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A Snow Day for Searching! ((ゆき)()、カラカラのホネはどこ?, Yuki no Hi, Karakara no Hone wa Doko?, It's a Snowy Day, And Where is Cubone's Bone?) is the 15th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


There's trouble with the system at the Cerise Laboratory, so Goh returns home to where his parents and grandmother are waiting for him. He's happy to meet them again for so long, but are going to get home late due to a sudden job. While he’s waiting, Goh spots a Cubone being harassed by a Mankey that ends up running off with Cubone's beloved bone. Goh decides to work with his Pokémon to search for the bone.

Episode plot

Ash and Goh are heading to see Professor Cerise at the lab. After greeting Professor Cerise, they were told by him that because of the snow he was having trouble with the systems. Professor Cerise decided to close the lab for repairs, which surprises Goh and worries Ash because he would't be able to eat. Hearing this, Professor Cerise tells Ash and Goh to head back to their homes for the time being. Goh calls his mother to tell her that he's come home, which surprises his father. After getting off the phone with his mother, Goh was asked by Ash that he had to call his parents everything he comes home, which he said yes to because there always working and can't show up out of the blue.

Ash asked Goh what his parents do, as he tells him that his dad is engineer and his mom is a programmer. Also, Goh tells Ash that his parents run a business together and work together to help with problems, like with the lab. Goh explains to Scorbunny that he lives an apartment and that it needs to behave itself, which it understood, then decided to bring his parents something to them. Ash and Goh were walking as they prepare to head home for a while. Goh is taking the bus home while Ash is taking train, which surprises the latter. Seeing the bus, Scorbunny drags Goh because it wants to see where its Trainer and best friend lives. However, Ash sees that Goh drops something then tries to get him to see it, but to avail. After arriving at their stop, Goh shows Scorbunny the apartment they live in, then they head inside.

Goh enters his home, as he greets his grandmother, then introduces her to Scorbunny as his partner and best friend. Then, Goh is happy that his grandmother is preparing one his favorite meals, then give her a present in dumplings, which she appreciates, as she plans to share them for her karaoke night. Goh tells his grandmother that he'll hole down the fort while she's gone, which she appreciates. Also, Goh was told by his grandmother to hold off on eating what she prepare until his parents got home, which he understood. Meanwhile, Camille and Halta are finishing up with work so they can leave early in order to see Goh. Camille express her concern as to why Goh is home so suddenly, as she felt that he did something to get himself in trouble, while Walker aggress with her as they always left him to defend himself a lot, even back when he was younger.

Walker tells Camille that they get so wrapped up with work that they're never there for him, and that he doesn't have a lot of friends his age beside Chloe. However, Camille gets a call for work, which delays her and Walker from seeing Goh. Goh shows Scorbunny his room, which he finds cool, then shows it his computer that his parents set up for him, as he uses to try and find information from all over the world. Goh gets a call from his mother that she and his father are going to do a job as they might be late to get home. However, Goh tells his mother that his grandmother made something before she left, which gets her upset because she and his father are starving. Before hanging up, Camille tells Goh she and his father are gonna finishes up so they can come home to see him. Realizing that Goh went through tough times growing up, Scorbunny becomes sad to see that its best friend went through all that.

However, Scorbunny cheers up when Goh tells it that his parents do a lot of amazing things with there job. Goh decided to bring what his grandmother made to his parents where their working at and to bring them his gift to them, but sees that it isn't there. Despite it, Goh deiced to bring his grandmother made instead. While heading over to see his parents, Goh and Scorbunny see that a wild Cubone is getting picked on by three Mankey. Upon seeing Cubone in trouble, Scorbunny jumps in to help it, much to Goh surprise. However, the Mankey stole Cubone's bone then ran off with it, with the Lonely Pokémon not too far behind them so it can tried to get it back. Although Scorbunny tried to help get it back, the three Mankey made their leave, then Cubone becomes upset that its bone got stolen, but Goh comforts it and tells it that he'll help get its bone back.

Goh brings out his Pokémon but their not used to cold weather because most of them are part Bug or Flying type. Seeing how cold they are, Goh apologizes to his Pokémon for bringing them out but he needs their help in getting Cubone's bone back, which they understood and offer their help. Goh and the Pokémon go searching for the Mankey that stole Cubone's bone, but they haven't had any luck in finding them. Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu has arrived at Goh's place, as he goes to see if he's home but no answers. Realizing that nobody is home, Ash deiced to call Goh on his cell phone. Goh gets his call from Ash, as he tells him his locations. Meeting up with each other, Goh explains Ash the situation and offers to help Cubone gets its bone back. Remembering that Mankey can be sneaking, Ash decided to lure them with a piece a fruit, which worked.

After they defeated them, Ash and Goh realized that the Mankey lost Cubone's bone, as they go searching for it. However, Butterfree brings them a wild Fearow, as it founds something, then Ash brings out his Dragonite. While walking home, Camille and Walker see Goh with Ash and their Pokémon. Arriving at a lake, Fearow explained what happened, as the bone was thrown into the lake by one of the Mankey's. Realizing that the lake is cold, Goh brings out his Dewgong for help because it's part Ice type, then it goes looking for Cubone's bone and finds it. Dewgone presents Cubone with its bone and becomes happy to have it back, then Goh thanks Ash and his Pokémon for their help. However, Goh sees that his parents arrive (much to the latter's surprise), as Ash explains to them about looking for Cubone's bone.

Camille and Halta are happy to meet Ash, as they tells him that he helps Goh a lot, Scorbunny, and Pikachu. Goh introduces his parents some of his Pokémon, then became surprised that Cubone jumped with them. Realizing that Cubone wants to go with him, Goh happily catches the Lonely Pokémon. Before heading home, Goh tells his parents that he came out to bring them what his grandmother made to them and he had something else for him. However, Goh became surprised that Ash brought what he got for his parents and gave it to them. Seeing that Ash is hungry, Goh invited him over to his place for dinner, which he accepts. That night, Goh was excited to see that his grandmother won the karaoke contest, as he asked her if he can see it. Camille and Walker are relived to see that Goh has been doing ok because he's got amazing friends in Ash, Scorbunny and his other Pokémon beside him.





  • "Who's That Pokémon?:" Cubone
  • Due to Camille and Halta already knowing Ash's name, as well as well he lives, its implied that Goh has been secretly telling his parents about his adventures with Ash.