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Toughing It Out! (英雄(えいゆう)伝説(でんせつ)! ダンデ最強(さいきょう)バトル!!, Hideodensetsu! Dande Saikyou Batoru!!, Legends of Heroes! Leon's Strongest Battle!!) is the 27th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Ash and Goh have returned to the Galar region to watch an official "World Coronation Series" match. They're both super excited to see a battle between two trainers in the "Master Class", which consists of the 8 best in the championships. This particular match is between Leon, the greatest of them all and Ash's ultimate goal, and Raihan, a Gym Leader of a Dragon Gym in the Galar region and Leon's rival, and now the battle between these passionate men begins.

Episode plot

At Cerise Park, Ash is training his Riolu with Mimey being its opponent as it learned how to use Force Palm then uses it to break its Reflect attack. Goh is training his Farfetch'd as he helping its swing by using a baseball as part of their training. Professor Cerise arrives with a present, which surprises the two boys, then shows tickets to a World Coordination Master Class battle. Hearing this, Ash gets excited to see Leon battle while Goh wants to catch more Galar Pokémon.


UK- Raihan vs Leon! - Pokémon Journeys - Official Clip

Raihan vs. Leon.

After arriving in Galar, Ash and Goh make their way to the stadium then find their sets. Ash brings out Riolu while Goh brings out his Farfetch'd so they can watch the battle. When the battle starts, Ash and Goh sees Leon opponent is one of the Gym Leaders, Raihan, in Galar, which excites them. Raihan and Leon get the battle started by sending out their ace Pokémon. Raihan brings out his Duraludon while Leon brings out his Charizard as they star the battle. However, they both Gigantamax their both but Leon became the winner of the battle. After the battle, Raihan tells Leon that he's gonna beat him but Ash tells him that he's gonna be the one to defeat, much to Goh embarrassment. Although Leon sees Ash in the audience, he mostly notices Chairman Rose was watching the battle. After exiting there sets, Ash and Goh notices a statue in the lobby. Then, they hear a girl talking about the statue as she tells them about Galar legends, which insert them. Ash and Goh introduces themselves then the girl introduces herself as Sonia. Also, Ash and Goh introduces their partners to Sonia but she grabs their ears then comments how cute they are.


UK- Sonia's debut! - Pokémon Journeys - Official Clip

Ash and Goh meeting Sonia.

Outside the Pokémon Center, Ash and Goh discuss the legend that Sonia was talking about then sees a Trainer needing help. Goh tells the Trainer that the Pokémon Center is not far then Ash asked him what happen to his Pokémon as he explains to them that their a Pokémon at a bridge that challenges anyone to a battle. Hearing this, Ash and Goh decides to investigate the bridge. After arriving at the bridge, Ash and Goh encounter a Farfetch'd then discover that this Wild Duck Pokémon in front of them its a Galarian form of it. Goh tries to catch Farfetch'd but failed then battles it with its Kantonian counterpart. However, the Galarian form of Farfetch'd defeated its Kantonian with ease as Goh returns it to its Poké Ball. Seeing that the Galarian Farfetch'd wants to battle some more, Ash deiced to take it on then became surprised that Riolu came out of its Poké Ball on its own but realized that its wants to battle. Although Riolu got the upper hand due to all the Training Ash did, it got knocked over when Farfetch'd used Brutal Swing. However, Ash encouraged Riolu to keep going as it got backed up then used Reversal on Farfetch'd. Then, much to everyone shock, Ash cheers for Farfetch'd as he knew it could keep going as it got back up but fainted while standing up.

Ash and Goh take the tired Pokémon to the Pokémon Center to heal. Seeing that Farfetch'd wants to continue battling and its passion for it, Ash asked if it wants to join his team and it can get stronger. Taking a notice of Ash's passion for battling, Farfetch'd accepts his offer then lets itself get caught. Ash brings his new friend then Farfetch'd resume battling Riolu. Meanwhile, Goh is bummed that he didn't catch any Pokémon today but he and his Pokémon decide to watch Ash train. However, little do they know, a Pokémon is watching from a distance.







  • Who's That Pokémon?: Duraludon
  • The episode was originally scheduled to air on May 24, 2020, however, it was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, along with the series.
    • The episode's originally intended airing was replaced with a rerun of "Mind-Boggling Dynamax!"
    • The re-air of Next Episode Preview about Working My Way Back to Mew! was shown instead.
    • After that, the episode has a reschedule air-date: July 5, 2020.
  • This is the first time Ash catches a regional variant.
    • This also the first time Ash caught a Pokémon from the Galar region. While it's not an actual Pokémon from Generation VIII, it is still a Galar Pokémon, as it is instead a Galarian form Pokémon.
  • Pokémon GO (or an imitation) appears as one of the apps on Goh's Rotom Phone.
  • Goh's Farfetch'd briefly made the sound of the clicks at the start of a commercial featuring a switch game when it gave its Trainer the thumb's up.