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Thrash of the Titans! (ドラゴンバトル!サトシVSアイリス!!, Doragon Batoru! Satoshi VS Airisu!!, Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!!) is the 17th episode of Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series.


An invitation for a battle arrives for Ash from Iris, who once traveled with him. Iris, who was on a training trip with her partner Pokémon Axew to become a Dragon Master, has returned to the Unova region. It seems that Iris has entered the World Coronation Series as Ash and Goh immediately visit Opelucid City in the Unova region.

Episode plot

Ash receives a mysterious letter as Goh and some of the two Trainers' Pokémon gather around Ash. Sirfetch'd quickly slashes the letter open, much to Ash's surprise. Ash calls over Pikachu and reads the letter, hearing that Iris has been training to become a Dragon-type Pokémon master and she wants to have an official World Coronation Series battle with him.

The two boys travel to the Unova region by plane, arriving in Opelucid City as the two decide to split up. Goh goes to catch Pokémon, successfully catching both a Pansear and a Panpour before Grookey spots something in a nearby tree. Wanting to catch a Pansage, Goh suspects it to be a hiding Pokémon, so he throws a Poké Ball towards it and instead knocks a girl out of the tree as she falls to the ground. Goh goes to investigate and finds the girl to be Iris. He apologizes for knocking Iris out of the tree, though Iris quickly remembers that she has a World Coronation Battle with Ash and shouldn't be sleeping in trees. She swings across vines to get to the Opelucid City Gym, leaving Goh confused.

Ash and Pikachu arrive at the Opelucid City Gym and spot a lone Axew wandering past them. They wonder where its Trainer may be before Drayden appears, taking the Axew into his arms. Ash is excited to see Drayden as Goh rushes up to them, informing Ash of the mistake he made between Iris and a Pokémon. Ash suddenly receives a notification on his Rotom Phone, telling him that his next World Coronation Series battle is nearby. He quickly heads into the Opelucid City Gym to meet Iris, but is met with darkness. Suddenly, Iris' Emolga flies by as spotlights go on, revealing Iris wearing her Champion outfit. Drayden reveals to the two boys that Iris has become the Pokémon Champion of the Unova region and is now considered the strongest Trainer in the region. Goh goes to apologize once again as Ash greets Iris again. Ash's Pikachu ecstatically hops onto Iris' shoulder and cuddles with her before rubbing cheeks with Iris' Emolga, sparking electricity. Drayden reveals that Iris trained hard to become Champion, battling and obtaining new Dragon-type Pokémon until she rose to such a rank. However, Iris reveals that she wants to keep training to become even stronger, even if being a Dragon Pokémon Master or a Pokémon Champion is already a high goal. Iris taunts that Ash becomes childish during battle, making them both angered as they quickly argued. Drayden reminds them of the battle they need to start, so Ash begins.

Ash sends out Dragonite, which quickly flies over to Iris to hug her. Goh realizes that the battle will be a showdown between Dragon Pokémon as Ash tells Pikachu to sit out the battle, much to Pikachu's disappointment. As Iris hugs Dragonite, she begins to stare at it while Drayden reveals that Iris is able to sense the feelings of Dragon Pokémon. Iris senses that Dragonite is kind and wishes it luck during the battle. Goh elbows Ash and the former points upward to a Rotom Drone, preparing to start the World Coronation Series battle. The Rotom Drone announces the battle as Ash and Iris prepare to send out their Pokémon while Drayden, Goh and the other Pokémon watch. As the countdown begins, the two battling Trainers send out their Pokémon.

Ash sends forward Dragonite as Iris sends out her own Dragonite. Iris' Dragonite gives off a menacing glare, intimidating the former. Ash's Dragonite becomes unnerved by the look, but Ash assures it that Iris' Dragonite is actually friendly, even if he doesn't really show it. As the battle begin, Iris' Dragonite began to attack with Dragon Rush, while Ash's Dragonite tries to counter with Hyper Beam, but fails as Iris' Dragonite Dragon Rush had already made contact and knock Ash's Dragonite on the ground. Ash's Dragonite get back up and attacks with Dragon Claw, while Iris' Dragonite intercept with Thunder Punch. Ash's Dragonite uses Hurricane while Iris' Dragonite counters with Ice Beam, which cause to blow a hole on the rooftop. Iris saw the damage and come worried by Drayden, bit Drayden doesn't mind about it and tell her and Ash to continue the battle. Iris' Draginite charges in with another Dragon Rush while Ash's Dragonite tries to counter with Dragon Claw, but it end having the same result from before as Ash's Dragonite got hit again. Ash's Dragonite look at its Trainer as he seeing watching it battle and then stared at Iris' Dragonite, who glares at Ash's Dragonite. Ash then decides to recall his Dragonite after it take too much damage from the battle. Iris thinks Ash is retreating from the battle, though he instead calls out his second Pokémon: his Dracovish. Dracovish quickly bites onto Ash's head as Ash flails about, Iris finding the Pokémon to be cute. However, Dracovish realizes that it is needed for battle and throws Ash aside, quickly running towards Iris' Dragonite. Dragonite prepares Dragon Rush, though Dracovish quickly bites onto Dragonite's head with Fishious Rend, making it unable to hear Iris' commands. Dracovish uses Ice Fang, freezing Dragonite completely before releasing it, causing the ice surrounding Dragonite to shatter as the Rotom Drone flies in, announcing Dragonite has fainted. Iris calls back her Dragonite and sends out Haxorus while Goh identifies the Pokémon with his Rotom Phone. Ash recalls that the Haxorus used to be an Axew while he was traveling with Iris, with Iris revealing that she trained it to be much stronger now. Haxorus uses Dragon Pulse, aiming at Dracovish's mouth as Dracovish was hit before intercepting with Water Gun and teeters about from the blow. Haxorus continues with Psycho Cut, causing Ash's Dracovish to easily faint. Ash's sends out his Dragonite to finish the battle, though it is still weak from fighting Iris' Dragonite. Dragonite uses Dragon Dance and rushes in with Dragon Claw. Despite the boost, Haxorus easily sends Dragonite back with Outrage. Dragonite gets up from the attack as Haxorus grows Confused from the previous move, giving Dragonite the advantage. However, Haxorus quickly hits its head onto the ground, causing the Confusion to wear off.

Ash tells his Dragonite that they won't lose and that they can continue on as Dragonite lets out a roar. Iris holds out her hand as it glows, making everyone on the battlefield go silent. She senses the feelings of Dragonite, telling it in its mind that she wants herself and Dragonite to do good in the battle, telling it that as it grew stronger, battles became less of a trial and more fun. She hugs Dragonite before it snaps back to reality, unleashing a roar as it prepare itself to fight. Iris' Haxorus uses Breaking Swipe as Dragonite uses Dragon Claw again, blocking Haxorus' tail but still being sent back. Haxorus uses Psycho Cut while Dragonite uses Hurricane, sending the attack's blades back to the ground around Haxorus. Dragonite continues to spin faster and faster while using Hurricane while Haxorus uses Dragon Pulse. The attack is simply absorbed by the hurricane, causing the wind to spiral out of the hole in the Gym's ceiling. The wild attack forms clouds above the Gym. Everyone looks on in awe at the attack as Ash's Dragonite uses Draco Meteor, causing meteors to fall from the clouds and onto the battlefield. Haxorus attempts to use Outrage but is quickly barraged with meteors, causing Haxorus to faint as the Rotom Drone descends and announces Ash as the winner.

Dragonite flies over to Ash, hugging him, as Goh congratulates him on his win. Iris comforts her Haxorus as her Emolga and Drayden approach her. Ash checks his World Coronation Series ranking, seeing that he has reached Rank 99, meaning he has reached the Ultra Class, much to his excitement. Iris and Ash meet up with each other once again and shake hands for the great battle they had.




  • Who's That Pokémon?: Emolga
  • This marks the first time:
    • a World Coronation Series participant isn't seen with a Rotom Phone on-screen.
    • Ash has defeated a regional Pokémon Champion in battle, though it was not for any specific Championship. The battle with Alder didn't count as he fell asleep mid-battle, resulting in a no-contest.
  • This marks the second time a Champion Vs. Champion match has been shown on-screen, with Lance Vs. Leon being the first.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of a Goodra in the anime other than the one that belonged to Ash.
  • The outfit that Iris wears during her match against Ash is based on her Champion attire from Black 2 and White 2.
  • The way Goh meets Iris is reminiscent of the time when Ash first met Iris.
  • The way Ash's Dragonite learns Draco Meteor is a possible reference to Pokémon Black, where Iris can teach this same move to a Dragon-type Pokémon with a high level of friendship.
  • Haxorus's method of snapping out of his Outrage-induced confusion is similar to the method used by Gladion's Lycanroc in "Enter the Champion!"
  • Ash's tactic of deflecting Dragon Pulse by having his Dragonite use Hurricane on itself is similar to his Counter Shield tactic from Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl.
  • As of this episode, Goh has caught at least one Water-type Pokémon in every region.
  • After Iris promises Ash that she would be in the Ultra Class, she says "Best wishes", which is a reference to the Japanese title of Pokémon the Series: Black & White.
  • The postage stamp on the letter to Ash has a picture resembling a Jaboca Berry with the coloration of a Bluk Berry. The stamp also has the number "63" written on it, which is Jaboca's Berry Tag number.
  • The episodes' title is an allusion to the 2010 film Clash of the Titans.


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