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Crowning the Chow Crusher! (ポケモンチャンピオン!大食(おおぐ)(おう)決定戦(けっていせん)!!, Pokemon Chanpion! Oukui-ou Kettei-sen!!, Pokémon Champion! The Battle of Big Eaters!!) is the 47th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Goh and Skwovet have decided to enter the "Big Eater Tournament" in Vermilion City. There are tough opponents there to contend with, like last tournament's winner Snorlax and the globetrotting legend of the competitive eating world Blaziken, but Goh has a surprising plan for winning. However, Team Rocket have been confused for the tournament's organizers and are working on some sort of nasty plot.

Episode plot

In Vermilion City, Ash and Goh have entered a Pokémon Eating contest with their friends, Professor Cerise, Chrysa, Chloe and Pikachu, cheering them on. The announcer tells everyone that the winner of the contest wins a free trip to Unova and eat as many of their popular foods. A few days earlier, at Cerise Park, Ash and Goh are feeding their Pokémon then notices that Lucario and Cinderace are sleeping. Goh sees that his Skwovet wants more food then asked it if its appetite turned into a bottomless pit and Professor Cerise asked him if he wants to find out, which confuses him.

Professor Cerise shows Ash and Goh the eating contest in Vermilion City as they decide to participate. However, Chrysa tells Ash and Goh that their being naive because the eating contest attracts various participants, including a legend called Emperor Blaziken. Despite the competition, Goh and Ash are determined to win. In the present, Team Rocket have also entered the contest in disguise but they have James be the contestant while Jessie and Meowth provide the food for the participants.

The announcers tells everyone that round one is a berry eating for all but only ten participants will move on to the next round. Chrysa excited to see Emperor Blaziken in person as Professor Cerise notices that she a Pokémon eating contest fan while Chloe isn't too thrilled about the whole event but she tells her that once she sees something new she'll be hooked for life. While watching the first round, Chloe sees how the Pokémon are eating and Professor Cerise tells his daughter that they put their talents to good use when eating, which impresses her.

Noticing the eating pace of the smaller Pokémon, Chloe wonders why they are eating slower then the larger ones as Chrysa tells her that they are eating fast but their avoiding the seeds inside the Berries. Morpeko and Skwovet are eating a lot of berries in the small group of Pokémon. Seeing its belly getting full, Goh tells Skwovet to use Bullet Seed to get the seeds from the Berries out, which impresses Chrysa.

After round one concluded, Goh moves on to the next round while Ash did not as he goes join their friends in the audience to watch the rest of the contest. Also, James moves on to the next round as well. While waiting for the next round, Goh encounters a contestant as he tells him that everyone else but his Skwovet and Morpeko are champion at eating contests from other regions. However, before the two can argue further, Jessie breaks Goh and the contestant up as she along with Meowth offers cookies to them.

Seeing the contestant and his Muk leaving without a cookie, Goh wonders about that as the other contestants get one. Goh and James see their Pokémon eating cookies as they dragged them away from it. However, little did everyone know, Team Rocket has put something in the cookies that made them sick as some of them withdrawn from the competition. Goh realized that the cookies caused the Pokémon to get sick as he notices his Skwovet was over weight but it shrunk back to normal size.

The announcers tells everyone that round two is gonna get under weigh but informs the audiences that a few competitors left the competition and Ash wonders what happen to them. Despite it, the announcers tells everyone the next round as the six remaining contestants will face off against the opponent who has the same color. Goh gets the contestant with the Muk as his opponent for the next round. During the round, Goh picked the dishes with sweet because he realized that Muk doesn't anything with sweets while James picked his dishes because he knew his opponent would't eat anything that's hot. Through their strategies, Goh and James made to the final round of the contest.

However, during the final round, Emperor Blaziken wouldn't eat its dish as it resembles Torchic, Blaziken's starting form and leaves with its Trainer, taking them with it. However, Morpeko reverts to its Fully Belly Mode then sends Team Rocket blasting off. Through Goh's encouragement and determined to win the contest, Skwovet keeps eating then evolves into Greedent and wins the competition for its Trainer. Ash, Chloe, Chrysa and Professor Cerise are all happy that Goh won the eating contest.





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