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Raid Battle in the Ruins! ((はつ)イッシュ()(ほう)()(せき)でレイドバトル!!, Hatsu Isshu Chihou! Iseki de Reido Batoru!!, First Visit to the Unova Region! Raid Battle at the Ruins!!) is the 14th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Ash and Goh head off to investigate the "Ruins of the Giants" that have discovered in a Resort Desert in the Unova region. Will the two be able to solve the mystery of the ruins?

Episode plot

Ash and Goh finally arrive in the Unova region, where they see an announcement about the Colossus Ruins. Ash gets excited about the challenge that they've issued: "Try your hand at solving the ancient riddles!" He believes that the Colossus must be a Pokémon. Goh agrees, and they rush towards the dessert together. As they approach the dessert, they realize that they don't have a chance to cross it on foot. Pikachu tries to walk on the hot sand, but it nearly burns his paws. Not even Scorbunny can walk more than 3 meters in the desert, even though it is a Fire-type.

The boys are left without any plans. Just when they are looking for another way to the ruins, Kira approaches them with a Meditite. She says that in order to cross the desert they need to use a Flying-type Pokémon. Ash uses Dragonite while Goh uses Beedrill. Kira uses Braviary. As all of the Pokémon are summoned, Keira shows them the most fun way of crossing the Resort Desert. Which is nothing else than surfing across it, just like water surfing.

When they successfully arrive at the ruins, they notice the weird statues at the entrance. It does not take long until they realize that those aren't statues. They are Darmanitan in disguise. Goh is quick, and catches one before it could even attack. Soon they meet with the Group Leader and his Litwick.

The Group Leader explains that the ruins were once a city, whose people created the Colossus to protect the city. After his short and potentially incomplete story, he is interrupted by one of the researchers. He quickly warns Ash and Goh to be careful in the ruins as it may contain "enchanting surprises".

As Scorbunny rushes down the staircase, it accidentally steps on the tail of a Sandile. Goh is quick to react and catches it, after Scorbunny's Double Kick weakened it and Pikachu's Thunderbolt did no damage to the Ground-type Pokémon. Suddenly, a Woobat appears out of nowhere, and Ash wants to catch it. As he runs after it, he accidentally steps on a switch, that activates a trap. As they go on more they activate a few more of these in a quick montage. As Ash starts to run towards the center of the ruin, he activates another trap, which is nonother than a pitfall. Luckily, Kira and Meditite are there to save him from the fall after the latter uses Psychic.

They have reached their destination where two Cofagrigus await them. Kira quickly stops Goh from catching them as someone is inside it. Scorbunny uses Double Kick on one of them, but it has no effect. Pikachu manages to hit them with a Thunderbolt that made the Cofagrigus open up and release their prisoners, who were none other than Shane Seeker and his alternate color Psyduck. Ash and Goh are surprised by the Blue Pokémon as they have never seen one like it before. He explains that he wants to fill his Pokédex with only alternate color Pokémon, but since they are rare, he only has a few of them. He wants to do this because his first Pokémon (Psyduck) was an alternate color.

As they look for some sort of treasure or some sort of final goal, Psyduck trips and activates a switch that makes one of the central circles move. They manage to find five of the symbols in the main room, which make the five circles move, and position in the shape of the symbol. When every circle was in place, it starts to form an egg, which later hatches into a Golurk. Without any warning, the colossus of the ruins, a Golurk, starts attacking and the whole thing turns into a raid battle. The Group Leader explains that the colossus was created to protect the city and that it will only wake up to battle anything that comes near it.

Golurk uses Signal Beam, blasting everything in sight. The Group leader notes that the tablet detailed that Golurk was a defense mechanism and was only capable of attacking anything that's in its way. While everyone shelters from Golurk's power, Goh remarks that it is still a Pokémon. He suggests they fight Golurk in a Raid Battle. Ash agrees, while Kira, the Group leader also agree to help. Shane Seeker tries to scamper away, though Kira holds him back, even promising to introduce him to one of her friends who has a Shiny Pokémon. Hearing this, Shane Seeker agree to this as he and Psyduck join in. Ash has Pikachu to attack with Thunderbolt, but it has no effect since Golurk is a Ground-type, just like Sandile. Scorbunny uses Double Kick, but it also has no effect since Golurk is also a Ghost-type. Scorbunny gets mad and tries to kick Golurk again, but the latter flicks the former away into the wall as Goh catches it.

Litwick uses Fire Spin, Meditite uses Psyshock and Psyduck uses Hydro Pump, but Golurk was to endure the attacks and uses Signal Beam on Meditite and Psyduck, after Litwick gets scared and forcing Kira and Shane Seeker to recall their Pokémon. Pikachu uses Iron Tail, hitting Golurk on the head. As it kneels down, Golurk retaliates with a strong punch, hitting Pikachu hard and knocking him out.

Ash sends out Dragonite. It uses Dragon Claw to block Golurk's Mega Punch. Goh sends out Beedrill as it uses Twineedle. However, Golurk strikes it with Signal Beam. Kira and the Group leader send Braviary and Lampent as they use Air Slash and Flame Burst, but they are quickly defeated by Golurk's Mega Punch. Goh sends out his Darmanitan, the one he just caught. Golurk suddenly transforms by withdrawing its hands and legs into its body. The Group leader fears this is the ultimate attack described in the ancient tablet. Ash and Goh are not worried by this and has Dragonite and Darmanitan use Hurricane and Overheat. The attacks collide, making the force blast everyone away. As the dust settles, Kira notices that Golurk is seemingly paralyzed from the damage and collapses to the ground. Goh sees this opportunity and tosses a Poké Ball towards Golurk, allowing him to catch it. Everyone congratulates Goh in the capture while Dragonite and Darmanitan exchange a fist bump. The stone walls unexpectedly fall away to reveal a golden corridor behind. The Group Leader is impressed by the archaeological discovery, while Shane Seeker hopes he'll discover some golden Pokémon soon and Kira looking forward to more adventures.

Later, the boys back at the Cerise Laboratory as Goh's newly caught Pokémon Darmanitan and Golurk are taking a long rest on top of the hill in the garden, in form of statues and being guardians. However, at the end, the wild Gengar watches the others nearby.





Dub differences

  • When Kira's explanation of Cofagrigus is shown in Japan, a person shown entering it. However, in the English dub this is cut, but keeps the sound effects.