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Pacifidlog Town is a town located in the Hoenn region. It is the only town that is floating on the top of the sea. It is said to be floating on a colony of Corsola. By using Surf to the left of the city, the player can reach Route 132, in which very fast ocean currents are located. This route connects Pacifidlog Town to Route 133 and 134, which in turn, connects to Slateport City. The two lesser-known legendaries (Latios and Latias) are first mentioned here.


Item Games Location/Method
Big Pearl Sprite Big Pearl OR/AS Behind the town sign - hidden, requires Surf
KangMS Kangaskhanite OR/AS Behind the town sign after deafing Groudon/Kyogre - requires Surf
Heart Scale Sprite Heart Scale OR/AS Southeast of southeastern house - hidden
Heart Scale Sprite Heart Scale OR/AS Held by Corsola received in a trade
Tropic Mail Sprite Tropic Mail R/S Held by Corsola received in a trade
Wave Mail Sprite Wave Mail E Held by Horsea received in a trade
Psychic TM Sprite TM03 OR/AS From a man in the southeastern house
Normal TM Sprite TM21 R/S/E/OR/AS From a man in the southwestern house when the lead Pokémon's friendship is low
Normal TM Sprite TM27 R/S/E/OR/AS From a man in the southwestern house when the lead Pokémon's friendship is high
Dark TM Sprite TM56 OR/AS From a man in the northwestern house


In Generation III games, there is an old man looking at the window in the eastmost house. He will tell the player if Mirage Island appears or not if talked to.

In Generation VI games, as Route 130 does not contain Mirage Island anymore, he talks about Mirage Spots instead.


  • In Generation III, Pacifidlog Town is currently the only town in any Pokémon game where it is completely impossible to run.
    • It is also one of the towns that don't have a Poké Mart or a store to buy items.
  • In one of the houses, there is a boy who asks the player "Where did you come from?" with the only answers being "yes" or "no." If the player says "yes," he responds with "Yes? Yes Town? I've never heard of a place like that," and if they say "no," he says "No? That doesn't make any sense. You have to come from somewhere. Oh! Wait! You're not going to say you were born at the bottom of the sea?" This is an in-joke among Game Freak Staff. As "yes" and "no" are "hai" and "īe" respectively in Japanese, "Yes Town" would be "Hai Town," referring to "High Town," an apartment complex where Game Freak staff would often stay while working on Pokémon Red and Green. Unfortunately, the joke didn't translate, and it wound up sounding like nonsense or a translation error.
  • Pacifidlog Town's name comes from "pacific" (referring to both the Pacific Ocean and the color Pacific blue) and "log," referring to the wooden bridges and platforms making up the city. Kinagi Town, its Japanese name, likely comes from 紺色 (koniro, indigo), 木 (ki, wood), and 渚 (nagisa, shore).
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