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Betrayed, Bothered, and Beleaguered! (いやいやピカチュウ、やれやれバリヤード, Iyaiya Pikachu, Yareyare Barrierd, The Reluctant Pikachu and the Exasperated Mr. Mime) is the 30th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


After winning an official World Coronation Series battle, Riolu is feeling proud of its achievement. However, Ash's fixation on training Riolu has pushed Pikachu's patience to the breaking point and he runs away from the Cerise Laboratory. Mr. Mime follows him in an attempt to prevent him from leaving. However, Pikachu is determined to go down the path. Where does the path lead them?

Episode plot

Ash was battling Tony and his Electabuzz by using his Riolu, while Pikachu has to wait for his turn. After defeating Electabuzz, Ash was proud of Riolu for its victory. Pikachu wanted to have a turn to battle for the training, but he wanted the Emanation Pokémon to train more, making him upset that he has to wait again. Ash battles Goh with Riolu and has won, Pikachu was happy that it's finally his turn to battle. However, Riolu wanted to train more and more, Pikachu got disappointed and had fallen asleep. During sunset time, Ash has done training with Riolu and he realized that Pikachu was asleep. As he woke up, Pikachu shocks Ash how he was caring for Riolu more than him. Delia came to see Ash, as they went home to have dinner.

Ash and Riolu was having a great time together while Pikachu isn't. Hearing Chloe said that Pikachu might be jealous of Riolu, Delia came to him and told him that he was with Ash for a long time and will always have a special place for him. Then, Goh asked how Ash and Pikachu met, Delia explains that he overslept and was suppose to get his first Pokémon, but the Mouse Pokémon was the only one left. At bedtime, Pikachu decided to sleep with Delia instead of Ash, she sings him to sleep and both of them had fallen asleep. When it's morning, Delia has to go off somewhere, as Pikachu was worried because he wanted to stay with her instead because he doesn't liked being neglected by Ash but she tells him to take care. After a failed attempt to get his Trainer's attention, Pikachu not only believes that Ash doesn't care about him anymore but also decided to run away as Mimey tries to stop him, but it eventually ended up grabbing him and he started shocking it. Pikachu continued running with Mimey following him, as he crossed the road, goes through the valleys and jumps into the river. However, Pikachu was about to fall down the waterfall but luckily Mimey saves him.

Later, Mimey was looking for a ride but it didn't work, Pikachu twerks for a ride and a Jeep stops. The lady ask them where would they wanted to go, Pikachu told her and the lady told them to hop on. After the ride, Mimey and Pikachu took a long walk until some Spearows appeared trying to attack them. Mimey fights back the Spearows and Pikachu gives a big Thunderbolt that sent it flying away. Mimey thanked Pikachu for chasing the Spearows away, making him think of the time when he saves Ash from the Spearows. Getting what Delia meant before, Pikachu starts to feel guilty about leaving Ash and begins to miss him.


A Pokémon Lullaby - Pokémon Journeys - Official Clip

Ash singing his childhood lullaby to Pikachu.

After arriving in Pallet Town, Pikachu decided to go back to Ash and set things right between them, much to Mimey's confusion. However, Pikachu stopped when he hears Ash calling out to him as he tells him that Chloe told him what he's been going through lately. Ash and Pikachu apologized for their mistakes as they embraced for a hug but he gave his Trainer a shock. After heading inside, Delia scolded Pikachu for running away and worrying his friends like that, but she more relived that he's okay. Delia invites everyone for dinner and they went to bed. Before falling asleep, Ash decides to thank Mimey again for looking out for Pikachu then sings his best friend to sleep. Seeing this, Delia and Mimey are happy that Ash and Pikachu worked things out, then put covers on for them.


Dub edits

  • In the Arabic version, the scene is cut where look Pikachu has his back to stop the car, the narrator shuts down at the end of the episode.