A Little Rocket R & R! ((やす)め!ロケット(だん) Take a Break! Team Rocket!) is the 24th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Team Rocket's boss Giovanni has ordered all members to take a vacation. But as the entire gang is relaxing in the Resort Area in the Sinnoh Region, Ash and Goh coincidentally happen to show up to conduct research. Team Rocket is ecstatic at this chance to get Pikachu, but know that if they start working, they'll be disobeying orders. Just then, the Team Rocket's elite unit, led by Giovanni's secretary Matori, shows up and starts stealing every single Pokémon in the Area. Team Rocket decides to cooperate with Ash and Goh while concealing their identities.

Episode plot

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Who's That Pokémon? / Dare da?
  • Meowth's clue (Japanese)
  • It's Meowth! (Japanese)


  • Numel, when running from the grunts, is shown as a triped. It is actually a quadruped, with Boldore being the only three legged Pokémon in existence.


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