This Palossand is a Ghost/Ground-type Pokémon that appeared in A Shivering Shovel Search!.


As a Sandygast

Sandygast first appeared moving around where Ash and Kiawe were training to help Litten master Fire Fang. When Rockruff barked at it, it became annoyed. Rockruff proceeded to use Rock Throw, which knocked its shovel off its head, angering it. Ash decided to use Rotom to act as a temporary shovel, which it disliked and became enraged, evolving into Palossand.

As a Palossand

Enraged that its shovel is still missing, Palossand attacks the group. It is later frozen by Snowy's Powder Snow (which was assisted), but breaks free and regenerates its wounds. The group later finds its shovel, and it becomes happy upon being given back its shovel, after which it leaves. It later attacks Kukui's house.

Known moves


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