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How Are You Gonna Keep 'Em Off of the Farm? (農業(のうぎょう)体験(たいけん)!ディグダはどこだ!?, Nougyou Taiken! Diguda wa Digda!?, Agricultural Experience! Where is Diglett!?) is the 4th episode of Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series.


A huge amount of vegetables addressed to the Cerise Laboratory have arrived alongside a letter. The sender is Professor Cerise's former student, Laxton, who's now a farmer. Laxton writes that he's been having trouble recently due to Diglett and Dugtrio ravaging his fields, so Ash, Goh and Chloe head to Laxton's field to investigate and find out why these Pokémon are doing this.

Episode plot

At the Cerise Laboratory, Ash and Goh are amazed to see a lot of vegetables as Ren tells the boys that their fresh from a farm. Professor Cerise tells the boys that the box of vegetables came with a letter from a former students of his that became a farmer named Laxton. Also, Professor Cerise tells the boys that their a group Diglett and Dugtrio arrived at Laxton's farm suddenly as their casting trouble for his farming. Hearing this, Ash and Goh decides to go investigate the problem but Professor Cerise knew they would say that then Chloe walks in. Professor Cerise informs Ash and Goh that he asked Chloe to join them on this assignment, then tells his daughter to say hi to Laxton for him and thank him for the vegetables, which she tells him that she will. Also, Professor Cerise tells the kids to investigate thoroughly and have a good time.

After arriving at a open view, Chloe brings her Eevee to see the view then sees that Ash and Goh are running ahead of her. Chloe asks them why they are running as Ash tells her that wide open space just makes you want to run with Goh agreeing with him while she continues walking. After arriving at the farm, Eevee sees a Pokémon as she goes to check it out but gets electrocuted by it then Chloe goes to see if she okay. Ash realized the Pokémon that electrocuted Eevee was a Voltorb. Thinking its a wild Voltorb, Goh tries to catch it but its Trainer stop him from doing so as he tells him that Pokémon is his partner that help him in the fields. Chloe quickly realized that its Laxton and he happily greets her then thanks her for coming all this way. Also, Chloe tells Laxton that its been a long time since she seen him and comments how much she grown since he last saw her. Laxton sees that the two boys with Chloe are Ash and Goh as he tells them that its a pleasure to meet them then welcomes them to his farm.

Laxton offered to let Ash, Chloe and Goh drop their bags inside his house. Before showing them the problems in his fields, Laxton offered to let Ash, Chloe and Goh sample some of his prized vegetables. Eevee looks around and admires the various vegetables in Laxton's place. Seeing how the kids enjoy his vegetables, Laxton tells Ash, Chloe and Goh that he took on farming was because he wanted to see the smiles on everyone faces like themselves then lets them sample some more of his vegetables. While the boys were eating more vegetables, Chloe looks at the soil as she see how great it is as Laxton sees that she can tell and she tells him that she takes care of the flowers at her school. The boys thank Laxton for the treat, then Goh asked him about the Diglett and Dugtrio.

Laxton takes the kids to its carrot garden then Ash sees that Voltorb gets rid of the weeds at his fields. Ash tells Voltorb that its amazing, which makes it blush and accidentally electrocuted him. Laxton asked Ash if he was okay and he respond to him that he's fine then tells him that he is used to being electrocuted. Eevee hears something coming then Laxton realized that the Diglett and Dugtrio are coming. Although Voltorb tries to get rid of the Diglett and Dugtrio, the carrots end up getting messed up and its too much for its partner to take because there are too many of the Mole Pokémon. Understand the situation, Ash, Chloe and Goh offer their help in driving the Mole Pokémon out. Before trying to get the Diglett and Dugtrio out, Laxton tells Ash, Chloe and Goh that its okay to get the carrots out. Goh brings out Cinderace to help him, Chloe and Ash out.

After getting the proper gear to help, Ash, Chloe and Goh tried to get the Mole Pokémon out while picking out some carrots for Laxton. Goh sees that his clothes are dirty but Laxton tells him that they'll always get this way when he's working on a farm, which he understands. However, they failed to get any of the Diglett and Dugtrio, as Goh couldn't catch one. Despite, Laxton does thank the kids for harvesting a lot of carrots for him and tells that kids that they'll call it a day. While the Pokémon are hanging and playing, Ash, Chloe and Goh think of a way to stop the Mole Pokémon from doing further damage for Laxton's farm. Chloe sees how the Diglett and Dugtrio worked well while they were running around the field, which has Goh realizing that they were using teamwork. Also, Chloe came up with a idea that someone observes and gives order from above. Hearing this, Goh and Ash agree that Chloe should be the one do it as she wasn't sure about it. However, Chloe decides to give a try through Eevee's encouragement.

The next day, Ash and Goh are at the filed while Chloe and Laxton are up at the house. Chloe tells Laxton that he can tell Ash and Goh where the Mole Pokémon are going. Also, Chloe tells Laxton that she set up flags so she can tell Ash and Goh which one the Mole Pokémon are at. Laxton comments that Chloe really thought this plan through. Cinderace sense the Diglett and Dugtrio are coming. After a Diglett popped up, Ash and Goh follow it while Chloe tells them which direction it was heading then they were able to corner it. Through this strategy, Goh was able to catch the Diglett and Chloe is pleased that her plan worked. However, Chloe sees that more Diglett and Dugtrio are showing up at the fields. Chloe tells Ash and Goh that their all heading to the red flag along with the fastest one being Dugtrio. After they were able to draw Dugtrio out, Goh catches it and all the Diglett came out of hiding then left. Laxton thanks the kids for their efforts but Goh wonders how Diglett and Dugtrio arrived in the fields in the first place. Laxton tells Ash, Chloe and Goh that the Mole Pokémon used to live up on a hill

Deciding to find out why Diglett and Dugtrio are not at their hill home, Ash, Chloe and Goh go to investigate the area. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is relaxing, minus Meowth. Seeing Jessie, James and Wobbuffet laziness, Meowth reminds his teammates that their growing their own food because they ran out and them slacking off is what caused the problems for them in the first place Meowth calls on his newest robot to help with the farming as it water then played music. Upon arriving on the hill, Ash, Chloe and Goh hear the noise as they realized that the loud music is the cause of the Mold Pokémon running away. Seeing Ash and his friends, Team Rocket recite their motto but realized that they can't hear anything because of music from there robot as Meowth turns it off. After the music stops, Ash, Chloe and Goh see Team Rocket then realized that they were ones responsible for chasing the Mole Pokémon away. Team Rocket decided to take Pikachu away again than calls on their Prize Master as they get a Drilbur and Sandslash. Goh brings out his newly caught Dugtrio to battle Team Rocket. Through Dugtrio and Pikachu's teamwork, Team Rocket is defeated and sent blasting off again.

Goh notices that one Dugtrio moves can make soil really soft as Ash and Chloe notice the same thing. Returning to Laxton's farm, Ash, Chloe, Goh and their Pokémon enjoy something to eat through the carrots they picked out. Seeing that the other Diglett will have a hard time without their leader, Goh gives Dugtrio's PokéBall to Laxton as he tells him that he has its pre-evolve form and they can all help him out in his field, after looking some information about them. Hearing that some farmers use Diglett and Dugtrio to help in the fields, Laxton accepts taking Dugtrio from Goh and asked the Mold Pokémon if he can count on them to make his farm more amazing, which they said yes. After saying goodbye to Laxton, Chloe is thinking about her time on the farm and decides to run. Ash and Goh are surprised to see Chloe running but she reminds them about the wide open space just makes you want to run as the boys join her.





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