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Not Too Close for Comfort! (じめじめジメレオン, Jimejime Jimereon, Woebegone Drizzile) is the 14th episode of Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series.


Sobble greatly admires Inteleon, and has been busy honing its Water Gun attack. Not long after it saves an unsuspecting Oddish from a spot of trouble, it evolves into a Drizzile. However, it becomes disappointed when it sees its reflection and realizes that it did not become an Inteleon like it had hoped. As a result, it secludes itself in a cave, estranging itself from everyone, even Goh.

Episode plot

At Cerise Park, Sobble is found sneaking and rolling throughout the bushes in the park. It suddenly stops and watches Professor Cerise, Ash, Goh, and a television crew, which seem to be interviewing Ash and Goh. The two are asked various questions before the reporter asks the boys what their goals are. Ash intends on becoming a Pokémon Master while Goh looks forward to catching every single species of Pokémon. This is followed by Goh's various Pokémon appearing from around the park, leaving the reporter surprised. After this, Sobble continues sneaking throughout the park, using Water Gun to strike down leaves and pebbles while remembering Jacqueline's Inteleon who inspired it. Oddish suddenly leaps from a bush while Goh's Spearow lands on a nearby branch, causing a Sitrus Berry to fall from it. The Berry almost lands directly on Oddish's head, but Sobble quickly shoots it out of the way with another Water Gun attack, saving Oddish from any damage as it obliviously continues to skips away. Suddenly, Sobble begins to glow light blue and realizes it is about to evolve.

Ash, Goh, Professor Cerise and Chloe are all waving the TV crew goodbye outside of Cerise Laboratory. Goh suddenly receives a notification on his Rotom Phone saying that his Sobble had just evolved. Excited by the news, Ash, Goh, and Chloe rush inside to go see Sobble's new appearance. Unaware of its appearance, the newly evolved Pokemon struts around proudly before looking a its reflection in a lake and realizing it did not evolve into an Inteleon, but rather into Drizzile. Saddened by the realization, Drizzile sits sadly by the edge of the lake as Poliwag and Goldeen both appear, happily spewing water onto Drizzile. The two Pokémon continue to spray Drizzile with water which only angers it, causing Drizzile to lash out its tongue and accidentally strike a passing Chinchou. Chinchou retaliates with Spark which fries Drizzile and causes it to fall into the lake, eventually getting caught on the fin of Goh's giant Magikarp. Magikarp swings about in an attempt to get Drizzile off of its fin before it leaps out of the water and smacks Drizzile with its tail, sending it flying across the park. During this time, Ash, Goh, Chloe, and their Pokémon are all looking for Drizzile with seemingly no luck in finding it.

On the other side of the park, Drizzile continues to be depressed about its new appearance as it lies down and watches the sky. Bunnelby and Mankey go to its sides in an attempt to cheer it up, but Drizzile simply crawls away. It stumbles across a burrow which it attempts to seclude itself in but Drizzile is quickly kicked out by Ekans. Drizzile comes across another burrow, but gets the same unwelcome treatment from the Nidoran couple. It also spots an opening in a tree to hide in, though inside of the tree is Pinsir. Pinsir anxiously throws Drizzile out of the tree and calls for Heracross who picks up Drizzile with his horn and flings it across the park. Drizzile flies yet again through the park but falls directly into Cinderace who is amazed by Drizzile's appearance. Drizzile simply shoves Cinderace out of the way and continues to stroll around the park. Ash, Goh, and Chloe are still looking around the park for Drizzile but Cinderace quickly returns to them, alerting them that Drizzile is nearby.

The group comes across a set of burrows that Drizzile is located in. Grookey leaps from Goh's shoulder and into one of the burrows, causing Goh to follow. Goh crawls through the tunnels and comes across strange balloons hanging from the roof of the tunnel. He touches one of them, causing it to explode into water. Grookey and Goh comes across Drizzile laying in a nest of leaves and throwing its water balloons at a wall. Goh comments on Drizzile's new form of Water Gun and how it is getting bigger while Grookey leaps onto Drizzile's head and hits it with its stick, though both Goh and Grookey are unable to get a proper reaction out of Drizzile. Cinderace crawls into the burrow as Goh attempts to cheer up Drizzile by reminding it of Inteleon. Cinderace simply grabs Drizzile and drags it out of the burrow, revealing it to Ash and Chloe. The group is surprised by Drizzile's appearance, though Drizzile is still depressed, shedding a tear and turning invisible before scurrying into some nearby grass. Goh attempts to chase after Drizzile, but it continues to scurry away and leaves the Cerise Laboratory grounds altogether.

The group reports to Professor Cerise that Drizzile has run off. Professor Cerise notes that a Pokémon's personality may change completely when it evolves. Goh realizes a similar situation with Cinderace and how it's personality differed greatly from when it was a Raboot. Professor Cerise also notes that Drizzile may have been upset at being dragged out and that it was simply trying to build a nest to comfort itself in its time of sadness. Ren notes that Caterpie undergo a similar situation, covering themselves in a shell when they evolve into Metapod and flying free as Butterfree, also noting that Drizzile may have just been secluding itself in order to evolve into Inteleon. Goh realizes that he must go look for Drizzile as the group heads off with Professor Cerise warning them it is getting dark.

The three continue to look for Drizzile outside but are unsuccessful. Goh begins to realize the mistake of attempting to drag out Drizzile, remembering a similar situation from his past before rushing off without Ash and Chloe. Goh reaches a tall, crumbling building and comes across Drizzile watching the night sky. He sits next to Drizzile and apologizes for forcing Drizzile out of its den. Goh recalls an incident from his childhood, in which his teacher kept asking him why he was isolating himself form the other schoolkids. Goh himself didn't even know why, and being constantly asked "why" made him frustrated to the point of tears. He also states that his parents were often too busy with work and he couldn't ask his grandmother for advice, so he would often go to look at the stars after these rough days, further relating himself to Drizzile. Goh begins to tear up, saying Drizzile can stay in its den as long as it likes as Drizzile wipes a tear from Goh's face. Drizzile then smiles before disappearing once again to head back to Cerise Park.

In the morning, Goh goes through the same tunnel in Cerise Park that Drizzile previously nested at. He is surprised to find Drizzile laying in its nest and reports it back to Ash and Chloe, who are happy that Drizzile has returned to the park.





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