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Solitary and Menacing! (孤高(ここう)(とう)()サイトウ!オトスパスの脅威(きょうい)!! The Solitary Fighter, Bea! The Threat of Grapploct!!) is the 34th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Ash and Goh are visiting the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City in order to challenge the Dojo Master to a Pokémon battle, however, he was recently defeated by a Fighting-type Gym Leader from Galar.

Episode plot

Goh and Ash visit the Fighting Dojo so they do some battling training. Riolu is seen training against a Hitmonchan as it was able to knocks him out then battles a Hitmonlee. While Riolu battle a Hitmonlee, Ash was commented by a member of the Fighting Dojo of its skills in battle than he tells him that he feels like there on roll and that they can win every battle. The member from of the Fighting Dojo tells him that he should't tall big while he's here as he explains to him that the Dojo Master can beat every strategy. Hearing this, Ash asks if he can battle the Dojo Master but the member from the Fighting Dojo tells him that he's currently battling right now as he accepted a new challenger and they should be done soon.

Meanwhile, Goh is having a hard time deciding which Fighting-type Pokémon he wants because he wants both. After meeting up with Ash, Goh suggested that he gets one while Ash gets the other then traded to him for one of his, much to his shock. However, Ash gets a notification that a World Coronation Series competitor was nearby. After the member of the Fighting Dojo tells the boys that it had to be the one battling Dojo Master. Hearing this, Ash decided to go see the battle with Goh right behind him. However, a Hitmonchan lands on top of him as his Trainer the Dojo Master lost to a Trainer name Bea. Ash checks to see if Hitmonchan ok and the Dojo Master recalls his Pokémon back to his Poké Ball.

After retuning her Pokémon back to its Poké Ball, Bea thanks the Dojo Master for a good battle then gets a notification for a World Coronation Series battle as it shows Ash on her Rotom Phone. Ash introduces himself to Bea and challenges her to a World Coronation Series battle, which she accepts. Bea also introduces herself to Ash as she tells him that she's from Galar then asked the Dojo Master if they can use the battlefield and happily let them use his it. Dojo Master introduce himself to Ash then asked Goh if he's here for a battle as he tells him that he's here because he wants to get either a Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan here. However, Goh became shocked that he has to battle the Dojo Master in order to get one but first they observe the battle between Ash and Bea. The Dojo Master tells Ash and Goh that Bea is one the Gym Leaders in the Galar Region as she specializes in Fighting-types. Also, the Dojo Master tells Ash and Goh that Bea has studies various moves off fighting along with traveling the world to visit every dojo in order to build herself along with her Pokémon up.

Despite Goh's warning of the rank differences, Ash believes that he can win this battle as he tells Bea that they have every battle and his Riolu has been training really hard. Hearing this, the Dojo Master is impressed how well raised Riolu as Ash appreciates the complement and sees that he can tell, due to being a master. However, Goh reminds Ash not to get carried away because of the rank differences between him and Bea. Ash tells Goh to not worry because they beat Korrina a while back as she's also a Fighting-type. Hearing that Bea knows Korrina, Ash asked her if she knows her as well, which she replies yes. Bea tells Ash that they had a battled previously as she tells him that she was overconfident and defeated her. Hearing this, Ash asked Bea what she mean that Korrina was over overconfident, but she just tells him that there was no further discussion on the matter, which frustrates him for how she insulted his friend. Bea asked Ash why he's here as he answer her that he wants to get stronger with his Pokémon then keep raising the rank so he can battle Leon.


UK- Ash vs Bea! - Pokémon Journeys - Official Clip

Ash vs. Bea.

Hearing this, Bea tells Ash that every Trainer's dream is battling Leon as she tells that she also wants to defeat him battle as well and be recognized as the greatest in the world. However, Ash tells Bea that him and his Pokémon are gonna be the ones to beat Leon. Bea tells Ash that lets give everything they got in this battle then Goh defends him that he'll win if he be's himself, which he agrees. After they bring out their first Pokémon, Farfetch'd get overwhelm by Hawlucha as it defeats the Wild Duck Pokémon. Ash brings Farfetch'd back to its PokéBall then has Riolu go to the battle field. Bea also recalls her Hawlucha then brings out her Grapploct to battle against it. Although Riolu put up a good fight against Grapploct, Ash ends up losing to Bea, which causes his rank to go down. After Bea left, the Dojo Master happily accepts Goh challenge to battle him in order to get one the of the Pokémon at the Fighting Dojo.

At the Pokémon Center, Ash bring his Fighting-types to recover and comments Goh on his win as he was able to defeat the Dojo Master and get a Hitmonchan from him. After brining his Fighting-types out form their PokéBalls, Ash apologizes to Riolu and Farfetch'd for the loss but he vows to battle Bea again one day.






  • Who's That Pokémon?: Riolu
  • The Dojo Master's main appearance in this episode is similar to Ryu from the Street Fighter series, but he has a goatee.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of a Hawlucha in the anime since Ash's last appeared in "Till We Compete Again!", 180 episodes ago.


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