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Time After Time! (セレビィ (とき)()えた約束(やくそく), Celebi: Toki o Koeta Yakusoku, Celebi: A Timeless Promise) is the 32nd episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Three years ago, Goh met a young boy named Tokio on a family trip to Azalea Town in the Johto region. Tokio was searching for the Mythical Pokémon Celebi, and the two kindred spirits decided to search for it together, but Celebi turned out to not be all that easy to find. The two of them parted ways, promising to meet up again the next day to continue their search, but Tokio never showed up at the spot they had promised to meet that day. Flash forward to the present day, when Goh once again visits Azalea Town and ends up encountering...

Episode plot

Goh's parents take Goh on a trip to Azalea Town, remarking that "their last trip was cut short because of the rain". Once there, they go to a cottage, and after chatting with a man with a Sunflora, who seems to live there, they go inside and Goh's parents collapse into bed. Goh decides to go out and catch some Johto Pokémon. He goes into the nearby forest when he has a flashback from the last time they went to Azalea Town.

3 years earlier, Goh went to Azalea Town. After being frustrated that his parents were asleep, he explores the nearby forest. After seeing all the Pokémon there, he sees a dark shadow darting from tree to tree. Assuming it to be Mew, he chases it, and when he was about to grab it, collides with another boy. Goh the other boy, who assumed that the shadow was Celebi, crashed to the ground. The shadow reveals itself to be Misdreavus, and flies away. Goh and the other boy, whose name was Tokio, introduce each other. After Goh boasts about seeing Mew and his knowledge of Pokémon, Tokio says he wants to see Celebi, and the two go to look for Celebi.

After finding many other Pokémon, Goh pulls out a smartphone - like device, which tells him that Celebi had been spotted near a shrine in Ilex Forest. After going past a waterfall, Goh and Tokio reach Ilex Forest, which is full of tall grass. When attempting to go through it, Goh and Tokio get stopped by an Ariados and a Pineco. Goh then leaves, returning with the Sunflora. Tokio expressed his worry that Goh wouldn't come back, and then the two use Sunflora's Razor Leaf to cut through the grass. After being stopped by a Bellosom, Goh and Tokio reach the end of the grass at dusk, seeing a clearing with a large tree. When it becomes dark, Sunflora stop moving, so Goh and Tokio cannot progress further. Instead, they take a break, watching the night sky and expressing how it looks like different Pokémon.

After Tokio says that he is cold, Tokio and Goh promise to meet the next day to find the shrine. The next day, Goh goes to the tree, where he waits for Tokio. Nobody comes, and it starts raining. Goh gets upset and leaves the forest, where his parents pick him up.

In the current day, Goh is in Ilex Forest. He sees the path Sunflora made, bringing back more memories. He then sees an Ariados and a Pineco, capturing them both. At the end of the path, he sees the shrine, with a note tucked into it. The note is from Tokio, who says that he did not want to break his promise, but he had caught a fever. He tried coming back the next day, but Goh was not there. He went back the next year, finding the shrine, and asked Celebi to send him one year back in time as to not break his promise. But, when Celebi did not appear, Tokio left the note there for Goh to find.

After reading the note, Tokio walks into the clearing, surprised to see Goh, with a Chikorita. Tokio expresses how sorry he was, and the two walk towards each other. As they meet each other again, Celebi flies into the sky above the shrine, with another shiny Celebi beside it.




  • Who's That Pokémon?: Sunflora
  • The Japanese title is similar to "A Timeless Encounter!"
  • This is the first main series episode where neither Ash nor Pikachu appear.
  • Starting this episode, After the Rain is replaced by Nishikawa-kun (Takanori Nishikawa) and Kirisho (Sho Kiryuin, vocalist of the band Golden Bomber) for One, Two, Three.
    • Coincidentally, Nishikawa-kun (Takanori Nishikawa) is a second Pokémon opening singer who has previous experience to make an album for Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Zero-One. The first person who made this history is Rika Matsumoto, as she already created some themes for Kamen Rider series as well, Kamen Rider Ryuki.