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Panic in the Park! ((だい)パニック!サクラギパーク!, Dai Panikku! Sakuragi Paaku!, A Massive Panic! Cerise Park!) is the 23rd episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


All the food in Cerise Park has suddenly begun disappearing without warning, and it's causing the Pokémon to fight amongst each other. Ash and Goh decide to stay in Cerise Park overnight to find out who the culprit is.

Episode plot

Goh and Raboot are giving food and cleaning the various Pokémon in Cerise Park. Goh finishes cleaning his Sentret and Stantler before offering to brush Raboot, to which Raboot runs off. Ash is shown training with his Riolu and Mimey, telling Riolu to practice Vacuum Wave while Mimey uses Reflect. During this training, Ash receives a call from Goh on his Rotom Phone. Upon picking up the call, Goh yells at Ash for forgetting to help with the Pokémon at the park. Ash returns to Cerise Park, accepting to do whatever tasks are left unfinished, to which Goh responds that he can brush Darmanitan's teeth.

Goh's Beedrill flies over to a food tray to get food, but sees that the food tray is empty. Angered, it looks around and spots Nidoran♀ and Oddish sleeping. Beedrill wakes them up, questioning where its food has gone. Nidoran♀ and Oddish attempt to explain, but Beedrill is too hungry to listen. Nidoran♂ and Stantler step in to defend the two while Ash, Pikachu and Riolu rush towards the gathering Pokémon to defuse the situation, offering to give more food to the Pokémon. Meanwhile, Goh's Grimer is angered as well due to an absence of food, yelling at Caterpie and Weedle. Parasect and Pinsir attempt to step in but are only met with Grimer's anger. Goh and Raboot intervene and are surprised by the quick absence of food. Ash and Goh meet up, wondering how the food disappeared so quickly.

Some days pass and food continues to quickly disappear from the food trays. Several of the Pokémon in Cerise Park are shown to grow exhausted and aggressive at the little food supply in the park, including Sentret, Grimer, Ekans, Beedrill, Butterfree, and Venomoth coming across a single piece of food and arguing over it. Goh and Ash are watching over the Pokémon and continue to wonder why the food disappears every day, even after giving them more than enough. Goh suspects that one Pokémon is stealing the food for itself. Ash thinks that it may be a prank and suspects his Gengar of the act before Gengar appears behind Ash, hitting him with its Shadow Ball move. Professor Cerise finds the situation fascinating, pointing out how several Pokémon in the park have developed small societies and personalities. However, he is worried that the large amount of Bug-type Pokémon will begin to clash with the Normal and Poison-type Pokémon in the park. Worried about the Pokémon, Ash and Goh decide to settle in the park for the night to catch the food thief.

Goh's Midreavus, hungry, floats around the park before spotting Parasect, who is shocked by the absence of food. Misdreavus attempts to prank Parasect by scaring it but is met with Parasect's Fury Cutter. Sandile is shown walking around the park before bumping into Darmanitan while in its Zen Mode. Angered, Sandile hits Darmanitan with its tail before Darmanitan transforms back into its Standard Mode and retaliating with Overheat. Misdreavus and Sandile both fly into each other and spot Goh's Scyther who is angered at the lack of food. Scyther slashes about with Air Slash, cutting trees and rocks, before its stomach rumbles and it flies off. Upon spotting one of the cut trees, Misdreavus schemes a plan with Sandile and they join. Goh's three Cascoon are shown bunched together, unaffected by the hunger and peacefully sleeping while preparing to evolve.

Nighttime comes as Ash and Goh prepare to set up camp and catch the food thief. They lay out various food trays, hoping that the amount of food would be too much for the thief to steal, and agree to take turns watching for the culprit. Goh watches for half of the night before waking Ash and going to sleep. However, by morning, Ash, Goh, and their Pokémon have all fallen asleep. Ash talks in his sleep and commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt which shocks everyone awake. They also notice that all of the food trays are empty and any trace of the food has been taken. Meanwhile, the Bug-type Pokémon are preparing to fight with the other Pokémon in the park. The Pokémon begin to fight while Ash and Goh watch, sending Pikachu, Riolu, and Raboot to defuse the situation. However, all three are unable to stop the fighting Pokémon. Ash spots his Dragonite flying overhead, ordering it to stop the situation. Instead, Dragonite swoops up Ash, Goh, and the three Pokémon to a separate spot to let the fighting Pokémon sort out the issue themselves. Cubone and Skwovet notice the fight and run over to the group of Pokémon gathered around Golurk to alert them. Darmanitan launches Overheat at the Bug Pokémon before Scyther rushes in, slashing the fire and protecting the Pokémon. Scyther then commands the Bug Pokémon to attack the others as they flee towards the park's pond.

As the Pokémon flee to the pond, they are met by Misdreavus and Sandile. Sandile poses before it seemingly splits a cut tree in half by hitting it, scaring the surrounding Pokémon despite Scyther having pre-cut the tree. Misdreavus and Sandile laugh at their own act, assuming they will be praised and given food by the watching Pokémon. Suddenly, the Bug Pokémon arrive at the pond, scaring the fleeing Pokémon. They push Sandile forward to help defend them as the Pokémon of the pond start to watch the confrontation, but Misdreavus and Sandile end up joining the Bug-type Pokémon group instead. Venomoth and Butterfree uses Stun Spore on the opposing Pokémon, accidentally spreading it towards the pond Pokémon. Dewgong fires Ice Beam to warn the Bug Pokémon, but ends up getting the pond Pokémon into the fray. Golurk decides to get up from its spot, walking towards the fight at the pond.

Ash and Goh arrive at the pond, seeing that the fight has grown larger. Darmanitan uses Overheat to which Scyther counters it with Air Slash, splitting the fire and sending a fiery tornado towards the nearby Cascoon. Golurk steps into the way of the attack and protects the Cascoon in time, however, its seal begins to fall off and a beam of red energy shoots towards the sky, creating clouds that begin to pour rain onto the park. Golurk outrages with its incredible power as Ash and Goh go to stop it. Farfetch'd, Pidgey, Skwovet and Cubone show up with the broken seal pieces as Ash hatches a plan to distract Golurk with attacks while the Pokémon the seal back on Golurk. Ash's Pikachu uses Iron Tail, Raboot uses Ember, and Riolu uses Vacuum Wave, the latter unaffected Golurk due to its Ghost-type. The other Pokémon successfully put the seal back on Golurk, making Golurk revert to normal. However, the rain still pours down, causing more chaos around the park.

The dam of the park breaks, causing water to flow about the park, particularly disturbing the three Cascoon. The Pokémon around the park notice the unsteady trees holding the Cascoon, so Golurk and Dragonite rush over to hold them up. Goh orders Tentacool and Dewgong to use Ice Beam on the water, freezing the water so that Ash, Goh, and the park's Pokémon can help support the trees in the bad weather. The Cascoon begin to glow and all of them evolve into Dustox, flying upward and using Sunny Day, causing the rainclouds to go away.

After the event, Ash and Goh give all of the Pokémon food and are glad that tensions have settled among the Pokémon. The two are then scared by sudden rocks falling near them to which they find out it was a nearby burrow containing all of the stolen Pokémon food from before. Goh's Skwovet then approaches the burrow, emptying food from its mouth and tail to store. Goh uses his Pokédex and learns that Skwovet store large amounts of food. Surprised by the revelation, the boys decide to increase the food supplies to both feed the park's Pokémon and keep Skwovet's food storage full.




  • Who's That Pokémon?: Skwovet
  • The episode was originally scheduled to air in Japan on April 26, 2020, however, it was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, along with the series, with reruns being shown instead.[1]
    • The episode's originally intended airing was replaced with a rerun of "Enter Pikachu!"
    • In spite of this, the preview segment was still attached to the previous episode on the original airing date with no on-air mention of the fact that episodes were being postponed until further notice.
    • The re-air of Next Episode Preview about "Legend? Go! Friends? Go!" was shown instead.
    • On May 31, 2020,[2] it was confirmed that the show would resume airing normally, starting June 7, 2020, after reruns of "Enter Pikachu!" to "Working My Way Back to Mew!", due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
    • After that, the episode has a reschedule air-date on June 7, 2020.
  • TV Tokyo began airing this episode on June 7, 2020, instead of "There's a New Kid in Town!" due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
  • This is currently the only and first episode to be focused around the Pokémon in the Cerise Park.


  • After Goh's Darmanitan used Flamethrower, it has another mouth.


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