A Chilling Curse! ((しゅ)われたサトシ…! Ash Has Been Cursed...!) is the 16th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Mysterious phenomenon have been occurring recently at the Cerise Laboratory, like broken items and ransacked rooms. And believe it or not, the culprit turns out to be the Gengar that Ash and Goh encountered from before. Ash and Goh blaze with enthusiasm as they declare that they will definitely catch it this time, but for some odd reason, Ash begins acting weird. Aside from nearly falling down the stairs, he also ends up drinking water from a flower vase. Could he have been cursed by Gengar?

Episode plot

At the Cerise Laboratory, Ren was having some coffee while peaceful walking in the hallways until he heard a noise. Ren check out the window and sees that it was only the wind and continue walking. However Gengar appears from the shadows and attack Ren. Ash and Goh heard Ren's scream and decided to check on him. The boys find Ren terrified and ask what is wrong, with the latter explaining it was Gengar. The boys were shocked by Gengar's arrival but excited they got another chance to catch it and decide to go look for it, leaving Ren terrified of being alone.

The boys are searching for Gengar, checking each and every room, but no luck so far. Something feels wrong for Ash, which Goh notices and asks what is the matter. Before Ash answers, they hear a scream downstairs and go down to investigate. As they arrive at the main center, the room is ransacked. They ask Chrysa what happened, with Mimey saying he was bringing some tea until he tripped and spilled it, unable to clean it up because the broom was broken.

They realize that it could be Gengar's doing and still attempt to look for it. Pikachu gets thrown in the air and nearly dropped, but Ash catches Pikachu. Gengar shows up behind them while being invisible and starts to attack Ash. Ash shields Pikachu from the attacks, which causes Gengar to be uspet by Ash's care for his Pokémon, making his camouflage to diminish. Gengar attacks with Shadow Ball, which Pikachu counters with Electroweb. Gengar then fires multiple Shadow Balls attacking everyone in sight. Ash tells Gengar to stop, who then disappears.

Gengar clings to Ash's shadow. Cerise sits everyone down to explain why Gengar is haunting the lab. Chrysa suggests that Gengar may be unhappy with the new arrivals. Ash experiences a chill and Goh suggests that Gengar has cursed Ash. The suggestion is quickly dismissed.

Leaving the lab, Gengar begins to panic as it has attached itself to Ash's shadow and didn't intend to leave the lab. Ash begins to feel better as they are running into Vermilion City, but crashes into a boy whose girlfriend suggests it must be that curse he experienced three years ago. The boy turns out to be Gengar's original trainer, who abandoned him because he believed Gengar caused him a string of misfortunes. Furious, Gengar tries attacking his former trainer, but when Ash tries to stop him, he disperses.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket watches with intrigue, wishing to recruit Gengar. When approaching Gengar alone and attempting to propose that it crush his enemies with evil, it turns them down saying he can't trust humans. Changing pace, they simply capture Gengar. At the right time, Pikachu frees Gengar and Ash declares he trusts Gengar to do the right thing. After the battle, Ash suddenly passes out.

Ash awakens in his dorm with Goh at his side explaining that he had fainted from a fever. Ash asks Gengar if he would like to join them and Gengar agrees. Gengar then makes apples rain down on Ash to wish him a speedy recovery.





  • "Who's That Pokémon?:" Gengar
  • Compared to the previous episode previews, the design for the title in the preview is colored purple and has a spooky font.
  • This episode uses a variant of the title screen, with Gengar appearing, instead of Pikachu and the narrator announcing the episode instead of Ash/Goh.
  • James using a vacuum to suck up Gengar is a reference to Luigi's Mansion.
  • When Goh is annoyed with Ash after he says Haunter's House is similar to the way May is annoyed with Ash when he said "a new kind of Pokémon" in RS047: I Feel Skitty!, is similar to the way Bonnie, Serena and Clement are annoyed with Ash and also Misty is annoyed with Ash in GS005: Illusion Confusion.
  • With Gengar's capture, Ash officially owns or has owned all eighteen types of Pokémon (this includes Pokémon he owns or has owned that have been retroactively made Fairy-type). This is because Mimey is both a Psychic & Fairy-Type and previously joined his team.

Dub differences

  • When Ash jumped to conclusions about what Professor Cerise said, the thought bubble with Onix is removed.


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