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Paniola Town is a town located in Akala Island in the Alola region.

In Pokemon Sun/Moon or Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

Kiawe's House.

Upon entering Paniola Town the first time, the player encounters Hau who challenges the player to a battle. He gives you a Dire Hit if defeated.

Kiawe's house is located on the top left corner of Paniola Town. There is a Pokémon Center on the top right corner. A person on the extreme left near Kiawe's house will tell you the approximate weight of your Pokémon and the effectiveness of Grass Knot based on the given weight.

Going straight ahead leads you to Paniola Ranch.


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Level Rate
129.png Magikarp S/M 10-18 99% (*50%)
130.png Gyarados (SOS only) S/M 10-18 99% (*50%)
339.png Barboach S/M 10-18 1% (*50%)
340.png Whiscash (SOS only) S/M 10-18 1% (*50%)
129.png Magikarp US/UM 10-17 (*22) 90% (*40%)
130.png Gyarados (SOS only) US/UM 10-17 (*22) 90% (*40%)
339.png Barboach US/UM 10-17 (*22) 10% (*60%)
340.png Whiscash (SOS only) US/UM 10-17 (*22) 10% (*60%)

* indicates Bubbling Fishing Spots above


Item Games Location/Method
Dire Hit Sprite.png Dire Hit S/M&US/UM Given by Hau after Battle
Revive Sprite.png Revive S/M&US/UM Western side of town, near cart (Requires Stoutland Search)
Fresh Water Sprite.png Fresh Water S/M&US/UM Near the fishing spot (Requires Stoutland Search)
Moomoo Milk Sprite.png Moomoo Milk US/UM Interact with Miltank
Quick Ball Sprite.png Quick Ball S/M&US/UM Second floor of Kiawe's house by Magmar
Normal TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM88 S/M&US/UM Area accessible by Route 6
Super Repel Sprite.png Super Repel S/M&US/UM Area accessible by Route 6 (Requires Stoutland Search)
Bottle Cap Sprite.png Bottle Cap US/UM From lady after rescuing Vulpix
Protector Sprite.png Protector S/M&US/UM From Kiawe's father post game