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Gotta Catch a What?! (ピカチュウ、ゲットだぜ!!; Pikachu, Gettoda Ze!!; I Caught Pikachu!!) is the 35th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Looking at Ash and Pikachu, Goh suddenly wants to get a Pikachu of his very own. After receiving information from Professor Cerise that there is a large amount of Pikachu outbreaks in certain places, Goh immediately decides to head there. There, Goh meets a female caretaker of that place, and many Pikachu, including a caring female Pikachu. The Pikachu are digging up Thunder Stones from the rocky area in hopes of evolving into Raichu. Meanwhile, Ash's Pikachu is also given the Light of Evolution. But will Pikachu evolve?

Episode plot

At Cerise Park, Ash and Goh, who looking at his Rotom Phone are watching all the Pokémon interacting with each other. Ash and Goh were called by Chrysa as she brought snacks for them to eat. While eating, Goh sees how really close Ash and Pikachu are then sees his partners following their example. Goh decides that Pikachu is gonna be his next catch, much to Ash's surprise. Ash understand that Goh needs to catch every Pokémon if he wants his dream to come true, even catching a Pikachu of his very own. While looking for any Pikachu siting, Goh and Ash were approach by Professor Cerise as he tells them about a Mouse Pokémon outbreak then they decided to head over there to see.

After getting to the site where the Pikachu are, Goh finds one then tries to catch it but failed then Ash shows him another one then tries to catch that one but failed again as the Poké Ball got slammed to his face. However, Goh was approached by another Pikachu as it checks on him then gives him and his friends berries. The wild Pikachu sits next to Ash's Pikachu as eat they berries together. Ash comments that the wild Pikachu likes to take care of others while Goh notices that the wild one has a different tail than checks his Pokédex as he discover it's female.

Through Ash's encouragement, Goh catches the wild Pikachu as he's happy that caught a Mouse Pokémon of his very own. Goh brings his newly caught Pikachu out then hugs her but got shocked and Ash tells him that he'll get used to it. However, Goh's newly caught Pikachu wants everyone to follow her, which they do. Through their new friend, Ash and Goh see more Pikachu as they realized that it was the area Professor Cerise was talking about. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on them as they decided to steal all the Pikachu.

Seeing them digging, Goh realized that the Pikachu are looking for something then one finds a Thunderstone then uses it to evolve into a Raichu then more evolve as well. Goh realized that the Pikachu are gathering in this area so they can look for Thunderstone so they can evolve. However, after Goh's Pikachu finds a Thunderstone, his offers to Ash's Pikachu but he refuses as he tries to get away from it, which he succeeded. Goh tells Ash that he thought his Pikachu wanted to evolve. However, Goh listens when Ash tells him that his Pikachu doesn't want to evolve and that his has always wanted to get stronger as he is. Ash apologizes to Goh's Pikachu as he explains to her that because his partner feels that way about evolving then they don't need a Thunderstone but does thank her. Seeing this, Goh's Pikachu gives her Thunderstone to her Trainer as she decided to evolve whenever she was ready.

However, Team Rocket shows up as they do their motto but Goh's Pikachu comes up to them and offer them berries, which they appreciated. Seeing his Pikachu can't tell the difference between friend or foe, Goh goes to get her and tells her that Team Rocket are bad guys, much to her surprise. Team Rocket brings out their newest gadget as they start stealing the Pikachu. Ash tries to get Team Rocket to stop but they refuse then calls out their Prize Master to get some Pokémon to battle him and Goh. While Ash and Goh are battling Team Rocket, the Pikachu are trying to get away but Meowth catches up to him then sucks them up.

Goh's Pikachu was about to be sucked in but Ash's Pikachu jumped in to save her, which led him to get captured instead. After getting all the Pikachu, Team Rocket made their getaway while Ash and Goh start their search for them. Team Rocket goes looking for Ash's Pikachu because all of them are the same. While searching for Team Rocket, Goh sees that his Pikachu is down because she worry about her friends then cheers her up and she determined to help save everyone. However, they hear an explosion as Ash and Goh realized that it had to be where Team Rocket is at.

Team Rocket tires to calm the Pikachu down but their too late as Ash and Goh has found them. While Ash and her Trainer are battling Team Rocket, Goh's Pikachu goes to rescue her friends but got discover by Meowth as he tries to captures her. However, Goh's Pikachu tells her Trainer to give her the Thunderstone she gave him before, which he does. After grabbing the Thunderstone, Goh's Pikachu evolves into a Raichu then she and the others work together to save their friends. Pikachu has his fellow Mouse Pokémon work together as they use Thunderbolt to send Team Rocket blasting off.

After retuning to Cerise Laboratory, Goh and Ash show their findings to Professor Cerise, which pleases him. Raichu is giving berries to all her new friends then tries to offer to Pikachu along with Raboot but they ran away as they had enough berries.




  • Who's That Pokémon?: Pikachu (Female)
  • This is the first time a female Raichu's gender difference is made known, not counting Tierno's Raichu, whose appearance was inconsistent.
    • This is also the first time an evolution stone is used onscreen since by a main character's Pokémon since Brock's Ludicolo.


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