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The Cuteness Quotient! (ヒンバスのきれいなウロコ, Hinbass no Kireina Uroko, Feebas' Prism Scale) is the 31st episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Parker has come to Ash and Goh for advice. He mentions that his friend Jinny feels awful because people are saying that her Feebas is not cute. However, Jinny and Feebas aim to win the Water-type Pokémon friendship contest since Feebas holds an amazing secret. Will Feebas reveal what the people are saying are wrong?

Episode plot

Chloe was walking from school when she got a call from Parker about a problems. After finishing her call with Parker, Chloe goes to see Ash and Goh but discovers that her close friend has caught more Pokémon. However, Chloe put her annoyance for Goh's antics aside as she asks him and Ash for their help than explains the situation to them. Ash, Chloe and Goh head over to meet up with Parker. At a park, various kids are teasing a girl about her Pokémon as they commented how wired and different it looked but the girl defends it. Parker sees this as those kids turn out to be some of his friends then Ash, Chloe and Goh arrive. Chloe asked Parker the girl with a Feebas is one he's talking about and he tells her that her name is Jinny. After looking at his Pokédex, Goh understand why Parker and Jinny's friends are teasing her about Feebas. One the kids asked Parker if Feebas looked weird but he could't give him an answer because he didn't want to hurt Jinny's feelings. Ash tells the kids that he thinks Feebas is awesome while Goh tells the kids that Feebas evolves into an amazing Pokémon, which they don't believe.

However, the kids become distracted of Pikachu as they interact with him until Raboot scares them away, much to surprise of Ash, Chloe, Goh and Parker. After the kids left, Ash and Goh comfort Jinny as they feel bad that her friends can't see how great Feebas is. Goh offers to take Jinny with them to Cerise Park, which she accepts when she hears that a lot of Pokémon are there. After arriving at Cerise Park, Jinny, watches as Feebas plays in the water. Chloe asked Jinny if Feeby is Feebas's nickname, which she said yes to, then asked her if the name is cute for it. However, they interrupted when Goldeen and Magikarp came out of the water as Feeby got worried at first but shrugged it off as it befriends them then happily swims with them. Jinny is happy to Feeby making some friends then Chloe comments how well raised it is and she tells her that she got her Pokémon from her dad. Also, Jinny thinks Feeby is cute but her friends thinks its ugly then remembers what Goh said before about its evolution and asked him about it. Wanting to learn more about Feeby's evolution, they go see Professor Cerise as he tells Jinny that her Pokémon evolves into Milotic. Jinny and Parker realized that their friends are gonna be surprised when Feeby evolves into Milotic. However, Ren tells the kids that it might take awhile for Feeby to evolve into Milotic. Despite it, Jinny appreciates Chrysa and Professor Cerise encouragement in raising Feeby.

Hearing that the kids want to show Parker and Jinny's friends how great Feeby is as a Feebas, Chrysa found a solution as she suggest entering the Friendship Festival for Water-type Pokémon. Ash wanted to enter too but Chris corrects him that its only for younger children and Jinny decides to enter in hopes of proving her friends wrong about Feeby. Hearing this, Ash and Goh offer to help Jinny prepare for the contest while Chloe watches in annoyance. However, Chloe decides to help when Professor Cerise tells her that it's always the efforts that counts in contests. Jinny goes to see Feeby and asked it if it wants to enter a contest with it, which it happily accepts. Ash asked about what the contest is about but Goh doesn't know the answer but Chloe found the answer through her phone. Seeing Ash having the wrong idea about the contest, Chloe corrects him but understand that he's just trying to help and he apologizes for getting carried away. However, they find out that Jinny doesn't know how to swim but wants to show everyone how great Feeby is. Seeing that she determined to prove her friends wrong, Chloe decides to tech Jinny how to swim while Ash and Goh watch Feeby as she tells everyone that they'll practice until the contest then asked the boys to teach it some swim techniques.

Goh asked his Goldeen for its help in teach Feeby some swim techniques then tells Ash and Pikachu that he's gonna need their help as well. After putting their swimsuits on, Chloe helps Jinny get use to the water while Ash and Goh set up a course for Feeby to learn water techniques. Feeby watches Goldeen how to do the course but struggled when it was it turn to try it. However, they were able to successfully train Jinny and Feeby separately then Goh suggests trying to swim together, which they agreed. Through the hard work they did separately, Jinny and Feeby became in sync then they all noticed that one of its scale is a different color. Goh teases Chloe as he thought that she wasn't interest in Pokémon but she just tell to be quiet. Chloe is pleased to see Jinny work so hard and decides to cheer her on then Goh tells her that it would awesome if she won the whole thing as she agrees with him.

When the contest day arrives, Ash, Chloe, Goh, Jinny and Parker arrive in Slateport City in Hoenn. Before getting to the contest, Goh catches a Wingull, much to Chloe's annoyances. However, little do they know, Team Rocket is also in Hoenn in hopes of steeling some Pokémon from the contest. While watching the contest, Goh notices that Jinny might have a hard time because of the tough competitors see has witness but his friends correct that she win because she worked very hard. Goh directs the conversation as he heard that the contest was streaming online as Chloe tells him that the rumors were true as she asked her mom for a favorite as she asked her to bring Parker and Jinny's friends over to her house to watch the contest together. When it was Jinny and Feeby turn, two girls made fun of her Pokémon but stopped when they see Chloe gets mad with them and Parker tries to settle her down.

During their turn, Jinny and Feeby wowed the crowd, even her friends as their impressed. However, before Jinny and Feeby could finish, Team Rocket interrupted then stole the other competitors Pokémon. Despite Feeby's looks, Team Rocket wants to seal it anyway but Jinny refuses to have her Pokémon be taken away. Team Rocket bring in their Prize Master and get their Pokémon. Seeing this, Ash and Goh battles Team Rocket while Meowth tries to take Feeby away but it decided to battle against him in order to keep Jinny safe. Despite its efforts, Feeby was defeated by Meowth and its scale came off but Jinny puts it back on for it. When Meowth attempts to take Feeby away, Jinny blocks his way in order to protect it but it started to glow. Seeing Feeby glowing, Ash, Chloe, Goh and Parker realized that its evolving, much to the surprise of Jinny and Team Rocket. At first, Jinny didn't recognized Feeby because of its evolution to Milotic but realized that its her Pokémon when it gave her affection. Upon seeing a Milotic, Jessie and James tried to take it but it stops them then brought Jinny to safety. Through Ash, Goh and Jinny efforts, Team Rocket is defeated and sent blasting off again.

At the award ceremony, Jinny and Feeby are award a special award for their friendship and surprised evolution. Goh takes a picture of their achievement then gives Jinny a copy of it so she can show it to her friends. Jinny and Parker are with their friends as they apologized to her for how they treated her Pokémon, which she accepts. While watching the kids, Ash, Chloe and Goh were pleased that they can help Jinny show how great her Pokémon is to everyone.






  • Who's That Pokémon?: Feebas
  • In normal circumstances, Feebas has to evolve under the condition of having a Prism Scale during a trade, not just by holding it like Feeby did.


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