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A Festival Reunion! ((いのち)爆発(ばくはつ)バトルフェス!VSメガルカリオ!!, Inochi Bakuhatsu Batoru Fesu! VS Mega Lucario!!, A Battle Festival Exploding With Life! VS Mega Lucario!!) is the 25th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Ash has decided to enter the "Battle Festival", a battle tournament held in the Kalos region. Lots of "World Coronation Series" participants are attending this tournament, so it's a golden opportunity to increase one's rank! After successfully winning his way through several battles, Ash ends up having to fight Korrina, a Gym Leader he previously battled in the Kalos region, in the match where his progression to the Super Class is at stake. How is Ash planning on taking on Korrina's Mega Lucario?

Episode plot

Ash, Goh, Pikachu, and Raboot fly into Shalour City in the Kalos region, where the World Coronation Series Battle Festival is taking place. The two boys later split up with Goh catching some Kalos Pokémon and Ash participating in the tournament. However, little did Ash know, an old friend of his is also in the World Coronation Series Battle Festival and watching the battle. After catching some more Pokémon, Goh thought about going to watch the tournament but saw another Pokémon to catch then he and Raboot chased after it.


UK- Korrina Returns at the Battle Festival Challenge! - Pokémon Journeys - Official Clip

Ash and Korrina reuniting!

Meanwhile, Ash tells his Pokémon that they need one more win and they'll be at the Great Class. Then, Ash and Riolu senses a wave of Aura nearby then followed the source. After finding the source, Ash and Riolu see that a Lucario was sending that wave of Aura while Pikachu greets it. However, Ash realized that he knows that Lucario then hears Korrina coming his way. Ash and Korrina greet each other as they haven't seen each other in so long as she greets Pikachu. Korrina introduces herself and Lucario to Ash's current Pokémon then sees that her old friend has caught his own Riolu as he tells her that he got it as an Egg. In addition, Korrina pets Riolu then tells it to stick with Ash because he'll make it strong with Lucario agreeing with her, which makes the Emanation Pokémon blush. Korrina tells Ash's current Pokémon team about the Gym Battle they had a while back, but their Trainer just tells them that he won instead of giving all the details, much to her annoyance. Ash asked Korrina if she was in the Battle Festival tournament as she tells him yes but not as a Gym Leader but as a World Coronation Series competitor. Hearing this, Ash and Korrina decided to have a rematch battle against one another.

Goh is looking for more Pokémon but Raboot hears something coming as it gets ready to intercept it. Then, they see a Lucario coming out of a bush but realized that it belongs to someone else as its Trainer arrived on the scene as he introduce himself as Gurkinn. Goh shows Gurkinn his collection of caught Pokémon then offer some idea about catching a Pokémon that he's looking for. Also, Goh asked Gurkinn if he's familiar with this area as he tells him yes and explains to him that his granddaughter is competing in the tournament and the latter tells him about his friend competing as well. Hearing he's from Kanto, Gurkinn tells Goh about how his granddaughter battle a Trainer from Kanto once in a Gym Battle and mentions Ash names, which got him to realize that they know the same person.

Ash and Korrina get ready to battle, but Pikachu and Riolu want to battle until their Trainer tells them to watch the battle instead. Goh and Gurkinn enter the stadium as they see Ash and Korrina are gonna battle each other. Ash brings out Gengar while Korrina brings out Mienshao. Although Gengar would have the advantage due to being a Ghost type, Mienshao was able to land some hits on the Shadow Pokémon then use the U-Turn move as it return to its Pokémon then Lucario came out instead and defeated it. Korrina returns Lucario into its Poké Ball and brings Mienshao back out while Ash brings out his Dragonite. Through Ash's strategy, Dragonite defeats Mienshao then Korrina brings her Lucario back out to battle. Before they can resume, they knew that battling each other would fire them up then Ash tells Korrina to show everyone what her Lucario can really do, which they agreed. Gurkinn knows what Korrina is planning to do while Goh looks confused.


Korrina Returns—Mega Lucario vs. Dragonite - Pokémon Journeys- The Series - Official Clip

Ash's Dragonite vs. Korrina's Mega Lucario!

Korrina asked Lucario if it's ready; upon responding yes, she Mega Evolves her partner, much to Ash excitement that he'll battle Mega Lucario once again. After seeing Lucario Mega Evolve, Goh realized that Gurkinn meant Mega Evolution as he knew that existed but gets to see it for the first time. Gurkinn explains to Goh about Mega Evolution, much to his excitement. Dragonite and Mega Lucario are evenly match as they exchange attack after attack during the battle. However, Ash came up with an idea as it worked and defeated Mega Lucario, which makes him the winner of his battle against Korrina. Through his victory, Ash moves up the Great Class at the World Coronation Series. Korrina and Lucario sees Ash's Riolu then apologizes for not winning but it doesn't care as its happy to see how strong its evolved form is. Before retuning to Kanto, Goh sees the Pokémon he's looking for then chases after it with his friends not too far behind him.