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Kicking It From Here Into Tomorrow! (ヒバニー、(ほのお)のキック!明日(あす)()かって!!, Hibanii, Honou no Kikku! Ashitani Mukatte!!, Scorbunny, Use Your Flaming Kick! Face Tomorrow!!) is the 17th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


After being mocked by Darmanitan, Scorbunny wants to learn a new move, Ember, but is having trouble pulling it off. Goh tells it not to push itself too much, but the two are not on the same page and they get into a fight.

Episode plot

Ash and Goh plan on going to Vermilion city to catch Pokémon. Meanwhile, Scorbunny trains profusely by itself and manages to complete an Ember attack in anger. Scorbunny later joins Goh and Ash in the city in an attempt to show off its new attack but is easily ignored by the boys in their pursuit of new Pokémon. Scorbunny notices a Pelipper and tries to show Goh, but Goh only notices as it flees. They chase it down together.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket play games together in their secret base, munching on chips. Goh and Scorbunny are led to an unassuming phone booth by the Pelipper, which they lose sight of. Inside the booth, the floor gives way and Team Rocket's secret entrance is revealed. Meowth points out this is all Pelipper's fault, who unleashes a Rocket Gachat. Meowth uses the mechanism to arm Jessie and James each with a ball, summoning Chewtle and Poliwrath.

The battle ensues despite Jessie and James never working with these Pokémon before. Scorbunny tries using Ember, to no avail and is defeated. Pikachu sends Team Rocket flying off. Goh and Scorbunny dispute over the use of Ember. After Goh told Scorbunny to stop trying to use Ember, he finally gets angry and upset to the point he kicks Goh from behind and runs off furiously, having enough of Goh talking down to him. Ash tries to point out to Goh that he is not really trying to work with Scorbunny.

They later find Scorbunny fruitlessly trying to master Ember, which Ash points out to Goh. They try to approach Scorbunny, who merely evades them again and stumbles upon Team Rocket again. Another battle starting, Goh tries encouraging Scorbunny to use Ember. Midst battle, with Goh's encouragement, Scorbunny evolves to Raboot.

Raboot defeats Team Rocket with ease. Goh offers a celebratory high-five, to which Raboot doesn't entertain and walks off silently, ignoring Goh altogether.




  • "Who's That Pokémon?:" Darmanitan
  • When James entered the password for Team Rocket Trio's new base in Vermilion City, it was "634-526". This is based on the pronunciation of their respective Japanese names.