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Trade, Borrow, and Steal! (ポケモン交換(こうかん)しませんか?, Pokemon Koukan Shimasen Ka?, Would You Like To Do A Pokémon Trade?) is the 33rd episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Ash and Goh visit a Pokémon Trade event being held in Vermilion City, where they meet a Trainer seeking a Pinsir who asks Goh to trade with them.

Episode plot

At the Cerise Laboratory, Ash, Goh, and their Pokémon are all eating together. Professor Cerise tells the boys that there is a trading event currently happening at a nearby Pokémon Center. Goh sees this as an opportunity to obtain and see new Pokémon, so the group decides to head over and partake in the event. At the Pokémon Center, two Trainers are seen trading their Farfetch'd and Spearow, demonstrating the trading process. Excited, Goh rushes to find a trading partner, eventually finding a girl dressed similar to a Kricketune named Kricketina Kylie, an enthusiast in Sinnoh's Bug-type Pokémon. She eventually learns of the many Bug Pokémon Goh has from the Kanto region and states that she is seeking out other Bug-types due to already having caught the ones in the Sinnoh region. Suddenly, Kricketina receives a message on her Rotom Phone, finding out that Ash is also present and they have a World Coronation match against each other pending. Kricketina accepts the challenge and the two head outside to battle.

Beginning their battle, Ash sends out his Pikachu while Kricketina sends out her Heracross. Pikachu is told to move first and use Quick Attack, but instead uses the move to avoid Heracross' oncoming Arm Thrust. Heracross attacks with Fury Attack before chasing after Pikachu with Megahorn. Before Heracross can catch up, Pikachu uses Electroweb on Heracross, following up with Iron Tail and finishing off Heracross. Ash is declared the winner and his World Coronation ranking rises up as Kricketina's lowers.

The group head back to the Pokémon Center to heal up Heracross. Goh asks to see Kricketina's Bug-type Pokémon collection to which she shows him her Rotom Phone, listing the various Bug Pokémon she caught in the Sinnoh region. Kricketina also asks to see Goh's Bug-type Pokémon collection to which she spots Pinsir. She offers to trade her Heracross for Pinsir, but Goh refuses, leaving Kricketina distraught. However, Goh offers to help her search for a Pinsir instead, much to her delight.

The three head to Vermilion Forest, the place where Goh caught his own Pinsir. Goh sends out Pinsir to show Kricketina and help with the search while Kricketina is amazed by getting to see a Pinsir in-person. However, Pinsir becomes annoyed by Kricketina getting close, trapping her in its pincers and tossing her back to Ash and Goh. Everyone begins to look around but they are unable to find a Pinsir. Kricketina gets an idea to cook up a special blend made of Sweet Honey and Berries to attract Pinsir. The gang set up the blend around the forest, but Goh's Pinsir and Kricketina's Heracross end up eating some of the blend.

Also in Vermilion Forest, Team Rocket is shown to have been up to capturing Pokémon, wandering through the forest in an attempt to catch a Pokémon and impress Giovanni. However, the team is weak and hungry, unable to even catch a small Caterpie. James states that they had lunch prepared, but Morpeko had already eaten it all before they could. The group decide to find a town to eat at, but suddenly smell the sweet-smelling blend made by Kricketina. Once they come across a plate of the mixture, they spot Morpeko licking the mixture off of a tree. They run for cover behind some trees, but are unable to resist the tempting dish, eventually going over to eat it. After Team Rocket finds other plates with the blend, Ash and Goh go to check on the bait, only to find that all of it has been taken. They return to Kricketina with the plates with her pointing out that a Bug Pokémon couldn't have licked the plate clean. The group hear strange noises coming from one of the bait spots and go investigate, only to see Team Rocket eating it up.

Upon confronting Kricketina, Ash, and Goh, Team Rocket recites their motto before summoning Pelipper and the Rocket Prize Master. From the machine, Jessie receives a Scolipede while James receives a Drapion. The two Pokémon are prepared to battle but are then distracted by another plate of Kricketina's blend. With their own Pokémon distracted, Meowth instead resorts to using a net that captures Ash, Pikachu, Kricketina, Raboot and Sobble. Sobble begins to cry, making all of the other captures cry as well. Goh attempts to command his Pinsir to battle, but it refuses, with Heracross stepping in to battle instead. Meowth attempts to attack Heracross with his claws but is sent back by Heracross' Arm Thust. Meowth then attempts to use Fury Swipes with Heracross blocking all of the swipes with its horn and hands. Heracross then retaliates with its horn, sending Meowth back to Team Rocket. Jessie and Wobbuffet attempt to kidnap Pinsir while it is attracted to Heracross' battling skills, but Heracross saves Pinsir by rushing in with Aerial Ace. While Pinsir continues to grow a crush on her savior, Heracross hits Team Rocket with Megahorn, sending them blasting off.

After Team Rocket blasts off, a Pinsir is finally lured out by Kricketina's blend. Due to Kricketina still being trapped in the net, Goh throws a Poké Ball and catches the Pinsir. Once the group is freed from the net, Kricketina offers to trade her Heracross for the Pinsir that Goh had just caught. Kricketina sends out five other Heracross that she also owns, showing them to Goh. She also suggests that Goh should keep his particular Pinsir due to it developing a crush on Heracross. The group head back to the Pokémon Center and trade their Pokémon with the trading machine with Goh obtaining Heracross and Kricketina obtaining Pinsir. The two send out their newly obtained Pokémon, with Pinsir being a bit much for Kricketina. Ash, Goh, and their Pokémon then head off, Goh being glad that he obtained Heracross.





  • The Rotom Phone referred to Heracross as a Bug type instead of a Bug/Fighting type.
  • When Kricketina praises Team Rocket's Pokémon, she says they are amazing Bug types, even though Drapion is actually not a Bug type.


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