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Sword and Shield: Slumbering Weald! (ソード(アンド)シールドⅠ「まどろみの(もり)」, Soodo & Shiirudo Ⅰ "Madoromi no Mori", Sword & Shield I "Slumbering Weald")[Notes 1] is the 42nd episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


One night, Ash spots the Dynamax Band he got from Leon, the strongest Pokémon Trainer in the Galar region, suddenly starting to glow on its own. Meanwhile, the Galar region has been experiencing a phenomenon where Pokémon are Dynamaxing in places where it's normally impossible for them to do so. To solve the Dynamax mystery, Ash and Goh decided to visit the Galar region and see Professor Magnolia, the leading authority on Dynamax research, but on their way there the duo get separated in a forest shrouded in thick mist, where they encounter some mysterious Pokémon.

Episode plot

In the Galar region, Chairman Rose and Oleana are shown at the Energy Plant. It seems to have overloaded after absorbing Galar particles with subordinates working on repairing the machine. The reactor suddenly begins to glow purple while pillars of light rise from around the plant, dispersing the previously contained Galar particles across the night sky. While others are alarmed by the occurrence, Rose simply watches on at the flying particles and smiles.

Ash, Goh, and their Pokémon are at the Cerise Laboratory preparing to go to sleep but are surprised to see a glowing light emit from Ash's bag. Ash pulls out his Dynamax Band and sees that the light is coming from it. The two head to Professor Cerise for answers and learn that the Dynamax Band is used by Trainers in Galar to Dynamax and even Gigantamax their Pokémon, though the phenomenon still has many mysteries. Goh is puzzled by the concept, wondering why Pokémon are only able to Dynamax in the Wild Area and in Stadiums. Ren and Chrysa point out that there are some exceptions to this as Pokémon had recently been Dynamaxing outside of such areas as of recently. Ash wonders if his glowing Dynamax Band has to do with Pokémon Dynamaxing outside of normal areas. Goh suggests that they head to Galar to find out, so Professor Cerise sends them off to the region to investigate.

The boys head off to Galar on a train headed towards Wedgehurst with their first goal being to meet Professor Magnolia, a friend of Professor Cerise. The train then begins to stop with the conductor apologizing and stating that a thick fog is ahead. The doors to the train open, allowing passengers to get out while they wait. The two are disappointed by the sudden stop but are quickly surprised as a Bunnelby appears, eating some scones that the boys were feasting on before. Goh identifies the Pokémon with his Pokédex before it runs off with a scone. The boys then run after Bunnelby in an attempt to catch it, but they lose sight of it upon running into a forest called the Slumbering Weald. Goh spots the Bunnelby and runs after it, successfully catching it but also separating from Ash. Ash and Pikachu attempt to look for Goh but instead come across the mysterious Zacian. Ash attempts to identify the Pokémon with his Rotom Phone, though the Pokémon is not registered into the Pokédex and therefore unidentifiable. Goh also runs into a mysterious Pokémon with him and his Pokémon being face to face with Zamazenta. Goh also attempts to identify the Pokémon with his Rotom Phone, though it is also unidentified. The two boys try to battle the mysterious Pokémon they've found. Pikachu attempts to use Iron Tail, but the attack simply phases through Zacian, leaving Ash appalled. Goh throws a Poké Ball at Zamazenta, but it goes straight through the Pokémon. Raboot attempts to use Ember, but the attack also goes through Zamazenta. The two mysterious Pokémon howl, creating thicker fog that surrounds both Ash and Goh.

Goh finds himself alone with his Pokémon in the Slumbering Weald, calling for Ash and also using his Rotom Phone to call him, though these both don't work. He suddenly hears the horn of the train and runs over to it to catch it, but the train leaves before he can make it. After the train leaves, Goh spots purple streaks going across the sky, observing that they look similar to the light that appears during Dynamax battles. Goh is then suddenly scared by a car that pulls up next to him. Out from the car comes Sonia who looks at the flying Galar particles with binoculars. Sonia then notices Goh and the two are surprised to have met again. Ash wakes up in the Slumbering Weald and calls for Goh, but instead sees the same purple streaks across the sky.

In a small town, a father and daughter named Doug and Eva are feeding their Centiskorch nicknamed Centy Oran Berries. One of the Galar particles from the sky flies into Centy, causing it to Gigantamax and go on a rampage, destroying an entire house with G-Max Centiferno. The news of Pokémon around the region Dynamaxing eventually reaches Oleana. She informs Rose of the incident, though Rose brushes it off and says that the future of Galar is what they should be focusing on.

Ash arrives in town, seeing Centy and appearing perplexed at the fact it is Gigantamaxed outside of normal Dynamax areas. Ash decides to battle Centy despite Doug's warning. Ash attempts to reason with Centy, but it simply tries to attack him instead. He realizes that battling will possibly calm it down, so he sends out Riolu and sends forward Pikachu to team up together. Pikachu uses Electroweb to cover Centy's face while Riolu uses Vacuum Wave, hitting Centy head-on. Ash spots Centy preparing Max Flutterby, so he sends out Dragonite and tells it to use Hurricane while telling Pikachu and Riolu to use the same moves as before. The three attacks combine to collide with the Max Move, causing a large explosion. The clash of moves leaves Centy unaffected as it prepares G-Max Centiferno, leaving Ash and his Pokémon to flee as Dragonite swoops in to carry them away. Suddenly, Leon flies in on his Charizard, ordering it to use Rock Tomb and striking down Centy before it can attack. Ash is excited to see him as Leon says he will handle the rest of the situation himself. Charizard uses Air Slash, causing Centy to faint and reverting it back to normal size. Centy returns to its friendly nature as Eva rushes over to hug the caring Centiskorch.

Leon descends to the ground with his Charizard as the townspeople thank him for his help. Leon states that he will continue to fight the recently rampaging Dynamax Pokémon around the region. Before Leon can leave, Ash asks if he can help him with the operation. Leon is reluctant at first but accepts Ash's help, telling him to get on his Dragonite as they fly off to find other rampaging Pokémon.

Sonia and Goh are driving across the region as Goh remembers to call Ash on his Rotom Phone. He attempts to call him and is successful this time. Ash tells Goh that he is with Leon and they are going to find and defeat the Dynamax Pokémon while Goh and Sonia are on their way to Turffield to see if the recent rampaging Pokémon are connected to the legend of a hero in Galar. The two agree to meet up again before Ash suddenly hangs up as he and Leon approach a Dynamax Pangoro, preparing to battle it.






  • There is no Who's That Pokémon? segment in this episode, as is the same for each episode in the Sword & Shield arc.
  • This is the first episode of the Sword & Shield Arc.


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  1. ^ Stylized as Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald! on the title card.