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Healing the Healer! (伝説(でんせつ)ゲット!?(みず)守護神(しゅごしん)スイクンを(さが)せ!!, Densetsu Getto!? Mizu no Shukoshin Suikun o Suicune!, Legend Caught!? Find the Protector God of Waters, Suicune!!) is the 5th episode of Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series.


Ash and Goh have received an eyewitness report regarding the Legendary Pokémon Suicune. They have spotted Suicune at the lake and go to investigate, but it seems that someone else is after it. Will they be able to work together to resolve the situation?

Episode plot

After a violent storm hits, a lake becomes muddy, but a wild Suicune appears and purifies the water, which a Rattata, a Pidgey, and two Nidoran are grateful for. Meanwhile, Professor Cerise calls in Ash and Goh for some big news, and informs them that Suicune has appeared. They ask where it has been seen, as Cerise tells them the Legendary Pokémon has been spotted near a lake. Hearing this, Ash comments how kind Suicune is while Goh reminds him that it is a Legendary Pokémon. Professor Cerise theorizes that it became a legend because of its kindness and helping clean lakes. However, Chrysa sees that Suicune has been staying in the same lake for some time. Professor Cerise asks Ash and Goh to investigate the lake where Suicune has been seen, which they accept.

After arriving at the lake, Ash and Goh see that it has been polluted, then they discover a group of Pokémon hunters, with several Poison-type Pokémon nearby. Seeing them attacking the lake, Ash realizes that these men are the ones responsible for polluting the lake. Goh tells him to contact Officer Jenny, although Ash ignores him and confronts the men. Goh brings out Cinderace, and comments that he's always too reckless. The men ask if Ash and Goh want to fight. However, a man who the hunters refer to as their "boss" arrives, and tells them that "it" has arrived, as Suicune appears and cleans the lake. It then confronts the men, freezes their truck solid with Ice Beam, and leaps on top of it, as the boss sees that Suicune is clearly exhausted from cleaning the lake. Hearing his plan, Ash instantly realizes that the men and their boss are Pokémon hunters as Goh realizes that they have been trying to weaken Suicune to make it easier to catch. The boss orders his men to attack Suicune as they weaken it and poison it, their Muk, Trubbish, and Weezing firing a barrage of Sludge Bombs. Seeing this, Pikachu and Cinderace try to stop them, but the Pokémon block their way. Suicune is extremely poisoned and tied up by a rope. Wanting to do something to help the Legendary Pokémon, Goh grabs a Poké Ball and captures Suicune instantly, much to everyone else's shock. Although Goh is impressed with his capture and tells the hunters to give up, the boss attempts to take Suicune by force. Ash calls out Lucario and immediately tells Goh to get Suicune to a Pokémon center, which he understands, and promptly leaves. While Goh makes his escape, Ash, Pikachu and Lucario battle the hunters.

While escaping, Goh internally begs Ash to stay safe, but after running far enough away, he trips. Suicune comes out of its Pokeball and glares at him, showing a clear distrust towards him. Goh attempts to return Suicune to get it to a Pokémon Center, although it freezes the Pokéball with Ice Beam. Goh begs for it to listen to him, but Suicune retreats to a nearby tree so it can recover. Goh follows it, but discovers that other wild Pokémon are there in order to protect it. Goh assures Suicune and the wild Pokémon that he is nothing like the hunters, then decides to help it get better. Goh calls out his Exeggutor and Raichu for help and has Cinderace and Exeggutor stay to keep Suicune safe, while he leaves with Raichu and Sobble. Meanwhile, Ash, Pikachu and Lucario are hiding as they manage to get away from the hunters for the time being. Lucario, irritated, snarls at the hunters, though Ash orders it to calm down. He hopes Goh is okay, as the latter returns with berries to help Suicune feel better. To the enjoyment of the other wild Pokémon, he has also brought plenty of other berries. Raichu gives several Pecha Berries to Suicune, as it eats them. However, little does Goh know, one of the hunters has figured out where they have been hiding. He relays this information to his boss, who wishes to get payback against Goh for interfering with his plans. While trying to call Ash on his Rotom Phone, Goh sees that Suicune is hurt, though the Aurora Pokémon barks at him. Goh uses a potion on the wound and apologizes to Suicune, due to the potion stinging it, as he wraps a cloth, given to him by Chloe, around the wound. Unfortunately, Exeggutor reminds him that the hunters are near.

Once the hunters appear, Goh has Cinderace use Quick Attack. He orders another of his Pokémon to use Psybeam. A hunter is left dumbstruck when his Garbodor takes massive damage, and Goh is revealed to have captured a Drowzee to use against Poison-types. Goh battles the hunters and their Pokémon as Suicune and the wild Pokémon watch their efforts to protect them. However, the hunter boss brings out a Houndoom, who easily defeats Goh's Drowzee. The boss mockingly asks Goh if he thought they only had Poison-type Pokémon, and as Goh recalls his Drowzee, the boss orders his men to grab Suicune, and two hunters promptly grab it with a net and hurl it from the tree. Goh rushes toward them, but is blocked by a Garbodor and Muk. One of the hunters kicks Suicune several times, causing it to howl in agony as Goh begs for them to stop. However, Pikachu uses Quick Attack, while Lucario fires an Aura Sphere. Ash arrives shortly thereafter. Despite their efforts, Ash and Goh are no match, as while a Muk fires off Sludge Bombs, Cinderace counters with Pyro Ball. Unfortunately, after landing on the ground, Cinderace is attacked by a Garbodor, who fires a barrage of Sludge Bombs and snickers. Cinderace is heavily poisoned, though it can still fight. The he hunter boss is heavily irritated by Goh's claims that the future is "in [their] hands", and angrily orders his Houndoom to "finish this once and for all" with Crunch. As Houndoom attempts to strike, it is blown away by a massive gust of wind, revealed to be Suicune. The Aurora Pokémon howls and breaks free of its net, which scares away the two hunters that had restrained it. Seeing that Suicune wants to battle, Goh commands the Legendary Pokémon to use Hydro Pump, knocking the Garbodor into aTrubbish, as a Muk is blown away and crashes into a Weezing. The hunter boss orders his Houndoom to use Flamethrower, though the attack proves useless against Suicune's Ice Beam, and it is quickly defeated. However, before Suicune can do anything else, Goh orders it to wait. The hunters admit defeat, and Goh orders Suicune to use Ice Beam. The Legendary Pokémon charges up an Ice Beam, and the hunters, terrified of Suicune's power, collapse to the floor. Before long, the hunters are frozen in a block of ice and are arrested by Officer Jenny, since the hunters have been wanted by the police for some time. Jenny thanks Ash and Goh for their efforts in stopping the hunters and leaves. Goh brings out Suicune from its Poké Ball out as he attempts to release it. However, much to Goh's surprise, Suicune decides to stay with him as it goes back into its ball.

At Cerise Park, Goh shows Suicune to Professor Cerise, Ren and Chrysa. meet the Legendary Pokémon. Professor Cerise is amazed to meet it, admitting that he has never seen Suicune up close. Ren says how amazing it is for Goh to have captured Suicune. The Legendary Pokémon runs to a nearby hill and howls, causing a large gust of wind. After the wind subsides, Ash asks Goh where Suicune is, though Goh reassures him that, despite disappearing, Suicune is still at the Park in spirit, as it chooses to remain his Pokémon while roaming the world.





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  1. ^ The title begins with "The", while the rest of the title is the same as the English.