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Paniola Ranch is a location in Akala Island of the Alola region.

In Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

There are many fences throughout the area and wide turfs of brown grass in the Ranch. On arriving at the Moomoo paddock, Mallow will give the player Stoutland Search. Inside the Moomoo Paddock, a newly bought Tauros of a Breeder needs to be tamed by battling it. The player receives Scope Lens after defeating the Tauros. To the south of the paddock is a stretch of grass, after which, a ramp to the right can be climbed to get to another stretch of grass. Crossing this stretch of grass leads you to the Pokémon Nursery. At the Pokémon Nursery, the player can obtain an egg (which hatches into an Eevee) by speaking to the Breeder outside. Inside the Pokémon Nursery, Pokémon may be deposited for breeding. Unlike the past generations, the Pokémon do not level up while in the Nursery. Up to two Pokémon may be left here and a fee of Poké Dollar.png500 is charged per Pokémon deposited, irrespective of the time. Another Breeder inside will give the player TM10:Hidden Ability on the first time speaking with her. She can tell the type of Hidden Power a Pokémon in the party will learn. Continuing toward the right of the Pokémon Nursery, the road splits in two- one heading North to Route 5 and the other heading South to Route 6. Route 6 is blocked by Sudowoodo until the player completes Lana's Water Trial. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Soliera or Dulse may be battled after clearing Lana's Trial.


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Level Rate
128.png Tauros S/M & US/UM 12-15 5%
241.png Miltank S/M & US/UM 12-15 5%
506.png Lillipup S/M 12-15 40%
506.png Lillipup US/UM 12-15 20%
749.png Mudbray S/M 12-15 20%
749.png Mudbray US/UM 12-15 40%
179.png Mareep USUM 12-15 30%


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