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A Crackling Raid Battle! (VSサンダー!伝説(でんせつ)レイドバトル!!, VS Thunder! Densetsu Reido Batoru!!, VS Zapdos! Legendary Raid Battle!!) is the 40th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Ash and the others are enjoying snowcones in the Cerise Laboratory when a huge thunderstorm draws close. When they sense the presence of biological energy, they deduce that the legendary Pokémon Zapdos might be nearby. When the heroes find Zapdos, they have a Raid Battle against it, with some unexpected helpers.

Episode plot

Outside of Cerise Laboratory, Ash and Goh are admiring the electric shave ice machine while Chloe watches them unamused of their excitement. However, Ash, Chloe and Goh discover that the shave ice machine stop working then the lights inside the lab are also not working right. At first, Goh thinks theirs a power outage while Ash thinks its his Gengar practical jokes. However, Professor Cerise comes outside as he explains to Ash, Chloe and Goh that their tracking some strong life energy as proof of a rare Pokémon is about to appear, much to the boys excitement. Seeing a thunder cloud, Goh realized that the rare Pokémon is Zapdos.

Ash and Goh go wait for Zapdos to appear as they contact Professor Cerise then wait for the Legendary Pokémon to make its presences. Goh realized that he needed to battle Zapdos in order to catch it as he has his Flygon for the job. Hearing that Ash also wants to catch Zapdos, they started to argue for the right to catch it. However, they discover that the cloud disappeared then they head back to the lab. While walking, Ash complains about not seeing Zapdos then Goh asked him about if he heard what came first the Pokémon or the Egg, which confuses him. Seeing his confusion, Goh explains to Ash about what came first for Zapdos as he wonders if its in a thundercloud or it makes them. Ash thinks its a good question while Goh points out that their a lot of mysterious that revolve around Pokémon.

However, Ash and Goh sees Chloe as they noticed that she taking the bus home then she tells him that Professor Cerise has to work late because of the power outage. Also, Chloe tells Ash and Goh that her mother told her that power didn't go out at her house, much to their surprise. Looking around, Ash and Goh noticed that the power outrage is only in the area around Cerise Laboratory. However, Professor Cerise contacts Ash and Goh to inform them that another thundercloud has appeared then wants to go check it out. Ash was getting ready to go back to the area they were before but Goh decided to go the other way instead, much to his shock. Goh explains to Ash and Chloe that he has an intuition about where Zapdos might be then drags his fellow research fellow to the other direction.

Chloe notices that Goh is using is intuition over using his usually approach and starts to notice that Ash has rubbed off on him. After arriving at a power plant, Ash asks Goh about it as he explains to him that this one generation the power for the lab. When Ash asked him if Zapdos is here, Goh believes that his intuition is correct then they head inside the power plant. While looking for Zapdos at the power plant, Ash and Goh ran into Team Rocket as they asked each other what they're doing here. Ash accuses Team Rocket for causing the power outage but they tell that they had nothing to do with it as there here looking for a second hideout but he and Goh don't believe them. However, they were interrupted when here a screeching noise as Goh realized that its Zapdos, which shocks Team Rocket. They follow to wear Zapdos is then sees it at a power generator.

Deciding to battle Zapdos, Ash and Goh go to battle the Legendary Pokémon as Team Rocket also want in then call on their Prize Master. At first, Zapdos zaps everyone but Team Rocket discover that their Pokémon are Ground-types and Electric-type moves would't have any effect. However, Team Rocket along with Ash and Goh are struggling against Zapdos as they gets ready to form another thunder cloud, which makes them want to battle it even more. Ash, Goh, Jessie and James decided to temporally team up in order to do a raid battle against Zapdos. At first, they thought they could attack together but Zapdos fly up in the air. Goh goes after Zapdos while Ash deals with Team Rocket as they attempt to take Pikachu away again, although Jessie and James do wish the latter good luck in battling the Legendary Pokémon.

After arriving on the roof, Goh brings out his Flygon to battle Zapdos as its also a Ground-type. Meanwhile, Ash is still battling Team Rocket as they believe their gonna win this time because they have Pokémon that have the advantage against Pikachu. However, Ash smirks as he knows that he's ever gonna lose to Team Rocket. After checking on his Flygon, Goh has it use Dragon Breath as it lands a hit on Zapdos then tries to catch it but failed. Seeing this, Goh wonders how he's gonna battle Zapdos then sees that Ash defeated Team Rocket when he sees them blasting off. After Ash arrives, Goh was given some encouragement to keep battling from his friend. Determined to not give up, Goh continues battling Zapdos as he has Flygon and Raboot team up to battle it. However, Zapdos dodge their attempts then shocks Raboot but Flygon caught it in time. Goh is concern for his partner and best friend but shakes its off when he sees that Raboot isn't giving up. After he order his Flygon to use Draco Meteor and Raboot uses them to get close to the Legendary Pokémon, Goh tells his partner to use Double Kick but it ended up learning Blaze Kick and landed a direct hit.

Goh checks on Raboot but it tells him to catch Zapdos again but it broke free again then made another thundercloud and gave some electricity to Pikachu. Ash notices that Pikachu feels great then Goh notices more Electric-type Pokémon as Zapdos gives some electricity to them as well. Seeing it leaving, Goh wants to try and catch it again but sees that his Pokémon are tired. Despite this, Goh was excited that he battled Zapdos then he and Ash bid it farewell. After retuning to Cerise Laboratory, Ash and Goh show their findings to Professor Cerise as they theorizes that Zapdos does various things with thundercloud along with electricity.


  • Who's That Pokémon?: Zapdos
  • This is the first episode to air on a Friday timeslot.
  • Similar to Ash in "All Fired Up!", Goh expresses a desire to catch a member of the Legendary Birds.
  • This is one of the rare occasions Jessie and James don't recite their motto.
    • Speaking of which, this episode and the aforementioned one from the original series are the only episodes which a character other than them wants to catch a legendary.
  • When Goh battled Zapdos, the opening theme is used as an insert song near the end.
    • For some reason, its production team was only revealed after its premiere in Japan.


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