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Octo-Gridlock at the Gym! (サトシ(たい)サイトウ!攻略(こうりゃく)たこがため!!, Satoshi tai Saitou! Kouryaku Takogatame!!, Ash Against Bea! Overcome the Octolock!!) is the 39th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Ash desires a rematch with the Gym Leader Bea from the Galar region, who completely defeated him in their official World Coronation Series match, so he has set off to the Cianwood City Gym in the Johto region where she is currently training. Bea accepts his challenge and the match begins, with Goh and Chuck watching. Ash and Riolu are determined to achieve victory and attempt a strategy around the move that landed them their defeat, Octolock. How will the match turn out?

Episode plot

Ash, Riolu, and Pikachu are training once again while Ash's other Pokémon watch on. Ash orders Riolu to use Vacuum Wave while Pikachu dodges the attack. Riolu is ordered to use Force Palm as Pikachu zips around Riolu, eventually getting behind Pikachu and preparing the attack before it stops itself, ending the training. Ash thanks Pikachu for helping before declaring the next battle be with Farfetch'd and Dragonite, but Goh rushes in to tell them they should head to the Johto region due to Bea's World Coronation rank rising. The boys and their Pokémon ride a boat to Johto while Goh fishes for Pokémon, disgruntled by none turning up. Ash and Goh eventually make it to the Cianwood City Gym and see Bea and her Grapploct fighting the Gym Leader, Chuck, and his Poliwrath. After the two Fighting-type Pokémon specialists are done battling, Bea receives a notification on her Rotom Phone and is challenged by Ash to a rematch.

As Ash requests a rematch, Chuck remembers him from his Gym Battle with Ash while he was still in the Johto region while Bea only remembers him as the "Riolu Trainer". Ash also says that he was able to make into the Great Class after his drop into Normal Class, making him and Bea eligible to battle each other. A Rotom Drone descends to announce the battle, and as it begins, Ash sends forward Pikachu while Bea sends out her Hitmontop. Hitmontop uses Gyro Ball, but Pikachu leaps out of the way to use Thunderbolt, though the attack misses as Hitmontop spins out of the way. Ash tells Pikachu to get close and use Iron Tail, clashing with Hitmontop before using Quick Attack and knocking Hitmontop out of its spinning state. While Hitmontop is sent flying, Pikachu uses Electroweb to snare the opponent and paralyze them. Hitmontop quickly gets up and uses Focus Energy to shake off the web before following up with a successful Triple Kick attack. The attack leaves Pikachu weak, but he continues to battle anyway. Pikachu uses Electroweb on the battlefield, surrounding the ground with a large web of electricity. This leaves Hitmontop a bit intimidated, but it continues with Gyro Ball, going through the web and eventually slowing down. Pikachu quickly takes advantage with Iron Tail and Quick Attack which knocks out Hitmontop, leaving only one of Bea's Pokémon left to battle. Ash and Goh congratulates Pikachu who is exhausted but still able to battle.

Hitmontop is returned to Bea, who then sends out Grapploct. Pikachu and Riolu both have their eyes on Grapploct, remembering the tough opponent it was during their last match. Pikachu lunges forward with Quick Attack but Grapploct simply leaps out of the way, retaliating with Close Combat. Pikachu then uses Thunderbolt, but Grapploct is able to withstand the attack and return with Octolock. As Grapploct reaches forward, Pikachu attempts to use Iron Tail, hopping across Grapploct's tentacles before being captured and squeezed. Pikachu struggles against the restraining attack, attempts to use both Thunderbolt and Iron Tail, but the attacks fail. While Pikachu attempts to escape Grapploct's grasp, Grapploct finishes off with Liquidation, leaving Pikachu unable to battle. Riolu rushes over to Pikachu's side, carrying him over to Ash knowing that it must fight against Grapploct.

Riolu walks to the battlefield, prepared to battle Grapploct. Riolu rushes forward while Grapploct prepares Liquidation. However, Riolu quickly uses Vacuum Wave to knock Grapploct out of the attack. Ash tells Riolu to keep its distance from Grapploct as to avoid its dangerous tentacles. Grapploct quickly uses Octolock, tangling Riolu's limbs with its tentacles, though Ash only smiles at this and leaves Riolu to be captured. Riolu remains calm as it is slowly taken into Grapploct's grip while Bea decides to let the events play out, wondering what Ash's plan is. Ash tells Riolu to focus as Riolu closes its eyes and a strange blue aura emits from it. Ash suddenly orders Riolu to use Force Palm, breaking free from Grapploct's grasp and leaving Goh and Chuck amazed. Grapploct attempts to use Close Combat while Riolu uses Force Palm, making the attacks collide and eventually ending up with both Pokémon getting hit by their opponent's attacks. Both Grapploct and Riolu fall to the ground while the Rotom Drone looks things over. Both Pokémon are left unable to battle and the match is declared as a draw with no change to the World Coronation rankings. Everyone looks on, stunned by the result, though Chuck laughs and states that it was a great battle despite the outcome. He then suggests that they all take a break.

Chuck unveils a table of desserts for the Trainers and Pokémon, congratulating them all on the excellent battle. As everyone eats, they are all surprised to see that Bea and her Pokémon enjoy the sweets, messily eating several pieces of cake. Bea adds that she loves the desserts, offering pieces of her cake to Ash's Riolu and Pikachu. Bea compliments Ash's tactic of escaping Grapploct's Octolock during the battle, vowing with Ash to continue battling for the World Coronation Series. Chuck also adds that she gets the attitude from her father who he saw alongside a young Bea while he visited the Galar region. Bea and Ash say they will battle again, Bea yet again calling Ash "Riolu Trainer" which angers Ash as everyone laughs.

At the Cerise Laboratory, Ash and Goh return as Professor Cerise hears about the match ending in a draw. Ash promises to continue to train with his Pokémon. Professor Cerise asks Goh if he caught any Pokémon during his time in Johto to which Goh respons by sending out a Chinchou. Ash comments that it wasn't easy to catch, remembering that Goh refused to leave Johto until he had caught at least one Pokémon from the region, leaving the rest of the group to stay on a dock until sunset.




  • Who's That Pokémon?: Grapploct
  • This episode marks the first time a World Coronation Series match ended in a draw.
  • Like in "A Pokémon of a Different Color!", Ash encounters the Johto Gym Leader, Clair, and remembered his battle against her, like he did with Chuck.
  • Bea's rank before her rematch (193) is the same as her uniform number, which can be read in goroawase as "fight".


  • In the dub, when Ash says Leon's name while with Goh, Chuck and Bea, his name is cut short before pronouncing it in full.


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