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Christmas Night (クリスマスであそぼ! Let's Play on Christmas) is the 2nd Pikachu short. In the dub, it is the 25th episode of Pokémon Chronicles.

Episode plot

The heroes leave a house, where they would spend the Christmas holidays. Ash decides to let Pikachu be in charge, while they are gone to buy a Christmas cake. With the heroes gone, Togepi walks to a door and the other Pokémon open it, finding many decorations, as well as a Christmas tree. The Pokémon go to the kitchen and climb up a table, finding some party hats, which they put on. Pikachu and Togepi go back to the tree, seeing their funny reflections on the spheres on the tree. Bulbasaur finds some cookies, shaped as Pokémon, while Squirtle tries to pull a string. A sound is made, startling them both and causing Squirtle to eat Bulbasaur's cookie by accident, so Bulbasaur chases Squirtle. Vulpix starts pulling some candies from the Christmas boot, but gets its head stuck inside and bashes into a wall.

Psyduck finds a bottle of drink and tries to open it. Since it fails, Psyduck starts shaking it for fun. Squirtle is being chased by Bulbasaur, who uses Vine Whip to bind Squirtle. Squirtle goes around the Christmas tree, causing the vines to nearly topple the tree down, though Pikachu pushes it back to the spot. Vulpix jumps onto the tree, so Pikachu pushes the tree back. Vulpix's boot falls off, so Vulpix lands on the ground. Squirtle and Bulbasaur continue to chase each other and Squirtle, by accident, pulls the tree's lights by its foot. Pikachu continues to push the tree, but Psyduck shakes the bottle, causing the bottle's cap to be launched. The cap redirects to Pikachu, hitting him and causing Pikachu and the tree to be fallen.

Pikachu comes out, making Squirtle and Bulbasaur laugh at the turn of the events. Pikachu becomes furious and emits electricity, which affects the lights, turning them off. Pikachu searches in the dark and opens a small chest, revealing to be a music box with a small plastic tree inside. The Pokémon are fascinated by the music box, but are saddened when it stops playing. Pikachu turns around and seeing the fallen Christmas tree, encourages others to raise it up back in the place. The heroes arrive back and see the house is quite dark. They enter the room and find the Pokémon waiting for them, with the tree being turned on and the music box being played. The heroes are impressed and start the party, wishing each other "Merry Christmas", while Santa travels up in the sky in his sledges.


  • Christmas Night is also the Japanese title of a similar episode, Stantler's Little Helpers.
  • Both the original Japanese version and the dubbed English version remained exclusive to VHS for several years before being aired on TV.
  • The dubbed VHS release of this special contains the original Japanese opening theme as a bonus feature.


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