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Searching for Chivalry! (四天王(してんのう)ガンピ!騎士道(きしどう)(やかた)!!, Shiten'nou Ganpi! Kishi-dou no Yakata!!, The Elite Four Wikstrom! The Hall of Chivalry!!) is the 8th episode of Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series.


It's said that Wikstrom from the Kalos Elite Four is currently enthusiastically coaching Pokémon Trainers. Ash and Farfetch'd as well as Goh and Scyther set off for Wikstrom for coaching.

Episode plot

At Cerise Park, Ash and Goh are fencing with leeks while their partners are watching. Ash beats Goh but knows that he's has to get stronger in order to keep up with his Farfetch'd training. Goh asks Ash if there is any point in fencing with leeks as he tells that there is becoming a leek master. However, they hear Farfetch'd training as go see it then noticed that its getting better with its leek. Farfetch'd has been training none stop ever since it lost to Rinto's Gallade and Ash wants to help train it as much as he can.

Professor Cerise and Ren arrive as they come to tell Ash that they found a place for his Farfetch'd to train, which surprises the Wild Duck Pokémon that its Trainer asked that from them. Ren shows the boys a place in the Kalos region call the castle of chivalry for Pokémon and Trainer that seek true strength as it's run by Wikstrom of the Elite Four. Goh asks Ash if Elite Four are the strongest Trainers of any given region and he replies yes. Ash asked Farfetch'd if they should try the castle of chivalry as it happily accepts the challenge. After Scyther came flying in, Goh realized that the Mantis Pokémon wants to come with them as well and he agrees to take it along.

After arriving in Kalos, Ash and Goh make their way for the castle of chivalry. Goh wonders how they get in but the doors opens as Wikstrom and his partner Aegislash are waiting as he introduce himself to him and Ash. Wikstrom explains how he believes that chivalry is the path of the truly strong as he establish the castle of chivalry to help both Trainer and Pokémon to convey that. Wikstrom decided to seek new heights with Ash and Goh as they agreed with him. Hearing Ash and Goh answer then sees their bright eyes, Wikstrom is move to tears by their passion. Wanting to get started, Wikstrom asks Ash and Goh for their names then introduce themselves along with their Pokémon. However, Wikstrom takes a notices off Ash's Farfetch'd and sees it as a worthy student.

Ash, Goh and their Pokémon, minus Pikachu, put armor on. Goh asks why he and Ash have to wear armor with their Pokémon as Wikstrom explains that there is one reason for that. Ash and Goh were explain by Wikstrom that there are three challenges to complete. Also, Wikstrom tells Ash and Goh if they successfully completed all three they will rewarded with knight medals to honor the title as a knight. Wikstrom tells Ash and Goh that their first challenge is to run ten laps around, much to their shock. However, Ash sees that their building up stamina first but Goh sees how difficult it will be because of the laps they have to run. Although they were pulled by Wikstrom's Probopass, Ash and Goh were able to finish their laps as they feel pretty good from it. Wikstrom cries again when he sees the resolve from Ash and Goh then his Aegislash gives him a cloth to dry his tears.

Wikstrom tells Ash and Goh to keep their fighting spirit along with proceeding then they go to the second challenge. Ash and Goh enter the maze of doubts, which they find scary. Wikstrom tells Ash and Goh that a knight shows bravery as they must work together with their Pokémon in order to escape the maze. Goh asks Scyther if its ready to go through the maze as it tells him yes while Ash said that he isn't giving up either then asks Farfetch'd if it agrees with him but it just starts walking and he follows him. Pikachu tries to go with everyone but Wikstrom stops him as he explains to him that it tests the bond between Trainer and Pokémon.

While going through the maze, Ash and Goh get separated when a cage appeared between them then decided to go through the different paths. Goh and Scyther go through their path until they ran into a Escavalier but the Mantis Pokémon drives it away then they continue on. However, little did Ash and Goh know, Wikstrom is watching their progress through his smart phone and security camera's. Meanwhile, Ash and Farfetch'd came across another split path but the Wild Duck Pokémon walks to the left as its Trainer follows it. During their maze challenge, Ash gets electrocuted by a Dedenne and defends Farfetch'd from a Honedge. Ash and Farfetch'd came across a dead end but the Wild Duck Pokémon made a path way for them than continues on.

Wikstrom notices that Ash's Farfetch'd has rare gifts in fighting spirit and power as its a lone warrior that follows its own path along with not backing down than comments on a wonderful talent. However, Wikstrom sees that Farfetch'd cannot achieve true strength if it continues being the way it is. While walking through the maze, Farfetch'd falls into a hole trap as Ash goes to help it and grabbed its hand. However, Farfetch'd drops its leek as Ash pulls it up and goes to get it, which shocks the Wild Duck Pokémon. Farfetch'd goes to get Ash but he hangs onto the walls so he would't fall any further. After getting out of the hole, Ash gives Farfetch'd its leek back and comments that it means a lot to it. Seeing Ash's selfless act, Farfetch'd starts to see its Trainer in a new light then they both continue walking. Wikstrom comments that Farfetch'd is starting to show a sigh of change through Ash's acts of kindness and courage.

After getting out of the maze, Ash and Goh reunite with each other. Wikstrom cries again then tells Ash and Goh that he has great respect for them for making this far than gives them both swords. Ash and Goh proceeded to their final challenge as Wikstrom explains to them that the last is simple by getting a key than unlocking the door behind him. Wikstrom shows Ash and Goh that the key is on his Klefki. Also, Wikstrom tells Ash and Goh that taking the key would't be easy as they think it is. After the battle started, Ash and Goh became surprised that Wikstrom is also battling through the swords they have. Goh realized that was the reason why Wikstrom had him and Ash wear armor then his friends tells him that fencing with leeks did help. Despite their teamwork, Ash tells Goh that he along with Farfetch'd will battle Wikstrom while Goh and Scyther go get the key from Klefki.

While Goh and Scyther chase Klefki, Ash continues battling Wikstrom while Farfetch'd resume facing off against Aegislash. Seeing Farfetch'd trying the same approach that he did with Gallade, Ash tells it that it would't work with Aegislash either but gets almost hit by Wikstrom's sword, much to the Wild Duck Pokémon shock and concern. Meanwhile, Goh and Scyther are chasing Klefki until it used Fairy Wind on the Mantis Pokémon but its Trainer protects it then continue their pursuit of the Key Ring Pokémon, after they came up with a plan. Ash gets cornered by Wikstrom as Farfetch'd notices that its Trainer is in trouble and remembered his selfless act from before. Realizing that Ash truly cares about it, Farfetch'd decided to defend him but at a cost of taking an attack from Aegislash. Aegislash was gonna attack again but Farfetch'd learned Detect as it got away before it could hit it then continues the battle. However, Ash tells Farfetch'd to stop as Goh and Scyther got the key from Klefki.

Wikstrom gives Ash, Goh and their Pokémon knight medals as their award for completing his hall of chivalry. However, Wikstrom asks Goh if he ever consider evolving his Scyther. Goh returns his Scyther with a Metal Coat to its Poké Ball then puts its ball in the trading machine and Wikstrom explains that it evolves while being traded with that item. After the process ended, Goh brings out his newly evolve Scizor and Ash is happy for it. Ash thanks Wikstrom for the training and he tells him that he needs to keep doing it diligently. Hearing this, Ash tells Farfetch'd that they'll beat Gallade next time, which it agreed as they fist bump each other.




  • Who's That Pokémon?: Aegislash
  • As Ash is wearing the armor, his comb is blue and Goh's comb is red, which is the reverse of the Pokémon Red and Blue Version games.
  • As of this episode, Goh has now officially owned at least one Pokémon of all 18 types.
  • This is the first time one of Ash's friends' Pokémon has evolved through trading onscreen, as previously Brock's Steelix and Misty's Politoed previously evolved offscreen and after being transferred from one Pokémon Center to another while holding the item required for evolution respectively.
    • This is also the first time a trade evolution that is caused through the use of an item was shown correctly in the anime. Previous instances were done by transferring the Pokémon to a different Pokémon Center while holding the required evolution item rather than trading between Trainers.
  • This episode marks the first time a main character's Pokémon has evolved via trade since Jessie's Gourgeist in A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?
    • Coincidentally, both Gourgeist and Scizor evolved in Kalos.


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