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There's a New Kid in Town! (パチパチやきもち!ワンパチのきもち, Pachipachi Yaki Mochi! Wanpachi no Kimochi, The Crackling Jealousy! Yamper's Feelings) is the 29th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Life goes on as usual in the Cerise household when Yamper suddenly discovers an injured Pidove and brings it to the family's house. Chloe and her brother Parker become enamored with the Pidove as they nurse it back to health. However, Yamper soon begins to feel left out.

Episode plot

During a sunny day, Chloe is reading through a magazine before finding something inside that angers her. She goes to confront her mother about a drawing of her in the magazine that was submitted by Talia. Chloe comments on how her hair is messy in the picture despite her disliking unkempt hair. Talia says that it was simply a character she made up, but Parker rushes over to look at the photo, stating that it is a drawing of Chloe. Suddenly, Yamper can be heard barking from outside. Talia goes to open the door and is shocked to see Yamper dragging along a dazed Pidove. Professor Cerise tells Yamper to put the Pidove into his hands to which he feels its heart, reassuring everyone that it is simply stunned. Chloe recalls hearing something suddenly hit her window, thinking it might have been the Pidove. Pidove begins to wake up but is startled by Yamper, attempting to fly away but failing due to its injured wing. The family notices that Pidove is hurt and they decide that they should take care of Pidove for the time being.

Ash, Pikachu, and Riolu are training at Cerise Park. Pikachu is about to use Iron Tail on Riolu, but Ash commands it to counter with Force Palm, sending them both back. Suddenly, Goh calls over to Ash, asking him if he has seen his Sobble. Goh and Raboot had been searching everywhere with Sobble's invisibility powers in mind, but were unable to find it. Ash and his Pokémon then agree to help Goh search for Sobble before overhearing some nearby Pokémon crying uncontrollably. They suspect Sobble may be nearby before the boys and their Pokémon also begin to cry. Goh orders Butterfree and Venomoth to use Stun Spore, which reveals Sobble crying on a tree branch. Scyther flies over to confront Sobble, though this only makes Sobble burst out into more tears. Ash orders Dragonite to help as Dragonite cradles Sobble in its arms, calming it down and sending it to sleep.

At the Cerise's house, the newly welcomed Pidove is eating Pokémon food while the family watches over. Chloe attempts to introduce the family's Yamper to the Pidove, but this scares it, making it fly away as Yamper gives chase. Yamper attempts to bite Pidove, but it jumps and lands on Yamper's back, nestling in due to finding Yamper's fur comfy. Yamper attempts to shake it off and even uses Thunderbolt to try and get Pidove away but eventually grows tired. The family is confused as to why Pidove is suddenly comfortable with Yamper to which Professor Cerise tells them that Pidove are often forgetful. Yamper attempts to shake off Pidove once more but fails, eventually leading to Pidove staying on Yamper's back throughout the day. At night, Yamper eventually becomes annoyed with Pidove, attempt to swat at its feet while it is sleeping.

In the morning, Yamper and Pidove are both eating Pokémon food. Chloe enters the room and comments on how Pidove is looking much better. Yamper rushes over to Chloe and tugs on her dress in an attempt to keep her away from Pidove. This leads to Professor Cerise speculating that Yamper is jealous of the attention that Pidove receives. Chloe reminds her father that it is getting late, so Professor Cerise rushes to his car with Chloe.

At Cerise Laboratory, Professor Cerise posts an ad up on social media looking for any Trainers that had lost a Pidove. At school, Chloe looks outside and sees a passing Fearow, wondering if Pidove wants to take to the skies again. She remembers that her mother said they would take care of Pidove until it is able to fly again.

After school, Chloe heads to Cerise Laboratory and is greeted by Yamper and Pidove. Pidove flies onto Cloe's shoulder, though this only angers Yamper. Yamper's barking catches the attention of Ash and Goh who rush over to see what is happening. Professor Cerise also shows up, explaining to the two boys that Yamper is jealous of Pidove. Chloe becomes worried about balancing attention between Yamper and Pidove and Yamper's jealousy, but her father reassures her that Yamper's jealousy is cute compared to her jealousy at a young age. Over tea, Ren and Professor Cerise tell Chloe, Ash, and Goh about Chloe's jealousy towards Yamper. When she was younger, she would often get jealous of Yamper due to it receiving attention. Chloe, embarrassed by the story, is told by Chrysa that jealousy is nothing to be ashamed of and that she was once jealous of her sister at one point. Professor Cerise continues with the story, stating about an incident known as the "Yamper Runs Away Incident" where Yamper ran away after Chloe told it to go somewhere else. Chloe remembers the incident, specifically remembering her feeling bad about Yamper running away and going off to find him. Once she reached a playground, she was scared by a group of Venonat who were then scared off by Yamper suddenly rushing in and yapping at them. Since then, Yamper had grown an attachment to Chloe.

The group suddenly hears Yamper barking from outside. A wild Fearow descends towards Yamper and Pidove. At the sight of the Fearow, Pidove remembers it was being chased by a Fearow until it crashed into Chloe's window. Yamper rushes to Chloe, prompting her to take Pidove while it battles Fearow. Chloe orders Yamper to use Spark, making Yamper crash into Fearow with its attack and instantly making it faint. Pidove flies back over to Yamper, yet again sitting on its back as Fearow suddenly wakes up and flees back into the sky. Goh then realizes that he had a chance to catch the Fearow, feeling defeated by the missed opportunity.

Back at the Cerise's house, Pidove is returned to its Trainer. He states that this Pidove is the leader of his Pidove Racing team, much to the surprise of the Cerise family. Parker is saddened by Pidove departing them, but Chloe points out how happy Pidove looks with its original Trainer. The Cerise family bid their farewells to Pidove, hoping for it to return sometime. After waving Pidove goodbye, Chloe notices a book made by her father. Her mother tells her that it is a book full of his ideas about a world where people and Pokémon can live in harmony, Chloe remembering her father's words of Yamper and Chloe being close.




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