A Talent for Imitation! (ワタシはメタモン! I Am Ditto!) is the 19th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Team Rocket have gone to a movie studio in order to promote the "actress" Jessie. There, they encounter a Ditto who's fallen into a slump after angering a director due to not being able to transform very well. The Ditto ends up running away from the studio and slipping into Jessie's bag without her noticing, ultimately ending up in Team Rocket's hideout. Jessie declares she's going to train Ditto into becoming a skilled actor. Meanwhile, Ash and Goh have been searching for the missing Ditto.

Episode plot

Even in Team Rocket's care, Ditto is told its transformations are subpar. Jessie orders Ditto to quit moping and embark upon a mission she dubs "Play Magicians and Steal Pokémon". She breaks down the mission, explaining audience members' Pokémon will be placed in a box, then on the count of three will appear in a different box. The audience member will be returned with Ditto while the original Pokémon will be stolen. Ditto will be tasked with returning to them later to repeat this trick. They attempt capturing an Eevee, but Ditto's failure to mimic the face ruins the trick. Jessie points out that Ditto struggles due to sheer nervousness.

Team Rocket share ways to overcome nervousness and Jessie finally suggests Ditto should just slap itself in the face. Ditto tries this and flawlessly becomes Meowth. With this taste of success, Jessie suggests they aim for Ash's Pikachu next.

They successfully perform the trick and capture Pikachu. Ditto reverts form in Ash's hands and Raboot manages to knock Pikachu's capsule from Team Rocket's hands. The stage manager is happy to see Ditto again, but Ditto is frozen in fear at the thought of returning to the stage. Team Rocket realizes they are at a loss and seemingly plea to be blasted off so they can retreat to plan their next move more meticulously. Jessie wishes Ditto well as a star.

Ditto returns to the stage and later successfully completes its role.




  • "Who's That Pokémon?:" Ditto
  • The title card in the next episode preview is Team Rocket-themed instead of the usual Pikachu with Ash's hat.
    • Unlike in PJ016: A Chilling Curse!, the previous episode which used a unique title card in the preview, this episode uses the standard title card style within the episode itself.
  • Meowth once again falls in love with Gardevoir, the first time being hinted was in "Loading the Dex!".
  • Team Rocket helping a Ditto master transforming is the same plot as in season one, where they help Duplica's Ditto. Only this time, they use a bait and switch tactic to steal Pokémon rather than trick Giovanni into thinking they captured a Dratini.


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