggie and asked him where his true inner strength was, which made Paul wonder about his own strength as a Trainer, and from then on, he became obsessed with power.[2] Paul later started his Pokémon journey. He went to the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn regions, participating in League tournaments, but failed to win. His first Pokémon was Turtwig before he obtained others.[3]

Once he caught a Ninjask by using his Elekid, Paul watched a terrified wild Chimchar being chased by a pack of Zangoose. Chimchar got to an end of a cliff and he was cornered by the Zangoose. Out of desperation and determination, Chimchar managed to produce a blaze-infused Flame Wheel (which impressed Paul) and scared the Zangoose away. Paul then approached the fire type and asked it to join his team, which Chimchar accepted.[4] Paul later trained Chimchar, but didn't bond with it: he didn't give it much compliments or offer it decent food.[5]

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Paul watched Ash Ketchum capture a Starly with his Aipom prior to their first meeting and was unimpressed by him.[6] Paul had Elekid battle a Starly, and used his Poké Ball to capture it. However, the capture failed as that Starly was Ash's. Ash, who reunited with Brock, met up with Paul, asking if they saw a girl with a Pikachu. Paul denied, and sent three of his Starly out. He knew their strength, and kept the Starly that knew Aerial Ace, releasing the other two. Ash was not pleased that Paul was releasing his Pokémon, claiming one had to raise a Pokémon to bring out its potential. Paul ignored him; instead, he challenged him to a battle. Ash admitted he didn't have Pikachu with him at the moment, making Paul aggravated, as he left. Moments later, Paul and Elekid saw the rubble from Team Rocket's machine, as Ash, Brock and the girl (Dawn) fought Team Rocket. He then went to Professor Rowan's lab, encountering Ash and his friends again.

Paul introduced himself, and demanded a challenge from Ash, which he accepted. In the backyard, Ash and Paul sent their Starly to battle one another. However, Paul's Starly used Double Team to avoid Wing Attack and defeated Ash's Starly with an Aerial Ace. As Paul sent his Chimchar, Ash sent his Aipom to battle it. While Aipom was hit by Flame Wheel and Ember, it did manage to get a moment to defeat it with a Focus Punch. For their final Pokémon, Ash sent his Pikachu against Paul's Elekid. Elekid used Brick Break against Pikachu's Iron Tail, and the two sides fell down after the exhausting battle. Ash believed he lost, as his Pikachu fell a moment earlier, but Paul reminded him that both sides fainted, thus causing the match to end in a draw. He released Starly, thinking he could get a stronger one. He thanked Professor Rowan for using the backyard as the battle site, and walked away.[7]

On the way to Oreburgh City, Paul encountered the heroes, who were having some training. Paul noticed Ash's new Pokémon, Turtwig, but didn't think much of it. To prove he was wrong, Ash battled Paul, using Turtwig against his Chimchar. Turtwig wasn't fast enough to dodge Chimchar's attacks like Scratch or Ember, and just as Turtwig went to retaliate, it was captured by Team Rocket. Ash went to rescue his Turtwig, but in the confusion, Pikachu's Thunderbolt caused an explosion that blew Paul, Chimchar, Ash, Turtwig and Pikachu away. Brock and Dawn asked of them to meet them at the end of the forest, an idea Paul called stupid. He walked away, warning Ash about the Stantler. Paul later found Ash and Turtwig engrossed in an illusion by the Stantler, so his Chimchar used Ember to scare the Stantler away. Chimchar battled Stantler, using Flame Wheel to hit it. Paul used his Poké Ball to capture Stantler, but seeing it knew Tackle attack, thought it to be weak and released it.

Ash was nevertheless grateful for the rescue, calling Paul a friend, but Paul dismissed him, insisting that friends, especially Ash, were useless. As the two sides parted ways for a bit, Paul later encountered Ash facing an Ursaring. Chimchar used Flame Wheel to hit Ursaring, enough for Paul to catch it with a Poké Ball. Paul still belittled Ash for keeping the weak Turtwig, to which Ash defended it, stating it would grow stronger over time. Ash wanted to battle Paul, and taunted him into accepting the challenge. Paul's Chimchar managed to evade Turtwig's attacks by using Dig, and fired Ember attacks to burn it. Turtwig used the opportunity to use Razor Leaf in the holes to damage Chimchar this way, and entered the tunnels it dug. However, Chimchar's Flame Wheel proved too powerful for Turtwig, who eventually fainted. Despite Ash feeling bad that his Turtwig lost and got wounded, Paul was indifferent to that. Ash, however, swore to pay back to Paul by defeating him as his rival someday.[8]

As the heroes entered Oreburgh City, they encountered Paul, who also wanted to challenge the Gym Leader. The group was informed by a worker named Ian of Gym Leader Roark. However, the latter was busy working in the mines, searching for some hidden treasure. Thus, they went to see Roark in person in the mines, where Roark had his men dig out a rock - a fossil. Roark was happy, thinking he could awaken the Pokémon inside this rock soon. He turned to Ash and Paul, and accepted their challenges; since Paul came first, Roark faced him in the battle, though apologized for making him wait. Roark first used Geodude against Paul's Azumarill, and negated its Hydro Pump with Hidden Power, defeating it with Rollout. Paul then sent Elekid, who quickly defeated Geodude with a Brick Break. Roark sent Onix out, who attacked Elekid with Slam, though Elekid used Protect to defend itself.

Due to its Rock Head ability, Onix didn't take recoil damage from Double-Edge, and posed a considerable force with its Stealth Rock. As Onix wounded Elekid, Paul sent Chimchar out, who was damaged by Stealth Rock on the field. Paul's Chimchar using Dig was enough to defeat Onix, to which Roark sent Cranidos out. Cranidos' Headbutt and Zen Headbutt caused Chimchar to become frightened, ignoring some of Paul's commands, until it activated its Blaze ability. Chimchar retaliated with Flame Wheel to deal damage to Cranidos, until the latter used Zen Headbutt to defeat it. Paul sent Elekid back on the field, and used Brick Break against Cranidos' Flamethrower. In this exhausting match, Elekid won the battle, earning Paul the badge.[9]

Paul assumed that Ash wanted him to watch the Gym Battle to see him lose. As the two sides argued, Dawn wanted to break the fight, but became annoyed when Paul didn't remember who she was. Paul later had his Pokémon healed, and seeing Ash trying to figure out a strategy, claimed he could copy his. Ash became disgusted, remembering how poorly Paul had treated his Chimchar. Seeing a boy thanking Paul for giving him Azumarill, Ash realized that Paul thought of Azumarill as a weak Pokémon and gave it away, which made Dawn ponder what Elekid and Chimchar thought of Paul's tactics. During Ash's Gym Battle, Paul briefly watched this battle. He was about to leave until he saw Pikachu regaining its strength to face Roark's Cranidos. At the end of the battle, when Onix defeated Pikachu, Paul called the entire situation as pathetic.[10] When Roark spoke with the heroes, they remembered Paul's battle. Roark simply reminded Ash that he was angry over Paul, though that should not affect their upcoming rematch.[11]

The heroes encountered Paul on the road. Ash wanted to know how many badges he currently had, but Paul brushed him off as it was "none of his business". As the group encountered Cynthia, Paul challenged her to a battle, whom Cynthia believed to be the Sinnoh League challenger. She accepted his challenge, sending her Garchomp to defeat her Chimchar, Murkrow and Weavile with ease. When Paul sent Torterra, Garchomp managed to endure its Frenzy Plant, and defeat it with Giga Impact. Paul decided to stop the battle, seeing Cynthia was much stronger than he was. The crowd was displeased by Paul, but Ash defended the latter, seeing it was nevertheless a good battle. Cynthia expected more of these battles, but advised Paul to heal his Pokémon. He did so, and Nurse Joy and Cynthia gave them some medicine to recover. Cynthia noted Paul's Pokémon were well-trained, to which he added that he traveled many regions. However, he was not impressed by Chimchar's performance.

Ash started arguing with Paul, as the former thought Trainers needed to bond with their Pokémon, the latter stated they had to train them properly and strictly, else they'd become slobs. Paul simply stated he wanted to grow his power and strength. To try and settle the boys dwon, Cynthia took them near the place she had her battle with Paul. On a rock, she read a line "When every life meets another life, something will be born." She pointed out that she, too, strived for strength, but found something else, by meeting other Pokémon. When Team Rocket kidnapped Chimchar, Ash attempted to have Staravia attack them, but Paul's Ursaring fired a Hyper Beam to blast them off. Paul muttered that Chimchar nearly got taken away by losers, to which Cynthia advised him he could spend a night at the Pokémon Center with his Pokémon.[3]

On the way to Hearthome City, the heroes got separated, due to a failed plan by Team Rocket to capture their Pokémon. Ash saw Paul, who wanted to catch a Fearow. However, Ash distracted Paul by asking if he saw his friends around, which Paul denied. Later, Paul was approached by Dawn and Brock, but he denied having seen either one of their friends.[12] While on their way to Hearthome City, Ash recalled the events with Paul.[13] Paul enlisted in the Hearthome City's Tag Battle tournament. He encountered Ash, his Tag Battle partner, but he didn't want to have anything with him. Pikachu tried to greet his Elekid, who pushed him away. Pikachu wanted to retalaite, to which Ash stopped him but got electrocuted instead. Ash later wanted to discuss strategy with Paul, who was busy training his Chimchar's Flamethrower attack. He was not impressed, and refused Ash's attempt to help, as he didn't want to "mess it up".

Dawn reminded the two about trying to bond with Pokémon. Paul, however, quoted Cynthia's words during their encounter, and walked away. During the battle, Ash sent Pikachu and Paul his Chimchar against two Trainers' Rhydon and Magmar. Paul continued to ignore Ash, thinking Pikachu won't be able to do much damage. Paul didn't cooperate much with Ash, who remembered Zoey's combination attack from earlier, and had Pikachu use Iron Tail to stop Rhydon's Surf and defeat it. Eventually, Paul and Ash won the Tag Battle. Paul demanded of Ash to stay out of his way, but the latter reminded that Tag Battles were about teamwork, a virtue which Paul had not shown yet.[14]

Paul had Chimchar undergo a very intense training, as it had to face Paul's Ursaring, Murkrow, Torterra and Elekid - all four Pokémon at once. Chimchar barely evaded some of the attacks, and became injured before Ash arrived; Chimchar accidentally used Flamethrower on him, believing him to be another aggressor. Ash wanted to know why Paul trained Chimchar so hard, but Paul refused to answer. Ash reminded him they were a team, while Dawn, who also arrived, pointed out Paul's rude behavior. Paul simply explained he wanted Chimchar to grow stronger by putting pressure on it, else he'd release it. Ash believed he could simply improve Chimchar's strong points, but Paul didn't want that.

He left, ignoring Ash's statement that there were other ways to grow stronger. Paul continued training Chimchar. The latter was very exhausted, to the point it nearly fell down. Elekid went to use Thunder to awaken it, but Ash and others arrived, stopping the training and having Chimchar taken to the Pokémon Center. There, Brock healed Chimchar, before going to have a talk with Paul. Paul explained he wanted to draw out Chimchar's power just like it had battled Zangoose - the moment when Paul met Chimchar. He wanted to have Chimchar grow stronger, and awaken the power just like it had done before. However, the heroes and Nurse Joy described that Chimchar could not be put under pressure for the day, as it had to relax, to which Paul walked away.

The next day, Ash and Paul had another round, where they sent Turtwig and Chimchar to battle Metagross and Zangoose. The latter's presence frightened Chimchar, who was too frightened of such Pokémon. Despite Ash's offer that Turtwig would face Zangoose, Paul had Chimchar attack Zangoose, but Chimchar was too frightened of it. Turtwig and Chimchar attempted to attack Zangoose and Metagross, using Razor Leaf, Dig and Flamethrower, but were thwarted by the opponents' Pokémon and were overpowered. Paul was not pleased by these results, and out of spite he ordered Chimchar to use Flame Wheel on Ash's Turtwig, much to everyone's shock. Chimchar reluctantly did so, and managed to hit Zangoose and Metagross as well. Turtwig managed to cover in for Chimchar to attack Zangoose with Razor Leaf, until Zangoose fired a Fire Blast.

Chimchar went to protect Turtwig, in the moment its Blaze ability became activated. However, Paul refused to give orders to Chimchar, to which Ash had no choice but to command Chimchar to use Flamethrower. Chimchar listened to Ash, using Flamethrower to defeat Metagross, whereas Turtwig's Razor Leaf defeated Zangoose. While Ash and Paul won this round, moments later, Paul released his Chimchar. He swore Chimchar's training was over, and he would attempt to find a new Fire-type Pokémon. As Chimchar cried, Ash arrived, and offered Chimchar a spot in his team.[4] Paul entering the tournament with Chimchar and later releasing it was remembered by Ash, Dawn and Brock, as they were going to Snowpoint City.[15]

Witnessing this proposal, Paul told his two enemies that they deserved the worst: each other. The next day, Paul and Ash faced Holly and Brock during the final day of the tournament. Ash's Staravia attempted to attack, but Paul's Torterra executed Hyper Beam to strike both it and Farfetch'd. Paul claimed Staravia was simply too slow, which angered Ash, while Paul's Torterra quickly defeated Croagunk, too. While Ash praised Staravia for the effort, Paul reminded they didn't do a thing during this battle. After having his Torterra healed at the Pokémon Center, Paul joined Ash in facing Conway and Dawn in the final stage of the tournament. Paul sent Elekid and Ash his Chimchar to battle Dawn's Buizel and Conway's Heracross.

Ash and Paul's Pokémon got their moves countered and were badly hurt (due to Buizel's Aqua Jet and Heracross' Feint), until Elekid, who got wounded by Heracross' Megahorn, evolved into an Electabuzz. The latter's Thunder defeated Buizel, while Chimchar's Flamethrower defeated Heracross, too. Ash cheered for the victory and congratulated Paul for having Electabuzz evolve, but Paul dismissed him, thinking his Chimchar could not have defeated Heracross if Electabuzz was not on the field. Ash ignored him, and congratulated Chimchar on the victory, too. Later, when Paul passed by the group, he gave Ash the Soothe Bell, since he didn't need it. Paul walked away, as Ash cheered his Chimchar on.[1] Chimchar later had memories and nightmares of Paul, until it managed to defeat a bunch of Zangoose, but without activating its Blaze ability.[5]

Paul came to Veilstone City, finding a group of Gligar, led by a Gliscor, causing trouble. His Weavile used Ice Beam to attack Gliscor, but missed. Paul then sent Murkrow to use Haze, but the Pokémon flew away. The heroes noticed Paul has arrived to the city as well, but Paul asked of Ash to stay away as he wanted to capture Gliscor. Paul observed the situation, and had Weavile use Ice Beam to blast Team Rocket away, who attempted to kidnap the Gligar and Gliscor. Taking his second chance, Paul had Electabuzz and Weavile attack Gliscor, eventually defeating it. Paul captured Gliscor, and seeing its stats, decided to keep it. A lone Gligar went to attack Paul, whose Electabuzz used Thunder Punch to defeat it. Paul didn't think much of that Gligar and walked away.[16]

Paul battled Veilstone City's Gym Leader, Maylene, and won, using Honchkrow that evolved during that battle, and a Magmar that he had recently caught. However, Paul called Maylene a weak opponent, making her doubt herself.[17] He went to Pastoria City, and contacted Reggie to give him an Electabuzz for the Gym Battle. As Reggie did so, he mentioned that Ash had won the battle against Maylene, earning him the third badge. However, Paul, angered by the mere mention of Ash's name, hung up.[18] Paul witnessed Sho's Raichu defeating Ash's Pikachu. Paul called Ash pathethic, but he did agree with Sho that he should have Pikachu evolve into a Raichu. He remained behind for a while, but did not say a word to the heroes. Since Ash and Pikachu decided the latter did not have to evolve, and Pikachu defeated Raichu in a rematch, Paul simply left.[19] He briefly saw Ash on TV, being interviewed during the Wallace Cup.[20] He also watched Ash's Buizel's Ice Aqua Jet combo, but grew disinterested and walked away.[21]

Ash was training Gligar when it was swept away by the wind, falling near Paul, who wanted to catch a Drapion. When Ash found Gligar, he encountered Paul, asking him about his recent Gym Battle. Paul was dismissive, stating that a Coordinator that lost wouldn't care, as he had seen him perform in the Wallace Cup. Ash replied that Wallace suggested him to compete with Buizel, to which Paul reminded him about the Hearthome City's Tag Battle tournament, in which Paul had difficult time fighting alongside Ash. The two sides argued, as Ash stated that he had to train for the Sinnoh League. He pointed out that after Cynthia had defeated Paul, he found strength in his bonds with his friends and Pokémon. Paul ignored him, to which Ash and Brock wanted to know what Cynthia's words meant to him.

Paul ignored them, and went to leave; Ash challenged him to a battle, and Chimchar got his attention to stay and accept that challenge. Ash sent Gligar, who faced Gliscor. Gligar went to attack Gliscor, who was unaffected by its moves and quickly defeated it with Guillotine. Paul sent an Ursaring, to which Ash sent Chimchar. Ursaring countered Chimchar's moves, and slammed it away with Hammer Arm. As Chimchar's Blaze was activated, Paul became impressed, and as Ursaring was defeated by its Flame Wheel, Paul admitted he gained some respect to such power. As Chimchar went out of control, the heroes barely managed to stop its rage. Paul asked Chimchar whether Ash could control that Blaze ability. Ash replied that only Chimchar could control that ability, to which Paul called him a fool and walked away.[22] This encounter was remembered by Ash, Dawn and Brock, as they were going to Snowpoint City.[15] Eventually, Paul battled Fantina and obtained the Relic Badge from her.

Paul briefly watched Cynthia's match against Aaron. After the match was over, Paul approached Ash, asking him about Chimchar's Blaze. Ash, however, refused to speak about it, stating he didn't need to rely on it to win. Paul then had three workers (Team Rocket in disguise) take care of his Pokémon as he was studying. He then heard Ash and Dawn's training, before being noticed by Brock. Brock praised Paul's training a bit, though Paul was disappointed by Ash's due to not having Chimchar use its Blaze ability. Brock then mentioned that they met Paul's brother, Reggie, who had helped Ash in training Staravia's Brave Bird. Paul was dismissive about that, since he didn't like his brother to have quit after failing to obtain one final Symbol from the Battle Frontier. Paul then came to Ash, believing his training methods were similar to his own.

Ash refused to acknowledge that, reminding Paul that he had his Pokémon gang up on Chimchar and badly hurt it. Dawn reminded they were training for Ash's match in Hearthome City, to which Paul showed his Relic Badge. Ash was upset, thinking about Fantina's Hypnosis tactic, to which Paul suggested using the Blaze ability. The two sides then had a battle, using Turtwig and Honchkrow in which Turtwig evolved into a Grotle. However, Grotle's speed was reduced and it was an easy target for Honchkrow, who defeated it. After the battle was over, Paul had Torterra and Weavile train, as the two sides used Frenzy Plant and Ice Shard. At evening, his Torterra went to train Ash's Grotle, and upon it returning, Paul became curious but didn't utter a word. The next day, Ash thanked Paul for having his Torterra train his Grotle, but Paul dismissed him and walked away.[23]

When Barry encountered Ash, the former remembered Ash was teamed up with Paul during the Tag Battle tournament in Hearthome City. Barry admitted he liked Paul, due to his pursuit of strength, and noticed Ash's Chimchar originally belonging to Paul.[24] Paul entered the Pokéringer Contest. When Ash and others found out he was the participant, they went to ask him why didn't he greet them, but Paul ignored them and flew up. He faced Provo and his Dragonite, using his Honchkrow. Honchkrow was struck by Dragonite's Dragon Rush, and fired a Sky Attack that defeated Dragonite (due to Super Luck ability), winning that round. During the next round, he faced Ash and his Staravia. While Staravia obtained the ring, it was struck by Honchkrow's Sky Attack and Night Slash attacks, causing it to drop the ring.

However, Staravia evolved into a Staraptor, and managed to obtain the ring and use Close Combat on Honchkrow. Paul remained calm, as his Honckrow continued to attack. As the ring was dropped, Honchkrow went to get it, but Staraptor knocked the ring with its wing on the target, earning Ash the victory. Paul commented that his Honchkrow was weak and slow. When Ash approached him to show his Staraptor had evolved, Paul simply claimed that it took Ash that long to evolve it, and left.[25] Paul eventually arrived to Snowpoint City, to challenge Candice to a Gym Battle.[26] However, Candice and her Pokémon were exhausted, so she asked Paul to have their challenge tomorrow. Ash showed Paul his seventh badge, but Paul was disinterested and walked away. Still, Ash was still grateful for having Paul's Torterra show Grotle some new moves. Paul simply asked Ash why was he so much thankful about his Torterra. Zoey attempted to argue with Paul, but Dawn pulled her. Paul simply walked away, as Zoey wished that Candice would defeat him tomorrow.

The next day, Reggie came to Snowpoint City, to drop off a Pokémon he was nursing, and encountered his brother, Paul. Paul didn't care muc if his brother watched him battle, but suddenly, the Battle Pyramid facility flew over them. Ash recognized the facility, and told Paul about his encounter with the Frontier Brains. Paul became shocked to hear that Ash did challenge and win all seven Symbols. Upon encountering Brandon, the latter recognized everyone, including Paul, who challenged him. Paul simply replied that he wanted to finish what his brother couldn't - to beat Brandon. Paul didn't care much for anyone watching this 6-on-6 battle against Brandon. Paul sent his Hariyama to battle Brandon's Regirock, and despite being able to stop some of its moves, it was defeated by its Focus Punch.

He then sent Electabuzz to count on its Brick Break move, but it, too, was quickly defeated by Stone Edge/Hyper Beam combo. As Brandon swapped Regirock with Registeel, Paul was counting on his Magmar, who dealt a blow with Flamethrower. However, Registeel used Iron Head, causing Magmar to be overwhelmed as Paul swapped it with Nidoking. While Nidoking managed to inflict more damage with Earth Power and Double Kick, it, too, was defeated by Registeel's Iron Head. Brandon wanted to know why Paul was trying so ahrd to defeat him, to which Paul answered that he wanted to gather strength from his will, unlike Reggie did. Paul was annoyed by this talk, as he sent Lairon. Despite using Iron Defense, Lairon was quickly defeated by Regice's Ice Beam and Zap Cannon. Having little choice left, Paul sent Ursaring, colliding its Hammer Arm with Regice's Focus Punch. Regice fired a Zap Cannon as well, paralyzing Ursaring, then swapping it with Regirock and defeat it with Stone Edge.

Paul sent Magmar as his remaining Pokémon, but Regirock defeated it easily with Shock Wave. Brandon won the battle, and complimented Paul for having raised his Pokémon well. However, he noted that his feelings clouded his judgements in battle, so he offered a rematch. Paul thanked him, and turned to Candice, asking her to prepare for the Gym Battle. Candice agreed, and left; Paul went to do the same, but Reggie got his attention by offering a match with Ash. Paul and Ash agreed, to which Reggie stated they could meet each other at Lake Acuity in ten days.[2]

Paul went to Lake Acuity, where he met with Reggie. Paul wondered why would he battle Ash in that moment, to which Reggie explained that his encounter with Brandon might've had some positive influence on him, which could be used to motivate him to battle Ash. As Ash arrived, Reggie reminded that this full battle was to show each other their strengths and weaknesses, as rivals to understand one another. As the battle started, Ash sent Buizel and Paul his Torterra. However, Ash swapped Buizel with Gliscor, reminding that Gliscor had evolved from his Gligar. Paul intentionally had Torterra endure Gliscor's attacks, until it bound Gliscor with Crunch and absorb its energy with Giga Drain. As Ash sent Staraptor, Paul quickly recalled Torterra and swapped it with Weavile.

Reggie commented that Paul's strategy had changed, unlike Ash's: Weavile managed to slow down Staraptor with Blizzard before striking it. However, Staraptor's speed enabled it to quickly defeat Weavile with Brave Bird. As the two sides recalled their Pokémon, they sent Grotle and Electabuzz. However, Electabuzz used Light Screen before being recalled, and the defense was put in place for Paul's Honchkrow, allowing it to reduce the damage from Grotle's Energy Ball. Honchkrow used Night Slash to strike Grotle and defeat it with Sky Attack. As Ash sent Pikachu next, Paul sent Magmortar, to which others recognized as Magmar that had eventually evolved.[27]

Continuing the battle, Pikachu attacked Magmortar, whose Flame Body burnt Pikachu, making him take continuous damage. Pikachu managed to execute its Coutner Shield to defend itself and attack Magmortar, but as it was still burnt, Ash swapped it with his Buizel. Magmortar used Rock Tomb to defend itself, but Buizel shattered those defenses with Water Pulse, forcing Paul to send his Ursaring out. Ursaring managed to beat Buizel with Focus Blast and Staraptor with Hammer Arm, before facing Ash's Chimchar. Planting Light Screen as defense, Paul then sent Torterra, who took less damage from Chimchar's Fire-type attacks. After Ash swapped Gliscor, Torterra quickly defeated it with Frenzy Plant, and sent Ursaring out again.

This time, Ursaring managed to endure Pikachu's Thunderbolt, triggering its Guts to become berserk and fire Pikachu at a lake to defeat it. Ash sent Chimchar out, whose Flame Wheel and Flamethrower combo proved useful enough to defeat Ursaring, toppling it down. Ash encouraged Chimchar, as it was fighting against its former Trainer, causing it to evolve into a Monferno. Paul sent Electabuzz out, who clashed with Monferno, and electrocuted it with Thunder. Monferno became paralyzed, but its Blaze ability was activated too: it clashed with Electabuzz's Thunder Punch with Mach Punch.

However, Monferno was defeated, and Ash lost the battle. Paul was pleased with this outcome, and let Reggie know he would send some of his Pokémon to be taken cared of. Paul walked away, leaving Ash troubled.[28] As his Pokémon were physically harmed and recovering, Ash remembered his battle against Paul. He surmized that Paul was tough, to which he had to improve his training to beat his rival.[29] When Ash faced Barry's father, Palmer, Barry reminded that his father raised his Pokémon with respect. This made Ash wonder how was Paul so powerful if he didn't raise his Pokémon that way.[30] Ash was in Brussel Town when he saw the newsreporters interviewing Paul. Paul declared that he had won his eighth Badge, and was preparing to face the Sinnoh League.[31]

Paul entered a Pokémon Center, where he encountered the heroes, along with Barry. Barry greeted Paul and asked him for a battle, to which Paul let him battle Ash instead. Barry didn't want to battle Ash, who had seven badges, to which Paul stared at Ash. The latter swore to have his battle at Sunyshore City, but Paul had a low opinion about that Gym and left. He briefly watched Ash and Barry battle, but as Ash and Monferno were assaulted by Team Rocket, he sent Electabuzz to attack them. He witnessed as Monferno evolved into an Infernape, and told Ash that the Blaze ability triggered its evolution. As Paul was about to leave, Ash thanked him for saving them. Ash wanted to have a rematch, to which Paul recalled Reggie's words. Thus, he swore to have a rematch at the Sinnoh League, then left.[32] Upon finding that Sunyshore City's Gym gave Beacon Badges away without a proper battle, Ash realized the meaning behind Paul's words about that Gym.[33]

Paul was seen walking through some ancient ruins that had statues of Dialga and Palkia.[34]

Paul eventually arrived at the Sinnoh League, where he watched the opening ceremony.[35] The heroes later encountered Paul, who has decided on which Pokémon to use. Ash swore to do his best, to which Paul belittled him, claiming that statement was pathethic as he was, for they all had eight badges already. Paul later had his battle, and won, advancing to the next round.[36] Paul was to face Barry in the next round, so he analyzed his Pokémon team. As the heroes arrived, Paul gazed at Ash, creeping him out. Barry was happy to see Paul was analyzing him, and swore to do his best. Paul left, commenting he'd treat it like a common battle.

At the battlefield, Paul faced Barry, sending his Magmortar to battle Barry's Skarmory. Skarmory deployed Spikes, but was quickly defeated by Magmortar's Flamethrower. Barry taunted Paul, due to Spikes inflicting damage when a Pokémon was sent out. Paul was unphased and sent Ursaring against Barry's Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee used Jump Kick to inflict heavy damage to Ursaring, and evaded its Focus Blast. Ursaring's wounds were dire, to the point its Guts Ability was activated: its Hammer Arm was able to defeat Hitmonlee. Barry sent Empoleon next, who inflicted damage with Drill Peck, surprising Paul enough to swap Ursaring with Electivire. Electivire electrocuted Empoleon with Thunder Punch, and cornered it to inflict damage by Giga Impact.

Empoleon stood up, its Torrent Ability being triggered. It fired a Hydro Cannon, but Electivire countered it with Protect. Using Thunder, Electivire defeated Empoleon, and Barry lost the round. Barry admitted that was a good battle, and had no regrets. Paul remarked that he wanted to have a rematch with Barry someday, which made the latter even more pumped up about it.[37] At the end of the round, Ash saw that his next opponent would be Paul, in a six-on-six battle. Ash later encountered Paul and Electivire, who were preparing themselves to battle Ash.[38]

Before his match began, Paul spoke with Reggie, who wished him luck in the upcoming battle. Reggie was glad that Paul met Ash, who influenced him, but reminded Paul that Ash was not to be underestimated. Once Paul ended the call, he was approached by Dawn, who wished to know how was Reggie doing. Paul ignored the question, and wondered how was Ash doing. Dawn replied that he was doing last-minute training, but wondered why did Reggie become curious about him. Paul was unsure, and wanted to walk away. However, he explained to Dawn why he hated Ash so much: Ash always preached about friendship with his Pokémon, and Reggie used to do the same, which Paul felt that was what led to Reggie's downfall. Regardless, Paul swore to defeat Ash, who was just another obstacle. Ash, Brock and Barry visited Paul, and the latter swore to Ash to have a great battle in this tournament.

Dawn reminded them about Cynthia's words, thinking Ash and Paul would create something new, and the two Trainers swore to face each other on the battlefield. On the field, Paul sent Aggron to battle Ash's Pikachu. Aggron used Metal Sound to lower Pikachu's Special Defense, and launched Flash Cannon to counter its Volt Tackle. However, Ash swapped Pikachu with Infernape, who got struck by Aggron's Double Edge. In retaliation, Infernape used Mach Punch to defeat it. Paul sent Gastrodon, whereas Ash swapped Infernape with Staraptor. Paul noticed Ash's pattern: Gastrodon fired its Muddy Water as a Counter Shield technique, to which Staraptor used Aerial Ace, targeting Gastrodon's belly. However, Gastrodon bound it with Body Slam, so Staraptor used Close Combat to release itself. However, it was defeated by Gastrodon's Ice Beam, and Paul called Ash was pathetic as ever.

Ash sent Buizel out, who used Aqua Jet, melding with Gastrodon's Ice Beam to create Ice Aqua Jet. The tecnhique struck Gastrodon, and was defeated by Buizel's Ice Punch. Paul noted that Ash was using his team from Lake Acuity, and sent Drapion out. The latter managed to bind Buizel, and started to pummel it.[39] Paul expected Buizel to escape, as was why Drapion launched Toxic Spikes on the battlefield: any new Pokémon sent in would be poisoned. After Buizel was defeated, Ash sent Staraptor to battle Drapion, but, it, too, bound Staraptor with its tail and defeated it with Cross Poison. Ash sent Torterra next, who countered Cross Poison with Energy Ball. However, Drapion fired Pin Missile to counter its Leaf Storm, too. Drapion bound Torterra as well, and despite it using Synthesis to recover, Torterra was defeated by Drapion's Pin Missile.

Paul admitted that he found out his moves, through his Gastrodon and Aggron's defeat. Ash smiled, seeing Paul was unique, but promised he'd win. Paul believed in his victory, sending Ninjask against Ash's Gliscor. Ninjask overpowered Gliscor with its speed, eventually poisoning it by tossing it to the ground (filled with Toxic Spikes) with Fury Cutter. This forced Ash to send Infernape out, whose Flare Blitz dispelled the Toxic Spikes effect. It used Mach Punch, defeating Ninjask. Ash sent Pikachu next to battle Froslass, whose Hail allowed it to hide in the mist. Pikachu was unable to dodge her attacks, and got hit by her Ice Beam and Ice Shard. In a moment, Pikachu slammed her with Iron Tail and defeated her with Volt Tackle. Paul sent Drapion out to battle Ash's Gliscor, causing the two sides to clash. Paul had Drapion use Cross Poison to counter Gliscor's Stone Edge.

In return, Gliscor spinned as it used Giga Impact. Drapion launched Pin Missiles, whereas Gliscor swiftly dodged them.[40] Paul had Drapion intercept Gliscor's attack, and slam it to the ground. However, Gliscor was able to hit it with Fire Fang to burn it, and caused Drapion to faint as well. Paul sent Electivire out, so Ash had Gliscor remain on the field. Electivire used Thunder, emitting chunks of rocks, which it tossed to Gliscor, striking it. Gliscor attempted to hit it with Giga Impact, but Electivire grabbed it and defeated it with Brick Break. Ash sent Pikachu out, to which Electivire repeated its Thunder combo. Pikachu used Quick Attack to get closer to Electivire, who grabbed it by its tail.

Electivire slammed Pikachu to the ground, who was able to hit it with Iron Tail. Pikachu used Volt Tackle, to which Electivire absorbed the attack with its Motor Drive Ability, giving it speed. Ash anticipated this, blocking Electivire's Thunder Punch. Paul reminded Ash of their first battle, where Pikachu had used Iron Tail to get closer to Elekid. Like that time, Electivire used Brick Break to defeat Pikachu. Ash felt that Paul's tactics gave him a better position, but still felt Ash could turn the battle around. Paul dared him to do so, as Ash sent Infernape. Infernape clashed with Electivire, whose Protect blocked its Flamethrower. Electivire then retaliated with Thunder, striking Infernape. Paul called Infernape pathetic, whose Blaze Ability was activated.

Powered with this ability, Infernape launched Flamethrower, negating Electivire's Thunder and hitting it. After hitting Electivire with Mach Punch, the two sides collided with Thunder Punch and Flare Blitz. After the collision, the two sides stood, before Electivire smiling to Infernape and falling in defeat. Paul was defeated, and called Electivire into its Poké Ball, but praised it for battling well. After the battle was over, Ash went to meet up with Paul, and both sides showed respect to each other. Paul admitted Infernape was a very strong Pokémon. He announced he'd return to Snowpoint City and challenge Brandon. Ash wanted to have a rematch with Paul someday. Paul was surprised, but accepted his request, and wished him luck in the next round.[41] Paul watched the battle between Ash and Tobias on TV. He was a bit sad, then sighed and walked away.[42]

Pokémon the Series: Black & White

Paul appeared in "Let's Join Hands!", the ending song featured in Pokémon: Best Wishes! Season 2: Decolore Adventure series, but he did not appear in any of the episodes.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Paul and his Electivire appearing in a flashback when Ash reminisced about his Sinnoh League battle against him and his Electivire.[43]

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Paul is set to, physically, reappear in the series.[44]


On hand

Froslass was the fifth of Paul's Pokémon seen during his battle with Ash. Shortly after sending it out, it used the move Hail, which coupled with its Snow Cloak ability, it managed to evade the attacks by Ash's Pikachu. However, Pikachu soon got the upper hand and Froslass was defeated.

At home

Paul utilized his Nidoking in his battle against the Pyramid King Brandon. Sending it against Registeel, Paul managed to get in a few attacks with Nidoking, including the use of it's powerful Earth Power attack before it ended up being defeated.


Paul caught three Starly in a forest with his Elekid. After scanning them, he lets two of them go and kept one due to it knowing Aerial Ace. It is a powerful Starly that was able to defeat Ash's Starly in a quick battle. However, despite this win, Paul decided to let Starly go.
Starly (3x)

Chimchar was one of Paul's Weaker Pokémon. Knowing many fire attacks, Paul set it out against Ash's Aipom with whom it put up a decent fight. However it eventually got defeated, however, this defeat did not dissuade Paul's faith in Chimchar. After its defeat at the hands of Cynthia, Paul is worried that Chimchar is not striking its potential which continues into the Tag Battle Paul Enters. When it seems it's not fulfilling its potential more, Paul decides to release it after leaving it in the battle for Ash to command. Soon after it is released, Ash asks Chimchar to join him.

Given away



Kanto League

8 Unknown Badges

Johto League

8 Unknown Badges

Hoenn League

8 Unknown Badges

Sinnoh League

Pokémon League Status

Unofficial competitions

  • Hearthome Tag Battle: Champion (with Ash)
  • PokéRinger - Squallville: Runner-Up (Loses to Ash)

Voice actors


  • The name Paul means "small" or "humble" in Latin.
    • Paul's Japanese name Shinji is shared with Lake Verity.
  • Paul is similar to the rival in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver (who is officially referred to as Silver).
    • In fact, Paul's appearance and personality are heavily based on Silver.
  • Out of all of the anime's major antagonistic rivals (Gary Oak, Trip and Paul himself), Paul is the only one whose hatred of Ash was mutual. Ash would futilely attempt to be friendly with Gary and later Trip, whereas he would frequently voice his dislike of Paul, getting visibly angry whenever he saw him and insulting him behind his back, calling him such things as a "creep" and a "jerk".
  • Although a Pokédex is often a red or pink color, Paul's Pokédex is a black color.
  • Paul is seen in the ending credits of Decolora Adventures where he is the middle holding hands with Gary and Luke.
  • Paul did not compete in the Orange League in the Orange Islands, unlike Ash did.
  • Paul doesn't have a Pokémon that is a Dragon-type or Psychic-type.
  • Paul has the opposite personality of Zoey. While Zoey has a West Sea Form Gastrodon, Paul has an East Sea Form Gastrodon and while Zoey is nice, mellow and kind to Ash, Dawn and Brock for most of the time (except when competing), Paul is outright mean and cold.