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The Final Dimensional Duel IV (異次元決戦IV Different Dimension Battle IV) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 40.


Pearl looms over Diamond, who has been hit by the Shadow Force. Hardened by his feelings towards his fallen friend, Pearl sends all of his, and Diamond's Pokémon, to attack Charon. As Giratina gets hit by Diamond's Regigigas, Charon makes his escape plan, towards the Distortion World.

Chapter plot

Charon laughs, seeing Pearl's strength just dropped down. He begins to taunt him, whether he should have Giratina attack him or destroy everything else. Pearl brushes him off, swearing he will never forgive Charon. However, his Slowking uses psychic force to blow him away. Charon laughs even more, and has Heatran and Giratina finish Pearl off. Pearl is cornered, and looks at Diamond's Pokémon. He sees that all of these are sad and/or furious that Diamond passed away, even Rotom, whom Diamond befriended a moment ago. Pearl wants Diamond to watch as they will make Charon, Heatran and even Giratina pay for their crimes, for even if they lose, Pearl won't care as long as he can fight: Pearl has his and Diamond's Pokémon out.

Charon wonders when did they even acquire Rotom, but shrugs it off, since they are powerless before Giratina and Heatran. Suddenly, Reg comes back, much to Charon's surprise. In fact, Reg simply came to give Rotom its appliances. Rotom shifts into the Mow Forme, and attacks Charon with Leaf Storm. It shifts into different forms: Frost Forme to use Blizzard, Heat Forme to use Overheat, Fan Forme to use Air Slash and Wash Forme to use Hydro Pump at Charon. While Charon is beaten up, Reg confronts Giratina, and takes it down, knocking it to the floor. However, the ground rises up, as Giratina emerges, but in a different forme, and goes through the hole. Charon calls Slowking back, and goes through the hole to go after Giratina. Before Charon goes through, Reg damages his machine.

As the hole closes, Pearl noticed that Giratina changed its appearance for a bit. Suddenly, Dr. Footstep and the Pokémon Association chairman arrive. The two are concerned about what thappened, while Dr. Footstep is fascinated by the six-legged Pokémon, who left behind unique footprints. However, he senses that the Pokémon craves for destruction and hatred, while he senses a deep sorrow from Regigigas. Pearl knows, for it is about Diamond. They look at his body, which starts to fade away. Diamond disappears in a flash of light, which leaves everyone stunned.

Marley, on Route 224, looks at the Gracidea Flower. She reads Professor Oak's letter, and believes this to be the place, where she can find the Pokémon. She prays for that Pokémon to arrive, as they need its help. The flower reacts, and Marley sees a bush with flowers, which turns out to be a Pokémon, Shaymin.