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A Chilling Curse! ((しゅ)われたサトシ…!, Norowareta Satoshi…!, Ash Has Been Cursed…!, lit. "Cursed Ash…!") is the 16th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Mysterious phenomenon have been occurring recently at the Cerise Laboratory, like broken items and ransacked rooms. And believe it or not, the culprit turns out to be the Gengar that Ash and Goh encountered from before. Ash and Goh blaze with enthusiasm as they declare that they will definitely catch it this time, but for some odd reason, Ash begins acting weird. Aside from nearly falling down the stairs, he also ends up drinking water from a flower vase. Could he have been cursed by Gengar?

Episode plot

At the Cerise Laboratory, Ren is having some coffee while peaceful walking in the hallways until he heard a noise. Ren checks out the window and sees that it was only the wind and continues walking. However, Gengar appears from the shadows and attacks Ren. Ash and Goh heard Ren's scream and decided to check on him. The boys find Ren terrified and ask what is wrong, with the latter explaining it was Gengar. Shocked hearing that Gengar's back, the boys are thrilled and leave to go catch Gengar for themselves, leaving Ren terrified of being alone.

The boys are searching for Gengar, checking each and every room, but no luck so far. Something feels wrong for Ash, which Goh notices and asks what is the matter. Before Ash answers, they hear a scream downstairs and go down to investigate. As they arrive at the main center, the room is ransacked. They ask Chrysa what happened, with Mimey saying he was bringing some tea until he tripped and spilled it, and then his broom broke.

They realize that it could be Gengar's doing and still attempt to look for it. Pikachu gets thrown in the air and nearly dropped, but Ash catches Pikachu. Gengar shows up behind them while being invisible and starts to attack Ash. Ash shields Pikachu from the attacks, which causes Gengar to be upset by Ash's care for his Pokémon, making his camouflage to diminish. Gengar attacks with Shadow Ball, which Pikachu counters with Electroweb. Gengar then fires multiple Shadow Balls attacking everyone in sight. Ash tells Gengar to stop, who then disappears.

Gengar clings to Ash's shadow. Cerise sits everyone down to explain why Gengar is haunting the lab. Chrysa suggests that Gengar may be unhappy with the new arrivals. Ash experiences a chill and Goh suggests that Gengar has cursed Ash. The suggestion is quickly dismissed.

Chrysa and Ren wonder why Gengar is haunting the lab, and the Professor sits everyone down to explain. Prior to purchasing what is now the Cerise institute, the building was rumored to be haunted by a poltergeist. Professor Cerise explains that he has experienced doors slamming, sudden blackouts and things moving, but he was fine as it always settled down quickly. Chrysa and Ren are not surprised by the Professor's admissions. Goh says Gengar must have stopped trying after realizing Professor Cerise was unfazed by its antics, but cannot figure out why the haunting has started up again. Chrysa suggests that Gengar must be upset with all the new arrivals, including themselves, Ash, Goh and the Pokémon. Ash suddenly feels a chill down his arm, and Goh suggests that he must have been cursed by Gengar. Professor Cerise says that Gengar cursing someone is just a hypothesis, which Ash agrees by dismissing the claim, even after a series of unfortunate events like his chair breaking and being trampled by the Pokémon.

After the ground collapses under his feet, Ash and Pikachu rush out of the Cerise Laboratory to clear their heads. Gengar, who has attached itself to Ash’s shadow, is inadvertently dragged along and begins to panic from leaving the Laboratory. After a while, both Ash and Pikachu are feeling better from the run. They continue through the streets of Vermilion City, even passing Team Rocket who are sitting down at a local café. As Ash rounds another corner, he bumps into a guy, knocking them both over. Gengar sneers for a moment until he recognizes the other person. Ash apologizes, while the guys suggests he watch where he is going next time. The man’s girlfriend suggests he must still be cursed, but the guy admits that was three years ago. Goh catches up just as the man says that he is glad “it” is now gone as he was never able to win any battles or catch any Pokémon. Gengar is angry to hear this, and recalls that it was abandoned by the man three years ago. Its Trainer promised to return, though Gengar was left at the abandoned site that later became the Cerise Laboratory. Gengar became angry as time passed and it was still waiting for its Trainer to return. It deliberately scared off potential buyers of the building with its antics.

As Gengar's former Trainer declares that he should never have caught the miserable Gengar, the Ghost Pokémon makes its presence known. Gengar launches a Shadow Ball at its former Trainer, narrowly missing him. Ash orders the raging Pokémon to calm down, and has Pikachu use Electroweb to stop a barrage of Shadow Balls. Ash turns his attention to the man. Gengar prepares to lash its former Trainer with a large Shadow Ball. The man repeats his irritation with Gengar and blames it for cursing him before rushing off with his girlfriend. Gengar doesn’t end up launching the attack and disappears when Ash tries to talk to it. Ash is furious that Gengar was mistreated in the past, so he and Pikachu run off to find it. Goh stays behind, remarking this is just like Ash. Scorbunny notices the Poké Ball in Goh's hand, but Goh assures his partner that he simply wanted to catch Gengar for himself and not help Ash. Scorbunny knows it is right, and Goh admits they should help look for Gengar as well. Watching from a distance, the Team Rocket trio are also interested in recruited Gengar to their team.

Team Rocket are first to find Gengar, who is sitting by itself. They invite Gengar to join them, explaining the "benefits" like pursuing a path of evil and being able to crush enemies with limitless power. Gengar turns away and, as translated by Meowth, it says that it cannot trust humans. Team Rocket change tact, and James traps Gengar inside a vacuum tube. Gengar becomes increasingly furious, however Jessie dismisses its feelings. As the trio prepare to walk off with their catch, Pikachu breaks the capsule and frees Gengar with an Iron Tail. Jessie is particularly irate to see Ash and Pikachu again interfering with their plans. Ash suggests Gengar help him defeat Team Rocket, taking the Shadow Pokémon by surprise. Ash elaborates that he doesn't care about what Gengar's old Trainer said about it. He explains that it doesn’t have to trust him right away, but Ash admits he already trusts Gengar. With that, Gengar sneers and steps forward to take on Team Rocket with Pikachu.

Team Rocket call on their own support. Pelipper flies by and delivers the Rocket Prize Master. With a turn of the machine, Jessie and James receive a pair of Dusclops. Their Rotom Phone provides the trio with some additional information on Dusclops. Ash is excited that it will be a Ghost-type clash. Jessie calls for a Shadow Sneak attack, though Pikachu rushes into a Quick Attack to dodge. James orders an Ice Punch, freezing Pikachu's foot in ice. Gengar fires off a Shadow Ball at its ally, freeing Pikachu off the ice, and Ash thanks it. Gengar twirls around to dodge an approaching Fire Punch before blocking James's Dusclops using Night Shade with its own attack. The other Dusclops strikes Pikachu with a Fire Punch. Jessie then calls for Night Shade as well, though Gengar manages to hold the two Night Shade attacks with its Night Shade and eventually overpowers the Dusclops. Gengar suddenly vanishes before reappearing to deliver an Ice Punch on its opponent. Ash calls for a finishing Shadow Ball, which blasts Team Rocket off. Goh is impressed by Ash and Gengar's joint efforts. Ash remarks that Gengar actually did the work, and thanks the Ghost type. Ash suggests they should return to the Laboratory. Gengar walks over to Ash, who unexpectedly faints only for Gengar to catch him in time.

Later, Ash wakes up to find himself in his dorm room. Goh explains that Ash had a fever, and apologizes for blaming Gengar on placing a curse on him. Ash is instantly reminded of Gengar, and asks where it is. Ash is then hit by an apple followed by a Poké Ball. Ash realizes Gengar must want to join him, so he calls out to the Ghost who instantly materializes in the room. Ash asks if it wants to join him, and Gengar gives a faint nod of approval. With that, Ash tosses the Ball and the Ghost type is officially caught. Ash is thrilled and calls out Gengar to welcome it onto his team. Gengar however disappears again and makes apples rain down on Ash. Goh suggests Ash should eat up if he wants to get better anytime soon, and Ash obliges, finding the apples to be delicious. Meanwhile, Gengar is standing on the Laboratory’s tall spire and happily enjoying an apple.





  • "Who's That Pokémon?:" Gengar
  • Unlike the previous episode previews, the design for the title in the preview is colored purple and starts dripping at the end.
  • This episode uses a variant of the title screen, with Gengar appearing instead of Pikachu and the narrator announcing the episode instead of Ash/Goh.
  • James using a vacuum to suck up Gengar is a reference to Luigi's Mansion.
  • With Gengar's capture, Ash officially owns or has owned all eighteen types of Pokémon (this includes Pokémon he owns or has owned that have been retroactively made Fairy-type). Mimey, a Psychic and Fairy type, has previously joined his team.
  • While catching Gengar, Ash was wearing a Charmander shirt making a nod to the first abandoned Ash caught.

Dub differences

  • In the Japanese version, when Professor Cerise mentioned "いわくつき" (Iwakutsugi), Ash misinterpreted it as "イワークつき" (Iwaaku tsugi; "イワーク" means Onix) which has a similar pronunciation. This untranslatable pun, along with Ash's thought bubble about an Onix, is removed in the English dub.