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All Out, All of the Time! (ゼンリョク!アローラ無人島(むじんとう)レース!!, Zenryoku! Aroora Mujintou Reesu!!, Full Power! Alola Uninhabited Island Race!!) is the 28th episode of Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series.


When Ash and Goh learn that a "Pokémon Catching Adventure Race", where you make your way to the goal while catching Pokémon along the way, will be held in the Alola region, they decide to participate! Two brothers that admire Ash, known as the "Fully Powered Brothers", are participating as well and they're both able to use Z-Moves! However, Ash seems a bit suspicious of these Z-Moves...

Episode plot

Goh is scrolling through his Pokédex listing in the Cerise Park, contemplating which Pokémon he should take with him. When Ash approaches, Goh informs him of a Pokémon race taking place in the Alola region called the Pokémon Capture Adventure Race. Goh sees the race as an opportunity to visit the Alola region again and catch more Pokémon and, upon seeing where the race will take place, Ash and Pikachu gladly agree to join.

As groups of Trainers travel towards Alola by sea, Goh registers into the race using his Rotom Phone. Suddenly, two boys quickly rush over to Ash and excitedly pose and take pictures with the Alola region's Pokémon Champion. Upon hearing the news that Ash is the Pokémon Champion of the Alola region, Goh grows quite surprised at the information. The two boys then introduce themselves as Zen and Ryoku, known together as the Zenryoku Brothers and reveal that they are too partaking in the Pokémon Capture Adventure Race before running off.

While the racers prepare, Anna appears riding on her Magnezone to announce the start of the Pokémon Catching Adventure Race. The racers will have to race towards several stops on the island while catching specific Pokémon and depositing them at a station located at each stop. It is also shown that Trainers will be unable to use flying Pokémon, but they will be able to use Pokémon can traverse land and water as well being able to use attacks. Upon finishing in first, the winner will receive a trophy while the runner-ups will receive a malasada meal. As the crowd erupts into cheers, the racers start at the line and prepare to run. As every Trainer waits, Anna signals them and they all take off, especially the Zenryoku Brothers who sport surprising speed and lead the race.

All of the Trainers dash for the first checkpoint, located at the very top of a mountain. As the Zenryoku Brothers follow the trail, Ash and Goh arrive at the mountain's base and Grookey suggests that they climb. Goh attempts to climb the mountain to reach the flag, though the rocky terrain can't be climbed normally. To scale the rough terrain, Goh sends out his Boldore and the two boys ride the Ore Pokémon towards the top. The mischievous Team Rocket hides in some bushes at a cliff on the mountain, scheming to steal the racer's Pokémon. As Ash and Goh reach closer to the top of the mountain, Goh receives a notification on his Rotom Phone that he must catch an Alolan Geodude to get past the first checkpoint. The gang starts searching for a Geodude among the mountain rocks while Grookey hits the rocks with its stick. It suddenly hits a Geodude on the head before it leaps up and gets the attention of Ash and Goh. Goh quickly throws a Poké Ball at the Geodude, successfully capturing it and allowing them to go to the first checkpoint. As Ash and Goh prepare to continue, they suddenly come across the Zenryoku Brothers once more, both riding on the back of a Kommo-o with their successful Geodude catch registered in their Pokédex. The two teams pick up from where they were racing and begin to scale the mountain again.

Boldore and Kommo-o race across the mountain before coming across a boulder blocking the trail. Ryoku attempts to push the boulder out of the way, though it is too heavy to push. Zen proposes that they use Kommo-o's signature Z-Move to remove the boulder and begins using Clangorous Soulblaze. This surprising Anna as she flies in to view the race while the two brothers perform the Z-Move. Kommo-o leaps into the air and produces sound waves to destroy the boulder, though they barely phase the boulder and instead cause it to go tumbling downhill. Everyone flees as the boulder rolls down the race path, though Boldore stays put and uses Headbutt to send the boulder flying the opposite way. As Team Rocket continues to hide in the bushes, they peak out to see the boulder headed straight towards them. Team Rocket escapes down the mountain as the boulder continues to roll after them. As the Zenryoku Brothers temporarily rest after being chased by the boulder, they quickly get up with their Kommo-o and continue along the trail as Ash and Goh watch. Goh realizes that Ash may be able to use Z-Moves too in order to help them during the race, though Ash does not have his Z-Ring with him.

The Trainers who have caught Alolan Geodude are shown and are now prepared to head for the second checkpoint, located across a lake. As Ash and Goh spot the checkpoint flag, Goh is notified that he must catch a Bruxish to continue. The two are unsure of how they will be able to find Bruxish in the lake, though Ash has an idea and sends out Lucario. He tells Lucario to use its aura-sensing abilities to scan the lake for Bruxish and, upon looking, Lucario alerts the boys of a Bruxish in the pond. Grookey and Pikachu are surprised by Lucario's ability while Goh prepares to catch Bruxish. Goh throws out a Poké Ball containing Pyukumuku. Bruxish leaps out from the lake and uses Bite, but is instantly countered by Pyukumuku. Ash tells Pikachu to use Electroweb, though Bruxish uses Aqua Tail to break through it. Pyukumuku is then told to use Toxic, poisoning Bruxish as it heads into the water. Goh throws a Poké Ball towards the poisoned Pokémon and successfully catches it as Pyukumuku retrieves the sinking Poké Ball. After Goh's successful catch, the Zenryoku Brothers appear once again to catch the required Pokémon. They spot a Bruxish leap from the lake and decide to send out Kommo-o to attempt Clangorous Soulblaze once more. The two brothers perform the Z-Move again and Kommo-o leaps into the air, producing another set of sound waves. As Bruxish pokes its head from the lake, the sound waves miss it and the waves only create small ripples in the water. The brothers feel defeated once again and Ash approaches them, wondering about the way they perform Z-Moves. Ash gives the two boys advice to continue training and going forward, even if their moves fail, and the Zenryoku Brothers continue looking for Bruxish with their saddened Kommo-o.

The race's leaderboard is revealed again, showing that four teams are left that have obtained both an Alolan Geodude and a Bruxish. Ash and Goh continue into the jungle of the region, now needing to catch a Passimian. Pikachu spots a nearby tree growing some Grepa Berries and smacks one down with its tail. Ash tells Goh that passing the Berry back and forth may attract the Passimian's love for team activities. While Ash, Goh, Pikachu, and Grookey continue to pass the Grepa Berry around, two Passimian from the jungle emerge and begin to play along. Suddenly, a net is shot over the four Pokémon, capturing them as Team Rocket reveals themselves. Ash and Goh are surprised to see Team Rocket's presence as Jessie calls for Pelipper to drop the Rocket Prize Master. Two Poké Balls are dispensed which release Tropius and Vileplume. Vileplume uses Sleep Powder to put the captured Pokémon to sleep, though Grookey is unaffected by the spore-based move due to its Grass type. Goh is thankful that Grookey was not put to sleep, though Tropius flies in and distracts Grookey with one of its growing fruits as Ash and Goh call out. The Zenryoku Brothers arrive on the scene to see Team Rocket taking off in their hot air balloon with the captured Pokémon and decide they want to help Ash and Goh with their newly trained Z-Move. Ash allows the brothers to help as they send out Kommo-o and once again perform Clangorous Soulblaze, now with Kommo-o in full sync of their movements. Kommo-o leaps into the air and produces large sound waves, disrupting Team Rocket and their Pokémon's flight. The sound is powerful enough to send Team Rocket away as the rope connecting the hot air balloon and net snaps, allowing Kommo-o to return to the ground with the captured Pokémon.

The astounding performance of Clangorous Soulblaze is broadcasted for the audience to see, causing them to cheer. As Pikachu and the two Passimian finally wake, the two brothers rejoice at their successful Z-Move saving the day. The brothers are especially proud of their Kommo-o for pulling off such a move. Everyone decides to get back to the competition, attempting to now find a Passimian in order to cross the finish line. As both teams capture a Passimian, they both rush towards the finish line near where they began. Ryoku and Goh cross the line very closely together while Zen and Ash are neck and neck. Ash rushes forward and is able to cross the line before Zen, declaring Ash and Goh the winning team of the Pokémon Capture Adventure Race. Anna congratulates Ash and Goh as they both hold their trophy with Pikachu and Grookey. Anna also congratulates the runner-ups, the Zenryoku Brothers, as they receive their prize of a container filled to the brim with malasadas.

Team Rocket continues to fly through the air as they finally land in a hot spring. As James lays face-down in the lake, he spots a familiar Pokémon at the bottom. His Mareanie lunges up in joy, sticking to his head with its tentacles and causing him to become poisoned. Mimikyu also arrives and Jessie reunites with the Disguise Pokémon. All of Team Rocket is pleased to see their Pokémon until they suddenly hear a nearby Pokémon revealed to be Bewear alongside a Stufful. The team expects what is coming and is instantly hugged by Bewear as it uses its great strength.

Back at the beach, Ash and Goh watch the Trainers leave as the Zenryoku Brothers approach them once more. The brothers thank the Alola Pokémon Champion for his advice, allowing them to finally master Kommo-o's Z-Move potential. As the brothers leave, Ash receives a notification from his Rotom Phone, notifying him of his next World Coronation Series match. His next opponent is revealed to be Volkner, the Electric type Gym Leader of the Sinnoh region.



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